Sep 192018
Shifting from Fear to Faith in the Midst of Adversity

Shifting from Fear to Faith
in the Midst of Adversity
In a private FB group to which I belong I was deeply moved by a woman going through so many problems compiled by environmental disasters and tipped by the troublesome political climate to the point that –even when she had great faith, a faith I could feel deep in her core—she was feeling desperate, fragmented and gripped by fear for herself, her family and her community.
Let us call her Mary.
If you are going through multiple problems while feeling the pressure of these scary, troubled times getting to you so that you are losing your center of serenity, this is for you with love.
Beautiful Mary, I feel the fear in you and I feel the faith in you. I send a prayer for you to shift from fear to faith with ease and grace.
As I hear you describing what is going on in your life –the adversity, disease, financial insecurity, compiled with environmental disasters in your region and overwhelming political transgressions to our democracy, I see a vision…
I’m seeing the adversity you describe. […]

Oct 052014
Prayer: Your Life Prayer

Sunday Prayer:
Your Life Prayer

This is a prayer that you can create and recite every day to align yourself with your brightest potential and generate the vibrational frequency for the life you want to live. This prayer helps you to live the best version of you. You will find the questions that guide you to create the prayer below this example, which is my Life Prayer.

 My Life Prayer

I walk in peace and presence.
I am Love.
I vibrate at the frequency of health and harmony.
I bring the gifts of magic, freedom and creativity.
I see the beauty.
I receive the wonder.
I ride the magic
and write the poems.
I grow in wisdom
and dance in grace
speaking the stories that my soul wants to tell.
I serve spiritual creative women who long to share their gifts with the world
I create Butterfly Waves
that awaken humanity
to its brightest potential
and heal this beautiful Earth.
I receive flowers, wealth, allies and appreciation
to support me in my journey.
I am the Dream Alchemist
Maria Mar
Maria Mar (c) 2014
New York, NY
Instructions to write your Life Prayer:
1. Copy the questions or copy/paste the table with questions and samples.
2. Answer each […]

Aug 102014
Prayer: I grow the distance

I grow the distance
I look into the Sacred Mirrors
that Source provides
and see the hidden enemies within.
I face the Worthy Opponents
that Source provides
and summon my highest powers to triumph.
I walk the Sacred Roads
that Source provides.
I learn the lessons.
I grow the distance.
Maria Mar©2014
August 5, 2014
New York
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Aug 022014
Requiem for a Tree

Saturday Poem
Requiem for a Tree

It was as if it had never been there.
The ground was leveled,
so that no wound could be seen;
no gaping hole where it had once stood.
All the branches were surgically removed;
no stub left standing to give away the crime.
They thought that the job was finished.
The tree was no more.
But the Earth has memory.
They thought that once removed,
the tree was gone forever.
But the ferns that had grown under its shade
wilted and died of sorrow.
And the delicate flowers that had answered
the invitation of its shade
were now burnt by the merciless sun.
And the water that was kept on its leaves
now fell relentless, making puddles
and flooding other flower beds.
And soon the garden was no more.
They thought that once removed,
the tree was gone forever.
But creatures have memory.
The squirrels that played on its branches
grew restless and jumped into windows,
scared the neighbors
and were put to death.
The crows that did their covens
under its green temple
sought other places of reunion
and no longer cleaned the place of carrion,
so the stench grew.
The birds that flocked to the tree
to make my morning a glory
flipped their wings and circled in […]

Aug 012014
Message from the Kogi, Keepers of the Earth

In 1990 the Kogi came down from the Sierra Nevada in Northern Colombia to give us a warning. These native are Earth Keepers and have been taking care of the spiritual and physical health of the Earth for thousands of years.
They survived the Spanish invasion of their lands by keeping themselves isolated but in 1990 they told BBC-TV that  it was time to send a message to the Younger Brother, as they call the rest of the people.
I share the message they delivered then because the Kogis are back with new and graver warnings. They can no longer protect the earth by themselves. The mountain they inhabit, a micro-cosmos where they could observe all climates on earth, is now getting sick. The Kogi are warning that now only we can stop the damage, and the time window is closing.
They could see that something was wrong with their mountain, with the heart of the world. The snows had stopped falling and the rivers were not so full. If their mountain was ill then the whole world was in trouble.
“The unique structure […]

Jul 312014
Why we are all dead ~ and how to come alive

The Australian natives called the “Real People” call us mutants. They are kind, if we consider what the Kogi natives from Northern Colombia call us. They say we are dead; the dead people.
Because we have lost connection to the rest of the natural world so radically that we do not have the energy to be fully, vibrantly alive.
As I write these words, a tree is being cut in the garden outside my window.
It was a beautiful, exuberant tree with luscious branches that harbored birds, gave flowers and made my mornings a delight. It gifted me with its shadow and its green splendor. But it was more than that. It was a friend. It had inspired me many poems, taught me many life lessons, answered many of my questions. It shared my dreams and healed me when I was sick.
Today I woke up when a beautiful dream suddenly turned into a nightmare. I got up and heard the giant saws and looked out of the window to see my friend being mutilated. I looked at the label in the machine. “Tree […]