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Mar 252014
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I had an experience this week that I am still digesting.

I was working with a client whose condition I will describe only indirectly to protect her privacy. Her hands and fingers have been swollen for years and she is working to manifest a healing in her hands.

We were using a process I call BodySourcing(tm), and as she shifted her vibration and attention to her radiance, a miracle happened.

I saw her hands relax. There was space between her fingers.

I looked for a while because I was in awe. That’s why I’m sure of what I saw. It’s not so much that she was “cured” as that her hands relaxed and her fingers relaxed and then there was space between them.

Then she opened her eyes and I told her “Your hands relaxed and there was space between your fingers” and she jumped back with a tiny scream of fearful shock as she constricted her whole body and her arms and fingers.

She wondered if my eyes did not play tricks on me.

I responded:

Miracles are so light that they leave no prints and you wonder if they were really there.

But knowing what I saw, I have asked  for insight and guidance.

I want to see how I may be doing this in ways that interfere with my dream and goals.

Then yesterday I was playing the Tibetan Bowl for meditation.

I’ve lost the little cushion I use for the bowl, to keep it from rubbing against the surface, so the wooden table surface created a dissonant echo that was overlaid on top of the beautiful vibration of the Tibetan Bowl, which is said to align with the vibration of Jupiter.

Suddenly I realized that I was being shown the answer to my question.

Our True Self, our Essence is the Tibetan Bowl. The hard surface that creates this echo is our Primary Identity, the self-image we have mistakenly learn to identify as our Self. The rasp, harsh echo of the table is like our Shadow Echo. (See my article on this by clicking here.)

Who we believe ourselves to be is attached to this external circumstances and learned beliefs and habits that are like the hard table surface. But we are convinced that this is who we are.

It overrides beliefs, habits and even values.

If something is not in agreement with our self-identity, our Reticular Activating System (RAS) will filter it out. Our Amygdala will sound the alarm of danger. And we will not see it or we will perceive it as a threat, unreal, impossible.

That is why we are full of doubts, insufficiency, resistance and a host of interferences that steal our dream and our purpose.

We try hard, work incessantly and push ourselves, trying to constantly “fix” ourselves. But our efforts keep yielding a muddled vibration, a muddled vision.

This muddled vibration is the result of our True Self rubbing against the surface of our Primary Identity, our learned perception of who we are, which I also call the Mask of Self.

We hear this muddled vibration and doubt that we can be this pure Essence, this harmonious song of love that we feel in our Soul. So we keep “fixing” ourselves, setting goals, pushing against our perceived walls or restrictions.

But  there is nothing to fix.


It’s just that the song of our beautiful Essence is rubbing against that identity which is attached to learned and acquired constrictions.

In fact, those restrictions are not within ourselves. They have nothing to do with ourselves, and the moment we know this deeply, truly… they disappear; for they are only mirrors, mirages, consequences of our attachment to the mask.

But like me, we’ve lost the cushion for that Essence.

“What is the cushion?” I wondered.

“Our connection to Soul,” the answer came.

When we connect to Soul, we find the Personal Compass. We fall into a place of deep, loving, truthful, graceful beauty where our heart whispers our truth and our Soul vibrates with the highest loving essence of who we truly are at our best, at our truest, at our highest potential.

  • And in that moment, the mask peels off ~even for a brisk moment.
  • At that moment, we are free from constrictions.
  • At that moment, we ARE the dream we search and the purpose we long to express.

May your days be filled with the pure vibration of your True Self.

May you find your Soul cushion every day.

May the dissonant Shadow Echo, the doubts and restrictions disappear as you hear your crystal song of your Soul and the radiant vibration of your brightest potential.



And if you need help with this, remember that I can take you in a shamanic journey or ceremony to explore it.

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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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