Dec 172018
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No. 4 in the Series of Magical Christmas Gifts 2018

Magical Christmas Gift:
The Magical Star Essence


My fourth Magical Christmas Gift for you is …
the Star Essence


  • Now: Stand up and open your legs and arms wide, forming a five-pointed star with your body.
  • As you hear my words and see the image of the magical Star Essence, breathe gently into your stomach or solar plexus.
  • In exhalation, allow your Essence to irradiate from you into the universe, a celebration of the gifts that The Divine has given you.

When you are ready, scroll down.


Here it goes:

You came from the stars. You were born millennia ago from the burst of a star and you are made of magical start dust.

The magical Star Essence is the radiance of your Essence, the light of your Spirit, the flame of your soul shining forth in the world.

The Universe is magical. All that exists is made of singing energy vibrating at different frequencies. Your Soul sings and that song has a unique frequency, your Core Soul Frequency.

This is the most potent transmission you can send into The Universe.

You are a Divine Jewel. Your Star Essence emanates from the center of your being, connecting your chakras and irradiating into The Universe, where you join other Divine Jewels, each illuminating The Universe with their unique gifts and presence and also reflecting all other Divine Jewels. This has been called by ancestral Buddhism Indra’s Net.

Open your Star Essence and let the song of your Soul and the light of your Spirit touch the world with the beautiful gifts of your Essence.

Feel blessings coming back to you.

As you feel this magical Star Essence irradiating from you, smile from within and give yourself permission to illuminate the world with your Presence.


Christmas Creative Project

This is a Star People Ceremony.

  1. Everyone stands in a circle. If there are enough people you can also create a star configuration.
  2. Each person adopts the Star Posture, with arms and legs spread out to form a star.
  3. The eldest woman says:
  4. “We came from the stars. Each of us has a light we all need. May you shine forth!”
  5. Then everyone relaxes into normal posture. If there are a lot of people, the group may seat down, as may anyone with disabilities and the elders.
  6. The eldest man calls each person into the center of the group.
  7. When the person goes into the center, they adopt the Star Posture and open their mind, heart and body to shine on the whole group.
  8. Each person in the group acknowledges to the Star person at the center how their Presence and Essence affects the group. What gifts they bring in to the world. This is not something they do. It is something they ARE. The acknoweldgement stars with the words: “I see you.” and end with the words “I appreciate you.


  • “I see you. When you enter a space, you bring harmony. I appreciate you.
  • “I see you. You make me smile. I appreciate you.”
  • “I see you. I feel safe in your presence. I appreciate you.”
  • “I see you. You listen deeply and do not judge. I appreciate you.”
  • “I see you. You bring on the magic. I appreciate you.

This sequence is repeated until everyone has been at the center. The last ones are the eldest woman and man.


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