Dec 162018
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No. 3 in the Series of Magical Christmas Gifts 2018


Magical Christmas Gift:
The Magical Water Jug


My third Magical Christmas Gift for you is a…
Magical Water Jug


  1. Now: Open your hands and cup them in front of your heart. Breathe gently into your heart.
  2. As you read my words below and see the image of the Magical Water Jug, feel the Ocean of Pure Energy that is The Universe around and within you. Feel the flow.
  3. Place your attention in your heart and in the energy close to your skin, allowing you to subtly expand that attention to feel the energy flowing farther and farther. Acknowledge the flow of life that runs through The Universe and flows into you and through you back into The Universe carrying your own Essence and gifts.
  4. You may also slowly drink a glass of water as you read about the Magical Water Jug.


When you are ready, scroll down.


Here it goes:

Tilt this Magical Water Jug and feel the flow of life energy around you. Feel it flowing to you. Feel it flowing within you, filling the thirsty spaces, the empty spaces.

All that you want and need is flowing to you.

There is water for your thirst. Feel the presence of the waters that heal, nourish and quench the thirst of your body and your soul. Drink these waters to your heart’s content. There is plenty.

If you are sad right now, accept the waters of your tears. They are the water of your heart cleansing you from the poisons of stagnant grief, hatred or indifference. Do not swallow them. Do not feel ashamed or judge them. They are a potent alchemy. Allow your tears to flow, for they are sacred and in their healing path, light emerges showing you the way of your heart.

This Magical Water Jug is always full. Its water overflows. When you thirst, do not feel that you lack. Feel instead that your thirst is the passion that moves you to tap into the ever-flowing waters.

Tilt this Magical Water Jug whenever you want. When your longing gets painful, pour from this Magical Water Jug and The Water Muses and Nymphs in your heart will show you the gifts in you that already are and that you can create right now to manifest what you want with ease and grace.

Your wanting is the jug. The waters are the answers within you that transform your desire into creative expression and unfolding potential.

This Magical Water Jug is the jug of fulfillment.

It contains the Creative-intuitive power within you that allows your gifts and talents to flow into the world, like the rivers flow through their bed, bringing life to the land and all its creatures.

Keep this Magical Water Jug clean. Help the waters of our planet to stay pure and abundant. Seek to find what you can do to heal our waters.


Always remember that the Magical Water Jug  is in your hands, ready to pour water for your thirst.


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