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Mar 242014
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I have three questions for you.

Are you a woman with a purpose?

If you are a woman with a purpose, then you know why you came to this earth and what you came here to do. This may be about sharing your unique gifts and talents, following your passion or contributing to a cause that compels you. My next question is:

Are you fulfilling your purpose?

I believe that our first purpose is to learn, grow and be fully alive and fulfilled. It is about our happiness. But I also believe that in order to be fully alive and fulfilled many of us must be living our meaning and sharing our unique gifts full time with our intended Tribe.

As a woman you have a strong sense of service and a strong need to give of yourself to others. This begs another question:

If you as a woman give so generously, why are you having so much resistance, doubts and fear about serving others with your unique gifts and talents in the way that makes you happy, ecstatic and fully fills your heart?


The problem you are facing goes a long way back in your herstory.

  • For centuries women were told that they are here to give to others, to support others; but only in self-less, self-effacing, other-defined roles ~the roles prescribed to them by their time and culture.
  • If we dared to focus on our own happiness, doing it our way, shining bright with our talents and passion, we were often told that we were not being good daughters, mothers, wives, etc.
  • Many of the gifts and purpose held by our Souls were not ALLOWED to women, so that we lived them vicariously, encouraging men to do it or not at all.
  • For a long, long time we were punished, ostracized and even killed for this. This program and the fear it embedded in our being is still present today.
  • Even today, we often feel the burden of less recognition and remuneration and double work load (work and home) for anything we do, so that we are pulled in many directions and have much less support.
  • Even though these limitations may have happened a long time ago (for some of us, because others are still experiencing it), we as modern women STILL CARRY the energy patterns of these limitations. We may have inherited them via the women in our family or simply carry them from the Collective Gender Consciousness in our Soul’s memory.

For this reason, if you are a woman and you already know your purpose, you may be suffering right now.

You are suffering because your Soul hungers to BE your purpose, to fully embrace your grace and express the unique gifts and passion you were given to deliver that purpose to humankind.


You find it hard to…

  • Launch your purpose as a physical service, business or practice
  • Make time to fully enjoy your gift or talent, own and define its value and give it shape or visibility in the world
  • Assume the authority that allows you to stand in your expertise and mastery in front of others, or
  • Assume the Sacred Masculine skills and leadership that allow you to be the director, producer, boss, leader or entrepreneur that make decisions on how to structure, grow and produce your project, business or service.

Is this happening to you?

There comes a time in your life when Spirit calls you. It challenges you to step up to your purpose, to fully embody the Grace you have been given. And for many of us this moment is now.

That is why I’ve been hearing requests from the beautiful, spiritual, creative women in my Tribe that they need immediate, live and loving help to take their gifts, talents and passions to a level in which they can live their purpose full time.

I see so much beauty in you. I see your gifts. I see your potential. I see your possibilities. And when I connect to you, I see the Sacred Purpose Blueprint of your life in every experience, memory, problem and desire you share with me.

The trouble is that YOU need to see it. You need to OWN it. You need to TRUST it and you need to SEE what Spirit is showing you. You need to connect to your Personal Compass, your Soul, so that you can see, understand and implement the path that is uniquely yours right now.

And that’s easier said than done. I know. I’ve been there. And the women who have shared their issues are also right there now. See if you relate to them:

  • They are at a threshold to a bigger possibility, of a new level of serving humanity through their gifts.
  • This is exciting, but it’s also scary because they are facing the unknown.
  • But something is holding them back. Some of them know what it is, but cannot break free by themselves. Others have no clue.
  • They are afraid, overwhelmed and in doubt. These feelings make it hard to make wise decisions or take steps forward.
  • Some of them are moving forward, but painfully and slowly because of the hidden interference that blocks their creative genius. This has taken a toll on their faith, confidence and stamina. They are frustrated and wonder how they are going to make this leap!
  • Others recognize that before or as they take action, they need to nurture their creative genius, make powerful (and scary) shifts in their perception and mindset or own a level of authority and expertise that is challenging for them.
  • These women have a consensus on this: They don’t want pre-made course or written materials. It’s not information that they need. They’re drowning in information! They need a healing, transformative PRESENCE that takes them by the hand… not to lead them, but to help them see the path that Spirit and their own Soul is laying for them, their unique, sacred design that their life is showing right now. To help them become the leaders of their life and purpose-based practice.
  • These women intuit that the answer is in the question they face. They want to see the possibility inside their problems; the potential inside their limitations; the potency inside their doubts and fears; the truth inside their procrastination and frustration. They want to see the door that Spirit is showing so that they can open it and walk through… so that they can crossover to their Dream.

