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Shapeshift into your Dream is a shamanic journey to reclaim your Shapeshifting abilities and use this power consciously to embody your purpose and become your dream now.

“My shapeshifting abilities?” you may be asking yourself. “I don’t know how to shapeshift!”

I beg to disagree. You, like most of us, are a consummate shapeshifter.

You, the shapeshifter

You are not the same in every situation. You do not behave in the same way with everyone.

Think about it.

Who are you when you are with your parents? With your spouse? Your boss? Your children?

These are different aspects of your personality, sure. But do you realize that in each of these situations you change:

  • Your voice
  • Your posture and physical stance, even the shape of your body may change
  • Your perspective
  • Your level of confidence
  • Your communication approach and proficiency

I have seen changes in people that you would find hard to believe, but with keen observation and detaching from the collective trance, you may also see what I constantly see:

People suddenly changing their:

  • Eye color
  • Hair Texture
  • Stature
  • Body shape

What participants have said about the
Shapeshift into your Dream Journeys

“WoW!!!! I MOVED! Incredible!”
“Wow, that is great. THANKS!”

“omg it’s exactly right for me!”
“Loving this, amazing process!
“I want to thank you. Your work is brilliant.Blessings!”
“Wow! Beautiful!


I know it’s hard to believe for you. But here’s a couple of things that may start helping you understand how common and real the Art of Shapeshifting is to humans:

  • You go to the doctor and your blood pressure, usually normal, goes up to border or hypertensive.

  • You are feeling great and suddenly you remember that you have to do something you dread, and you begin to feel a headache, anxiety spirals in your stomach and your feet become so heavy you can’t move… in the direction you don’t want to go.

  • You are feeling the weight of the world in a job you hate, and they suddenly fire you. The truth? You feel relieved and the weight is instantly lifted. You feel free and light, whereas 10 minutes ago you were burdened and constricted.

  • Then you begin to fear about your income, and you panic. Now you feel ungrounded, anxious and dizzy. Your energies are scattered. Your heart is heavy again.

All of these conditions change your appearance, perspective, the way you relate to others, to yourself and to the world.

It should not surprise you then to know that a keen observer will see your eye color change, your hair texture dry up, your spine crunch so that your torso slouches and you seem to have put instant weight and other external results that you will not see for two reasons:

  • You are not looking at yourself in a mirror at that exact moment, and
  • Even if you were, you are so used to seeing yourself as you think you are, that you won’t see it… unless someone else points it to you, and then Wham! You are shocked to realize that your appearance has changed drastically to match your vibration.

This is how common shapeshifting is in your life.


What participants have said about the
Shapeshift into your Dream Journeys

I am spaced! This was AMAZING! Thank you so much!
A whole different meaning to SHAPESHIFTING!
I thought that I knew what shamanism was about…?


The Shapeshift into your Dream Shamanic Journey Series:

(3 journeys)

What I do in this shamanic journeys is to:

  • Awaken your consciousness to the Art of Shapeshifting so that you can use it intentionally, and then
  • Uplift your vibration to match your Dream, so that all of you, your perspective, emotions, internal processes and conscious choices begin to match your dream and purpose…
  • And you begin to feel, look and act in a way that IS your dream and EMBODIES your purpose… right now!

In these three shamanic journeys, you will

  • Discover what’s possible in your life with a few shifts of posture and perception. How about ShapeShifting into your dream?
  • Detect how you can raise your vibrations and land your dream in your life, right now.
  • Discover why your actions are ineffective and how to harmonize the two types of actions you need to create powerful, effective, focused actions that bridge the distance between you and your dreams.
  • Learn the function of the Logical Mind and the Creative Mind in your manifestation and understand why making plans and goals before you align with your soul is putting the cart in front of the horse.
  • Allow your chakras to indicate with uncanny precision what is the distance between you and your dream and what you need to do to bridge it.

  • Learn to access the wisdom of your BodySoul to find your Personal Compass that always points true North to your dream and discover the right action to take at any time.

  • Ground your dream in your body, here and now, to embody your purpose and become your dream… now!


Come and share this joyful, exciting, mind-stretching and creative journey with me, and you’ll be on your way to jump-starting your dream.

Not to mention it is fun, relaxing and magical!


I give each journey 2.5 hours and accept only a small group of women for each journey so that I can answer YOUR questions and give you personal attention in each journey.

What participants have said about the
Shapeshift into your Dream Journeys

 “No questions…just gratitude. I am more ready
to catapult forward than I realized.”
“I very much identify with making the
BodySoul connection. So important!”


Journey 1: Vibrate your Dream into Existence

  1. Learn the function of the Logical Mind and the Creative Mind in your manifestation
  2. Why everyone is constantly Shapeshifting and how you can shapeshift intentionally
  3. Introduction to the process of BodySourcing™
  4. Understand the two types of actions: Internal Actions and External Actions
  5. Access your Sacred Heart, the Personal Compass to your Dream Journey
  6. Uplift your vibrational frequency to unconditional self-love and gratitude

Journey 2: Make a Quantum Leap into your Dream

  1. Experience Body Love Relaxation
  2. Chakra Evaluation: Access the Distance between you and your dream
  3. Pinpoint what is the source of the gap between you and your dream
  4. Intra-dimensional Traveling: Quantum Leap into your Dream

Journey 3: Download your Shapeshift Blueprint and Become your Dream

  1. Spotting the interference between you and your dream
  2. BodySourcing the source of the interference
  3. Grounding the Dream in your body
  4. Getting your Shapeshifting Blueprint
  5. Identifying your Dream Building Internal Actions
  6. Grounding your dream in the present
  7. Alchemizing your External Actions
  8. Embodying your purpose now.

What journey when?

I recommend to choose a date for the beginning of the series, so you go through the proces step by step.
Choose from the Journey 1 dates below to buy your 3-Journey tickets.

  • Journey 1: April 23, July 23 and October 22
  • Journey 2: May 28, August 27 and November 26
  • Journey 3: June 25, September 23 and December 18



This event includes downloadable Playsheets for each journey.


Register now.

If you are in the DreamCrossover MasterSoul Group, you will have free access to these journeys whenever they take place. You will receive a free pass directly to your email, with three notices so that you don’t miss them.


What participants have said about the
Shapeshift into your Dream Journeys

“I am on a journey from my head into my body –
I traveled far tonight! Thank you so much!”


Per Journey Ticket

$135 USD

Regular Price


3-Journey Early Bird Special

$225 USD

Closes 7 days before that month’s event



3-Journey Friendship Special

$400 USD for 2 tickets

($200 each each for you and your girlfriend
when you pay in one payment and for the same date.)

 Only one discount applies for each registration event.


  • For 3-Journey Tickets, choose the beginning cycle for each series, so that you are covered for the 3 consecutive journeys. They are:  Journey 1: April 23/  July 23 / October 22.
  • Per Journey Tickets, we recommend start with journey 1. Try it. Like it? Get the next one.

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