Dec 232016
Lovability: The Key to your dreams

Merry Christmas to you
May the joy of this season fill your heart.

This year’s Christmas Spirit invites you to nurture your Lovability.
People often think that the key to their dreams is something “out there” that they need to achieve or get. They struggle and work hard to manifest. They use the Law of Attraction. And after years, they give up believing that they failed or the Law of Attraction is a hoax. But the truth is that you don’t go through a door by knocking your head against it. You need to get the key. And the key to manifesting is your sense of lovability or your self-love. The feeling that you are lovable just as you are is the key to step into your dream. If you want it, you must FEEL that you deserve it.

In my more than 30 years of experience in assisting transformation and manifestation, I have discovered that the number one obstacle why most of us do not create what we want or manifest our dreams is this:

The Universe does not give you what you want. […]

Feb 112016
Valentine Gift-The Courage to Love

Valentine Gift
The Courage to Love

What is your love story?
Are you overflowing with love in your life, romantic as well as friendship love? Are you in love? Out of love? Grieving a break-up? Have you given up in love or are you heartbroken?
Whatever your love story is, you will infuse it with magic and inspiration in this short video love letter that is my gift to you this Valentine.
So often Valentine messages are only for those who have a partner, but love exists beyond the meeting with the beloved. It expands us beyond the relationship. It does not go when the beloved departs.
Therefore, this Valentine message is for you no matter what your love story is, if you are in a relationship, alone, going through a breakup, grieving a love relationship or hiding from love.
This is a love letter to celebrate your capacity to love, to infuse you with the courage to love again and to inspire you to dive into your loss to grow your love (instead of hiding and protecting yourself from loving again.)
Enjoy it and share it […]

Jan 022016

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Aug 062015
Drowning in Overwhelm-No Time for Friends?

Drowning in Overwhelm:
No Time for Friends?

It’s been a while since my last post. I had to take a break from posting seven days a week. As I gave myself that space to finish my novel and catch up with projects that were dragging, I also took time to be with friends.
That’s when I heard it for the first time. “I’m drowning” I’m too overwhelmed to deal with anything else” “I’m too busy to be with my friends.” It suddenly hit me…
The way of friendship is changing.
It’s not a change I like at all.
People are so busy that they can hardly take time to be with their friends.
I realized that in years past I would talk on the phone with my friends almost every day. I’d see them almost every week. I knew what was going on in their lives. We share our pain and our pleasure. We were there for each other’s ordeals.
And now, the phone rarely rings with a call from a friend.
It’s beyond ironic. It’s tragic that now that we have email, we rarely write each […]

Jul 142015

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Jun 042015
In my birthday I am revealing my secret for living my magic


This is day four of my birthday week, culminating on my birthday, on June 8 when I turn 65 years young.

I just published a novel that encompasses my own journey to release the past and embody my purpose. This story is where real life and fiction intersect!

I began the novel when I was left homeless and penniless after a home disaster. As I wrote the story of Angelina releasing her fears and sharing book, my novel got written and now, as Angelina has her happy ending I have mine. I just publish my novel, like the protagonist of my book. I love magic!

In my birthday week I’m revealing the secret sauce of living one’s magic, embodying one’s purpose and becoming one’s dream… in this magical, inspiring and uplifting fantasy.

And I am giving you access to the digital bundle of the novel, which contains ALL digital formats… at a 50% discount!


And the printed novel you can get for a $5 discount also.

Plus a Book Bonus Package of valuable bonuses



Angelina is at the edge of giving up on her talents to […]