  • The women who have reached out to me want a LIVE, intimate, relationship-based, creative, emotional and spiritual path that goes with who they are and what is happening to them specifically at this moment. They need strong support from me personally and consistently.

  • The thing is that doing this individually for a prolonged time would cost them a 4 or even 5 figure fee that they do not have right now.

I put this problem to Spirit and in my meditation, I saw that if I create a small group of about 10 women, then I can provide this level of intimacy and personal care at a monthly fee that allows each woman to step forward and claim her dream.

If you relate to this and you are a woman fully committed to building your dream, embodying your purpose and stepping into your potential without any more excuses, then…

Fill out the form below for a 30-minute courtesy conversation

with me to find out if this group is a good fit for you.

If you are reading this in your email click here to fill out the form.

You must be fully committed. This must be the single most important thing you want and need to do in your life. I’ll help you, but it will not be a piece of cake, and if you commit to the group, I don’t’ want you to flake out because it will affect everyone.

If I have about 10 women in the Tribe who commit to this group right now, I will open the group on  Thursday, April 17.

What this means to you is that…

  • You can be creating your BIG dream every day with my live, ongoing support THIS YEAR.
  • You can start or grow your business.
  • You can step up into visibility, authority and expertise in your field.
  • You can break through what holds you back and unleash your creative genius.
  • You can write that book, produce that project, experiment with that new form, expand your platform, come out as an expert.
  • You can dive into the pain that keeps you chained to playing small and emerge with your genius, power and Personal Medicine in such a clear and resonant vibration that you will share it with the world right now!
  • You can take ownership of the means of production, become the leader of your practice, change your habits and play a bigger game.
  • You can take off your blinders and see your possibility, so that you can DO your dream and purpose RIGHT NOW, with the resources you have, where you are at, and go from here to greatness THIS YEAR.

If this makes you jump out of your skin with a big YES! –then you are one of the women in the MagicMark Tribe that needs this service.

Take ONE action right now.

Fill out the form below.

If you are reading this in your email click here to fill out the form.

  • You will land on a page where you can click to fill out the Dream Crossover Archetype survey. I recommend that you fill out the survey to get a clear sense of where you are in your Dream Crossover Journey and to let me know how I can best help you.
  • As soon as I get your request, I will send you a confirmation email for the preferred date/time that you’ve selected for your Courtesy Conversation immediately, and we will meet via Skype that day to see if this group is what you need.

If this invitation resonates in your heart, fill out the form below now!

  •  Not only will this action make a difference in your life now. It can make a difference to the women who need you to join them so that they can move forward.
  • If you have a friend or peer who is perfect for the group, and you forward this URL to her, she can request to join the group too.


Take action now. I have a limited amount of Courtesy Sessions and will only accept a maximum of 10 women into the Dream Crossover MasterSoul Beta Group.


Dare to dream BIG and live it!

Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist

PS. This is a one-time offer that I’ve been inspired to do. If you are inspired too, take action now. Spirit is opening a door. Walk through it by signing the form above now.

PS2: This group is only for women. I want to apologize if you are a guy and receive this invitation! You know that this blog is for women, though I welcome you to most of the articles and many of the tools. But women have different needs and work different for their Dream Crossover Journey and this group is designed for them. Feel free to forward this offer to a female friend who may benefit from it.

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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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