May 052017
Story: The Happy Mom

Reading Time: 4 minutes

The Happy Mom

Jasmine loved to dance. Just remembering how she used to dance when she was younger made her smile. But life gets complicated. With four kids, a husband, a blog and a business, she barely had time to walk.
“Jasmine,” her best friend said over tea, “do you remember how we used to play drums?”
“Oh my God!” Jasmine exclaimed. “That was when your brother visited Africa and came back with this beautiful djembe. We banged away on it until he was afraid we’d break it so he taught us the strokes.”
“I loved that drum,” her best friends said longingly.
“I still have dreams where I am playing the djembe, you know?” Jasmine confessed.
“I just bought a djembe,” her best friend confessed.
“You did!!!???” Jasmine was jumping on her seat. “Oh my God. That is awesome.”
“Would you like to play with me? We could take turns drumming and dancing,” her friend invited.
Jasmine felt how her enthusiasm fell to the floor, as if someone had drained it suddenly. She could feel her color draining.
What was wrong with her?
“I…I…” She struggled to talk. She wanted […]

Jan 162016
Are you Feeling Alone and Abandoned?

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Story Alchemy
Are you Feeling Alone and Abandoned?
One of the complains that I have been hearing from your feedback is the feeling that you are alone and unsupported. There is a sense of isolation ~even when you are surrounded by people. This is debilitating and makes you feel abandoned just when you need more support than ever.

This feeling if often masked by the excitement of festivities, but just about now, as you come down from the Holiday high, it is making you feel tired, weighed-down and even more alone than ever.

I’ve been there. I know that it is of little consolation to know that you are not alone in your aloneness, but today I offer you something more than sympathy or empathy.

I invite you into a journey of Story Alchemy, a path of storytelling that empowers you to shift from that aloneness into alignment with your beautiful, radiant Sacred Self.

If you have not read about Story Alchemy before, here it is in a nutshell:

Humans explain our world and our role in that world through the creation of  story segments called Story […]

Jun 082015
Celebrate Ocean Day and my Birthday with this magical story

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Today is my birthday and it is also Ocean Day.


Ocean Mother gives us life.

She heals us.

Don’t you love to play in the ocean?
Ocean Mother gives us a joyful place to play.

She is here for us in every drop of water and every grain of salt.

She gives us abundant fish that help us stay young and healthy.

She washes away our pain and worries.

She energizes our body.

She cleanses us from energetic debris.

Ocean Mother is my Elemental Mother and I LOVE her.

Help me celebrate my birthday by celebrating Ocean Day.

Help me spread the word on Global Warming and what it is doing to our oceans.


Help me share a beautiful, inspiring story for women to learn about the power of emotions and to pass on to their daughters and granddaughters.

What better way to celebrate my birthday than to sharing this with you and you sharing it with your loved ones?


NEW! Get this ecological fantasy, Song of the Ocean, especially written to celebrate Ocean Day, which is my birthday! at 50% discount… today is the last day.
You get a fabulous […]

Jun 042015
In my birthday I am revealing my secret for living my magic

Reading Time: 3 minutes


This is day four of my birthday week, culminating on my birthday, on June 8 when I turn 65 years young.

I just published a novel that encompasses my own journey to release the past and embody my purpose. This story is where real life and fiction intersect!

I began the novel when I was left homeless and penniless after a home disaster. As I wrote the story of Angelina releasing her fears and sharing book, my novel got written and now, as Angelina has her happy ending I have mine. I just publish my novel, like the protagonist of my book. I love magic!

In my birthday week I’m revealing the secret sauce of living one’s magic, embodying one’s purpose and becoming one’s dream… in this magical, inspiring and uplifting fantasy.

And I am giving you access to the digital bundle of the novel, which contains ALL digital formats… at a 50% discount!


And the printed novel you can get for a $5 discount also.

Plus a Book Bonus Package of valuable bonuses



Angelina is at the edge of giving up on her talents to […]

Jun 032015
In my birthday week, I've gone wild. You won't believe this!

Reading Time: 2 minutes

If you’ve been to my blog or seen my photos, you get it by now that I LOVE WILD PRINT!

That’s because I’m a wild woman! I’m a woman who run with the wolves, flies with the hawks, roars with lions, dances with butterflies and cuddles with leopards…. Spirit Leopards, that is.

So why not go full on W-I-L-D on my 65th Birthday?!


Because I’ve lived enough and paid my dues and now I do exactly as I please.
Because I’m my own boss. JAJA! (Wild laughter goes here.)
Because I love gifts…. both to give them and to receive them.
Because my bliss is to create stories and transformation to embolden you and activate your magic.
Because I know how valuable these stories and shamanic tools are to you.
And because I’m wildly grateful for your presence in my life…

I’ve done a W-I-L-D Sales!

Wild Women will love the Female leadership and success books I’ve included.
I love you and that’s why.
Law of attraction ~the magical story Angelina & the Law of Attraction,
that I just published…. half the price! I’m going totally wild now!
Discounted by 50%… as my […]

Jun 022015
It's my birthday and I have a magic pill for you.

Reading Time: 3 minutes

This is day two of my birthday week, culminating on my birthday, on June 8 when I turn 65 years young.

I love magic pills in my life, don’t you? Magic pills are those extraordinary synchronicities, daily miracles and amazing stories that let us know magic is alive in the world.

I have a magic pill for you today:

My pen/stage name, “Maria Mar” literally means “Mary Ocean” because the Ocean is my Elemental Mother. I love the ocean! Well, guess what? June 8, my birthday, is Ocean Day…. coincidence or Sacred Design?

I am celebrating this sacred design with a new fantasy that I wrote, just for this occasion.

NEW! Get this ecological fantasy, Song of the Ocean, especially written to celebrate Ocean Day, which is my birthday! at 50% discount… today is the last day.

You get a fabulous Book Bonus Package, too!


 PDF Format| 138 pages
Plus browser reading from anywhere
Clickable Resources
Embedded with secrets from the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom
Environmental Tour Included
Storytelling for the family
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By the way, do you like my Ocean Celebration Cake? LOL!

After […]