Nov 212018
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Thanksgiving Greetings!

Thanks for being a reader in my blog!
In the coming Thanksgiving celebration we focus on gratitude. But the true nature of Gratitude is not known at a popular level, so I thought to share here today the powerful secret I have learned about Gratitude, that you may practice it during the Thanksgiving and Holy Days ceremonies.
I’ve also included another post with an art and poem from my new poetry book, The Tao of Trees. Enjoy!
I want to share with you the secret power of gratitude and how to activate it.
Gratitude is an emotional alchemy
that transmutes the ordinary
into the extraordinary and activates
the magic inherent in you as a creator.
When you activate your gratitude, your heart enters the state of coherence, harmonizing with your mind and healing the endless worries, anxieties and running thoughts that keep you stressed out.
But how do you achieve gratitude, especially when you are burn-out, scared, stressed or sad?
Here is an easy, quick 8-step practice to activate your gratitude.
  1. Close your eyes for a moment and breathe gently into your heart.
  2. Feel the sacred energy of the Universe vibrating around you. Place your attention in feeling beyond your skin as you breathe gently. This field of energy is known as the Field of Infinite Possibilities, the Chi Field or the Field of Entanglement.
  3. Visualize and feel the many blessings raining right now from this energy field into your life and into your being.
  4. Acknowledge these blessings as you feel their energy “raining” into your being… in spite of any problem, crisis or negative aspects you are experiencing right now. Even when you are facing problems, crisis or grief, you still enjoy hundreds of blessings: a roof over your head, you are still breathing, you have loved ones, food to eat, hands and feet, health, a job… just for starters. Shift your attention from what you do NOT have to these blessings.
  5. OPEN YOUR heart, your mind and your hands to RECEIVE the blessings that are raining into you life and into your being right now.
  6. As you begin to acknowledge these blessings, allow your heart to smile. Let that smile spread to your brain, eyes and lips.
  7. Feel how your energy is now vibrating at a different frequency, more in harmony and joy.
  8. Open your eyes and see the beauty, magic and blessings all around you.
This is the power of gratitude.
Gratitude flushes the barren
into bloom and
turns every moment
into a celebration…
… But remember, you need to open your heart, mind and hands to RECEIVE your blessings.
In my experience, when I can’t feel gratitude for something, I have not allowed myself to truly, deeply receive it.


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