Sep 122023
"I Have no Time!" How to Handle Anxiety During Crisis

Reading Time: 8 minutes “I have no time to eat… to rest… to take a nap…. to relax…. to take it slow…”… STOP! Read this post to reclaim your time and your peace. This is voice inside us that pushes us into rush, perfectionism and to-do-ism in the name of efficiency during a crisis is just a learned defensive self running scared. It is not reality and we need to detach from its panicky voice to reclaim our time and peace. This voice belongs to an archetypal Inner Self that I call the Rush Whip. It pushes us beyond what is healthy or even possible for us right now. It paints a chaotic picture of the crisis, but it is lying. And we need to step back and recognize its lie so that we can regain authorship of our situation. This is the voice of your egoic mind –which is afraid of the Unknown and therefore tries to control it. It does so by trying to use your logical mind to make lists, take actions and create plans. But because it is doing so [Read more.]

Jan 212022
Are you the Boss of your Creations? Find out!

Reading Time: 8 minutes Are you the Boss of your Creations? Find Out! This article is for anyone who makes a living from their talents, gifts or their body of knowledge; but specially for Creatives. I’ve been reflecting on my last literary reading gig. A friend I had not collaborated with for a long time invited me to read at a literary reading. I was happy to reconnect and collaborate with her, so I felt inspired to do it. And then the issues started: Issue 1: Non-payment They were not paying. For most of my professional life I’ve been bumping against a particular issue that I’ve distilled to this: there are two financial model for artists. This is especially true of writers and performers, not necessarily of visual artists and musicians because they have a different historical background and relate to their creations as products/assets. But especially for writers, this double financial model is true. The Academic Model: These writers are teachers ~whether college professors or teachers in the school system. They make their living from that salary, not from their writings. This could [Read more.]

Apr 242021
Tao of Trees Bonuses

Reading Time: < 1 minute Thank you for Ordering The Tao of Trees To get your bonuses, fill and submit the form below. I will send you the bonuses directly via email within 48 hours.         When you buy the Tao of Trees and submit your purchase order here, you get these thank you bonuses: Tree Message channeled especially for you by Maria Mar. Maria connects to the Spirit of Trees and YOUR spirit and conveys a special message from trees to you! Dedicated digital author’s signature. Maria writes a special dedication and signs. You print it in a large label or simply print, cut out and paste to the inside cover or blank page in the book to remember this magical moment whenever you open the book. The Thank You for saving trees art illustration signed by Maria Mar featuring your name on it. These bonuses will be sent to the email address you submit, so make sure it is correct. If you do not see them within the week, look in trash and if it’s not there, contact us in [Read more.]

Mar 202020
River of Tranquility

Reading Time: 2 minutes As we face COVID-19 The emotions as we face Covid-19 are intense. Change is upon us. What is happening? What does all of this means? How to stand empowered? How to not get depressed in isolation? What are we called to do? How to connect the dots? This ceremonial poem by poet-shaman Maria Mar (yours truly) takes you in a journey to answer these questions as I shares my own shamanic soul-deep journey. This journey is a sharing at no cost to you. It’s my way of connecting and doing my part in this time. But if you feel that you want to engage my support as a shaman to go in a transformation shamanic journey that empowers you to transform this crisis into a new way of life for yourself and humanity, then I have created a 35% discount so you can receive the support even in these hard times. Go to: If you want the journey in an instantly downloadable package that includes the text and audio of the poem, journal writing questions and an idea list [Read more.]

Nov 112019
My Soul Program Essence: Art as marketing?

Reading Time: 3 minutes I created this poem and collage art during a magical marketing journey guided by Diane Douiyssi. See more at the bottom. To: Diane Douiyssi. Thanks for your guidance In front of you there is an open hand. Watch as the lines in that hand move,forming a beautiful radiant heart.Slowly a five-pointed star emerges From that heart, illuminating your being.And from that warm, golden lighta beautiful fuchsia rose unfolds.Its fragrance awakens the wisdom of your heart. The rose in the star now speaks to you. “I am the Alchemical Rose,Sent here to open your eyesto the potent elixir you hold in your heartand the magical power you hold in your hands. Open your hands and look closely.All those lines were edged with your pain, your choices and your courage.They are your wisdom, gifts, talents, experience and skills.They grant you the ability to dip the brush of your perceptioninto the palette of your beingand paint with it the life and work you want. I stretch my open hand in invitation. Hold it.I will take you into a journeywhere your hands revealthe wisdom [Read more.]

Jun 282019
Ceremonial Poem: Clearance

Reading Time: 5 minutes This ceremonial poem helps you to flush out all the gremlins, feelings of insufficiency and low-level constant stress (the most harmful for your health) into the surface. Then it brings you into a peaceful, spacious frequency where you can experience movement in stillness. To use this poem as a ceremony, copy/paste and print. You have permission to do this for yourself and your personal use. For printing somewhere else or to pass it on, contact us to get permission. Intention Stay focused on the heart-intention of releasing these fast-spinning mental vibes and embrace spaciousness. Poem as ceremony: To benefit from the poem as ceremony, make sure to breathe gently and fully as you read it. Read it once in silence, then out loud. To increase the potency, stand up and read it while allowing your body to move intuitively, using your arms, hands and all your expressive faculties. Play with the phonemes at the beginning and end. They trigger certain alchemy in your brain. The opening set helps you to get in contact with chaos and dissonance and the closing [Read more.]