Nov 212018
Holiday Book Gift Sales: The Tao of Trees

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Holiday Book Gift Sales
Ends November 27, 2018. Catch it now!
The Tao of Trees
Poems to reconnect you
to the natural world and your Sacred Self.

Give this beautiful illustrated poetry book as a Holiday Gift to a loved one… or to yourself.

Beyond its pages,
this book is a gift of
and beauty
to heal and uplift us
in these difficult times.

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Holidays 2018 Sales
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Nov 212018
Art and poem: Celebration

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Thanksgiving and the Holidays

During these holy days, I want to join you in a celebration of life, love and the beauty in this world. So here’s a poem and art illustration from The Tao of Trees to remind you of the magic of love and the power of gratitude.

This is poem #3 and it’s in The Path of Beauty, one of seven paths in the illustrated poetry book.

Yesterday I did not see this tree.
I was in a hurry and walk past it.
After all, it was just another tree
like the many lining my path.
Now I stop in wonder.
Rain drops hang from the naked limbs,
like diamonds glittering
in the fingers of creation.
Like fairies, they twinkle
inviting me to play and pray;
filling me with gratitude.
This trunk is no longer ordinary.
Father Winter’s dazzling garland
has transformed this humble tree
into a celebration.

From The Tao of Trees, by Maria Mar(c)

The Perfect Christmas Gift

The Tao of Trees
Poems to reconnect you to the natural world and your Sacred Self.

Give this beautiful illustrated poetry book as a Holiday Gift to a loved one… or to yourself.

Beyond its pages,
this book is a […]

May 192015
Do you Need to Create a Chrysalis?

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Do you Need to Create a Chrysalis?

I want to share with you the magic of my most recent shamanic performance that took place on Sunday, May 17th in New York.

I just emerged from my ceremonial chrysalis and did a magical Butterfly Dance.

This was an in-depth ceremony for me as well as a shamanic performance and journey for the women in the audience.

I first wrote a poem and then danced it. The poem was a shamanic journey through the process of creating my chrysalis, feeding on it to become my dream and finally emerging as my embodied potential.

“But what is this chrysalis?” you may ask.
In nature, the chrysalis is the new skin that the caterpillar builds in order to nurture and protect its transformation into butterfly.
The Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom teaches us that women also need to create a chrysalis to nurture and protect our transformation. Throughout time, there have been different ceremonies, rites or special places for women to do this, from the Moon Lodge to the Red Tent.
If you are right now undergoing a change —or even […]

Apr 142015
Dream Express Oracle-Dragonfly

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Dream Express Oracle
This is the Oracle I use to play in the Book Signing Party for my novel, Angelina and the Law of Attraction. Read more below.

Dragonfly, so tiny, illuminates the vast dark night.
And so does your Soul!

This is an Water Card, connected to emotions, soul and psyche

Dream Express Oracle
My new inspirational fantasy novel is out, and I am celebrating through fun Book Signing Parties both locally in New York and globally online.
Here’s a preview of the Dream Express Oracle I am using to present this magical story to those who attend the Book Party.
Chapter: No 8- Dreamboro Plaza
Angelina finally accepts her Shadows and how they have distorted her perception and trusts Dragonfly Diva’s guidance. As she surrenders her resistance, the “N” train stops and they exit the wagon. Angelina finds herself in utter darkness. Then she falls into a vision where she meets her DreamSelf, the person who she is in the future if she reclaims the Dream in her Soul. That exquisite vision breaks Angelina’s heart apart, to open it to the secret longing in her soul.
Excerpt: Angelina […]

Mar 142015
Prayer: Help me grow wings

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Sunday Prayer
Help me Grow Wings
Great Spirit in All that Is,
Help me grow my wings
like the Butterfly,
from within.
Bring me back home
when I march ahead,
collecting feathers
all over the place
of flapping madly
to change the winds
without feeling the flight.
Bring me back home
to prune the feathers
forming in the chrysalis
of my imagination.
Bring me back home
to feel the flight
in my delight.
Bring me back home
to gather the faith
the joy and the desire
in my heart.
For only from my heart
can I leap to soar.
Only from my Sacred Heart
can I open my wings
to change the winds of the world.

Maria Mar
March 10, 2015
New York, New York

NOTE: This prayer holds wisdom from the acred Feminine School of Wisdom. Here’s a preview: When we want to fly to our dreams, many of us tries to find the means outside. We do things to change things in our external environment. But it does not work like that, and Butterfly shows us why. Our wings grow from within, through Internal Actions, like allowing, receiving, releasing, embracing. They grow through our change of perception and the release of old stories. They grow by us embracing and owning […]

Feb 282015
Poem: The Forest of the Wild Red Rose

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Saturday Poem
The Forest of the Wild Red Rose
Beloved, you are about to enter.
Here is what you are reaching for:
A deep red rose
unfolding in perfect velvet spirals
a sweet musky aroma
that spreads through the dwelling
and penetrates every aperture.
It stands alone, unguarded
at a clearance
showered in golden light
surrounded by ancient trees
near running water.
The deep in the red is for my depth.
I dive into the mystery of Soul.
I am not afraid to touch
the darkest folds of truth.
What this means to you
is that I can see into your Soul.
If you are hiding, best not enter.
I can dive with you to that pain
hiding inside the most secret folds of your being.
I can rise with you
to the most sublime regions of your luminescence.
I can be there for you. With you.
I can hear the Infinite Whisper of the Soul.
It is the ink of my poetry.
The red is for my passion.
I am fiery.
Mine is the fire that initiates.
The fire that illuminates.
The fire that cooks and shapes.
The fire at the center of the ceremonial space,
around which the muses dance,
the Goddess sings,
the people gather for warmth.
What this means for you
is no comfort.
No […]