Jun 022015
Naysayers, Haters, Mirrors and Messengers

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Naysayers, Haters, Mirrors and Messengers
The other day I was watching a video by Jeff Walker. I love this person! He shines with authenticity and love, and he says it as it is. You can watch the video here.
I warn you that this is a long post, but if you offer or want to offer your gifts to the world, or if you have been held back by the fear of criticism, I promise that it is worth your while to read.
I agree with Jeff that one of the things that is holding many of us back is the fear of being rejected, judged, criticized and even “crucified” by others; especially by our loved ones ~but also by influential people or large groups.
That fear of criticism is like a barb-wire fence that blocks many paths to success, especially among women and Spiritual Creatives.
We all have been the victims of that horrific infestation: Gossip. We know what that does. It spreads like toxic gas even before you get to a place, and when you enter everyone is looking at you […]

Mar 242015
6 Elements of Stressful Living-Day 5: Povertizing

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6 Elements of Stressful Living
and how to Live and Work Stress Free:
Day 5: Povertizing

This is a series of six articles. Get Day 1: Pushing here. Get Day 2: Rushing here. Get Day 3: Dutifying here. Get Day 4: Judgment here.

Povertization is the act of creating the conditions by which a sector of a population –let’s say women– are and stay poor.
Povertizing yourself as I use it in this series has to do with learned limiting beliefs that come out of your own early –or cultural– experience with money and that keep you from achieving financial freedom. It is one of the most powerful and pervasive forms of stress in one’s life and work.

Povertizing is the secret denial of money, wealth and financial freedom that we embed in our priorities, choices, interpretations and practices.

Povertizing may take the form of splitting what you love to do from how you earn your money, so that you have to work more to get money.
It may take the form of not maximizing the income you can get from what you do.
It may also be seen […]

Mar 172015
6 Elements of Stressful Living-Day 4: Judgment

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6 Elements of Stressful Living
And how to Live and Work Stress Free:
Day 4: Judgment

This is a series of six articles. Get Day 1: Pushing here. Get Day 2: Rushing here. Get Day 3: Dutifying here.

Judgment is the cousin of guilt and shame. It is the aunt of resistance and control addiction. It is sister to the dutifying of life.
Judgment once came from your elders or culture. Now you internalized those voices, and you are constantly judging yourself and feeling inadequate or declaring yourself guilty.
You add injury to this inadequacy by trying to control your results, your work or your life in order to make it look like you think it should be —which is usually the same as what you think that others think that it should be. The result is cheer misery.

If there is one thing you should abolish in your life to be free, this thing is judgment. Stop judging yourself and you will soon stop judging others. Judgment is unnecessary and inefficient. It alienates but it does not explain, solve or change anything.

Judgment may take the form […]

Jan 132015
Soul Hatching Meditation

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My New Year’s Gift for you
Soul Hatching Meditation
You have probably learned that it takes hard work to make your dream happen. You have come to believe that in order to fully embody the purpose for which you were born, you need to improve yourself in a variety of ways. As a result of this training every time you think of what you want to accomplish or who you want to be, a long list of to-dos and fix-me-ups runs through your mind. It may look something like this:
First, I have to stop wasting time watching TV and use that time better. And I can’t go to sleep so late at night because I don’t have energy the next day. Once I do that… Oh, yes, and I must stop getting angry at every little frustration. I need to learn more patience. And how about my technophobia? Until I get better at using technology, I won’t really be able to do what I want. Not to mention my neediness. I must stand stronger and let go of my need to be […]

Sep 232014
Multipotentiality Rocks!

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This blog is part of the PuttyFest: A Celebration of Multipotentiality
Multipotentiality Rocks!

It all started … well, when I was born, I guess. But for the story’s sake let’s say that it all started when I went to college. Until then I was “just me.”
I did not have to choose between writing poetry and studying human nature; being in the drama club or taking dance classes. I did it all because I loved it all.
But now I “had” to choose. Would I be an actress or a writer? A dancer or an actress? Would I study psychology or literature?
And even as a writer, I was somehow supposed to choose if I was a poet or a fiction writer. Even then I had to choose if I was a novelist, short story writer. Then I had to narrow it down to a genre: would I write fantasy, mystery, fables and so on. If I chose fantasy, that was not enough specialization, either. I had to choose what type of fantasy I would write. Would it be urban fantasy, epic fantasy or…
The prospects […]

Sep 182014
Meet your Sacred Self

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Meet your Sacred Self
We are born with an umbilical cord connected to our Birth Mother. We all know this.
What many of us do not know or forget is that we are also born with an energy cord connecting us to The Field.
You can see The Field as the Field of Infinite Possibilities, The Unifying Field or simply as Oneness. Or you can choose to see it as The Divine.
We have an energy cord to Oneness because we are born from that Greatness and that infinite unfolding into a tiny body, a particular culture and a historical moment.
As soon as we are born these three elements begin to interact, dressing our infinite self in the colors, textures and shapes of our environment.
At this point in our growth our true nature as infinite unfolding energy being begins to fade away from our consciousness and we can only see as Self the dress we have been wearing. Our sense of self shrinks to fit the stories we have learned.
You can probably remember a time when you were facing a limitation and a well-intentioned […]