Dec 192018
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No. 7 in the Series of Magical Christmas Gifts 2018

Magical Christmas Gift:
The Magical Rainbow

My seventh Magical Christmas Gift for you is …
The Magical Rainbow


  • Now: Breathe gently into your heart and smile from within. This is not a put-on smile, but a smile born from sending love, joy, appreciation or gratitude to your heart until it overflows.
  • As you hear my words and see the image of the Magical Rainbow, let the Inner Smile spread from your heart to your brain, lips, eyes and through your entire being.

When you are ready, scroll down.

Here it goes:

See it rise in the sky from the dark day of rains. It is the Magical Rainbow, a gift to you from a magical universe that wants to remind you that the rains are not here to thwart you, but to bring you the waters of life.

See it emerge from the dirty puddle at your feet. It is the Magical Rainbow, reminding you that this problem or obstacle in your path holds a gift, a lesson, a growth, a possibility. Shift from focusing on the problem to see and receive the possibility.

See it spread from a crystal, multicolored rays painting your surroundings. It is the Magical Rainbow, reminding you that life is magical, that you are a magical being. See the beauty and magic in this world. This is the season for it!

Is there a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

The rainbow is a circle without beginning or end. It does not reside in a specific place. It is a dimension of beauty, joy, celebration and abundance.

But there is a pot of gold anywhere you look, if you open your heart, eyes and hands to receive it.

Open your eyes, heart and hands to the miracles, the beauty and the magic in every moment of life… and you will become the Magical Rainbow for others.

Merry Christmas!

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