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Mar 252014
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I’m sure that you’ve heard the popular saying:

“When you assume, you make an ASS of U and ME.”

It may be a little crass, but it makes a powerful point.

Let me share a brief real-life story to show you how assumptions limit your understanding of life, keeping you trapped in false beliefs; and how an assumption—through you—  can hold back human evolution.

I know, it’s hard to believe that you are THAT important. But you are, and this story will show you why.

In this story, I am visiting my doctor. The story will shift point of view back and forth from the two characters, the patient (me) and the doctor.

Scene 1:The Patient

I’ve been working on healing a hypertension condition that I built when I lost my home and all my possessions. For about two years I pushed myself beyond my physical capacity, working day and night to be able to get an apartment and get back up on my feet. I was pushing myself out of fear. The sustained stress and lack of rest created my hypertension. Once it was a physical condition, I had to also address the condition. So I’ve been using a combination of doctor-prescribed medication and lifestyle changes to bring myself back to harmony.

As I seat in the waiting room, I take the opportunity to practice the things I’ve learned for my health.

  • I take 15 minutes to practice a breathing technique that helps free the flow in my circulatory system and slow down my heart, lowering the diastolic blood level.
  • I take 5 minutes to practice a breathing technique that helps me lower my systolic blood level.
  • I take 15 minutes to practice a self-healing meditation that brings my body into harmony.
  • I take 5 minutes to practice a breathing technique that brings my body into heart-coherence.
  • I take another 15 minutes to raise my vibrational frequency to a frequency of health and harmony.

The nurse calls me in and takes my blood pressure. I am not surprised that it is normal. I’ve been doing these practices for years now. Together with:

  • healthy eating
  • walking an hour every other day
  • doing my yoga stretches
  • releasing stress and sleeping well, and
  • doing the hand-presses or weights a couple of times a week…

these breathing practices and meditations keep my blood pressure down, even when I am not taking the pill.

However, as there are so many stresses and situations in life, I keep taking my pill to avoid the up and down spikes in my blood pressure level.

I was a bit worried this week because I had not been able to get the medication until yesterday, but now I confirm once more that my lifestyle changes and breathing techniques are effective in keeping my blood pressure normal.


Scene 2: The Doctor

~”Good morning, How are you doing?

~Great! That’s encouraging!

~I see that your blood pressure is 120 over 79. Your heart is in excellent condition and your cholesterol and blood sugar are great. Your medication is working.”

The Assumption

Can you see the assumption that this doctor made?

She assumed that the patient’s normal condition was the result of the medication. She did not ask about any other issues. She only examined the symptoms, read the test results and assumed these were the results of the medication.

Because she assumed this, the doctor failed to discover the powerful techniques that the patient had discovered and the lifestyle changes that had a significant impact in her health.

Because she never found this out, the doctor stays trapped in the Western medical mindset of treating the symptoms using medications and neglecting the patient and her lifestyle.

The problem with our assumptions is that we don’t see them. They are so embedded in our mindset that we take them as reality. The consequence of this is that we recycle an old reality every day, and cannot change our current operating system —even when it’s not effective.



The Culprit Behind Assumptions

At the core of your assumptions you will find learned False Beliefs that you’ve been carrying.

The doctor’s assumptions come from these three False Beliefs.

  1. The disease exists irrespective of the patient and her lifestyle and it is the entity that is being treated.

  2. The only solution to this disease is the medication —even though there is a huge body of scientific knowledge that should inform her that lifestyle, emotions, stress, diet and exercises are prominent factors in hypertension.

  3. She is the leader in the healing team for this patient, and she is in control of all decisions.


As a result of False Belief No. 1, she didn’t even look at her patient in the eyes and made no attempt to get to know her. Her true patient was the symptom, not the person.

As a result of False Belief No. 2, she missed on the new information that could have opened her eyes to a whole new world of possibilities in treating hypertension.

As a result of False Belief No. 3, she disregarded everything that she does not know or control (such as lifestyle changes, nutrition, etc), ignored the patient and focused on the medication.


How your Assumptions Hold Back Human Evolution

These beliefs and the assumption this doctor made, multiplied by millions of doctors, have created the myopic approach to healing that the Western medical system passes for science.

Western medicine is failing its patients.

We cannot blame this doctor. She is an individual. But communities are made of individuals. Just as one genius can change the course of history and advance humanity, so can one person following learned, old false assumptions hold humanity back.

The result is that only people who have the courage, insight and education (and sometimes the finances) can look for new alternatives and discover the alternative solutions  to help in the treatment of hypertension and other conditions.

More and more, patients are moving towards alternative care and Western medical system is clueless as to why because its assumptions prevent it from considering any other alternative.

The only way to move forward is to examine your assumptions. When you move forward, you advance all of humanity.

But it is very hard to see the assumptions that keep you stuck because they have become part of your reality. You need help.


*IF you need help, I can help you see the invisible interference keeping you stuck through my private shamanic journeys and ceremonies.



Look at the challenge you are facing now, then ask yourself the questions below.

  1. Can you detect an assumption you are making that prevents you from seeing new solutions and keeps you trapped in doing the same things in the same way?
  2. If you are able to see the assumption, can you find one to three False Beliefs that are creating this assumption?
  3. Where did you learn these False Beliefs? If you release them, what new reality emerges?
  4. What new solutions are now possible?

Share your answers to one or all of these questions below in the comments!

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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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