Dec 152018
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The Twelve
Magical Christmas Gifts

I walked up today with a dream that I was a Magi and was granting someone a basket of Magical Gifts for their travel through the desert.

I woke up thinking: Wouldn’t it be great to do a 12-day Christmas offer with one magical gift per day? I counted the days backwards, starting from Christmas… and the first gift would have to be today in order for there to be twelve gifts. That confirmed that my dream was a guidance for me to help you celebrate a magical Christmas.

So here it goes:

First Magical Christmas Gift

My first magical Christmas Gift for you is a Magic Rose.

As you hear my words and see the image of the rose, breathe into your heart and inhale joy, gratitude and celebration and exhale your own Essence, trusting that it is enough to touch others with love during this Christmas.

Here it goes:

This is the Magic Rose that opens your Sacred Heart to accept the gifts that The Divine brings to you through all hands.

This Magic Rose allows you to lovingly accept what is going on in your life as part of your unfolding. If it rains, the rose drinks in the water. If it’s sunny, the rose receives the strength of the sun into itself.

This Magic Rose is a gift for your beautiful heart, to help you unfold it’s grace so that you express and share your Essence. Like the rose, in every petal, in every action and in your very being, you exude the very Essence that is your spirit and your soul. This Essence is an elixir of beauty, inner peace and healing love that blesses those whose lives you touch.

You are The Rose.

Merry Christmas!

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