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May 112011
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Peacekeeper Pledge

become a peacekeeper

art by Maria Mar(c)2011

Are you grateful for the individual uniqueness, intelligence and creativity you possess? I am, too. As a poet and shaman I use these tools to heal myself and others, transform my life, express my unique essence creatively and celebrate the beauty of this world. But there is a Shadow side to these gifts. We can use them to destroy that which we have been created to protect: our beautiful earth and all its creatures, including the human species.

We have wounded Earth Mother terribly.Because we have fed the Shadow side of our human powers, we have done more damage to this planet in the past two centuries than in all the previous millennia, and we are at the brink of extinction. The force that brings forth this Shadow is fear. Responding to fear, we seek to defend and control; getting hook-up in emotional hunger ~which leads to consumerism and addictions, and in greed and control ~which lead to war.


We have the power to heal Earth.

Art by Maria Mar(c)2009

However, this extinction is not the only possibility we have. As creators, we are endowed with love, compassion, creativity and higher faculties that we can use to heal the damage we have created, learn from our mistakes and transform our wounds into Medicine for the new millennium. This is the door that opens to us in the 2012 Shift.


The 2012 shift was foreseen by the Mayan ProphecyThe 2012 shift has been prophesied by the Mayan Elders and other spiritual teachers and seers. It is a planetary shift of which we, as humans, are a vital part. The potential of this shift is nothing short of miraculous: a new world.

Thanks to our spiritual, scientific, technological and consciousness growth, humans are now capable, for the first time in our history, to create a world of peace. We are now able to understand and live in Oneness with all that is. Finally, we are now ready to evolve into higher vibrational frequencies of love and harmony. This leap will lead to a great evolutionary progress in our spiritual, intellectual, emotional and energetic abilities.

Isn’t this a better choice than massive self-extermination?


The choice is yours and mine.

And the moment to make this choice is now.


Maria Mar

Maria Mar

I am Maria Mar, peacekeeper, artist-poet, shaman and spiritual teacher and the host of the Dream Alchemist TV Show. I invite you to enjoy the stirring videos and poetry journeys that I periodically create as my own contribution to peace and the 2012 shift. You can see the current video here. These videos are the product of my spiritual guidance as a peacekeeper. My guidance comes from the Peacekeepers of the Light, the Tree People and other Spiritual and Elemental forces.


By taking a few minutes to enjoy the video currently playing, you can cultivate inner peace, open your creativity to come up with ways in which you can naturally contribute to the 2012 Peace Shift and share a peace-nurturing event with your friends in inspiring ways. See the video here.


Become a Peacekeeper

Earth Mother takes care of us. We need to take care of Earth Mother.

Art by Maria Mar (c)2005

In the previous centuries, there have been shamans, elders and other spiritual teachers called to be Peacekeepers ~to sustain ancient wisdom and keep vision and prophecies for our evolution. But now the shift is upon us. My guidance is that it is urgent that every human become a Peacekeeper in order to manifest the 2012 Shift for Peace.


This has nothing to do with the so-called “Peacekeepers” of the U.N. No government or institution can ensure peace. Only the people together, all of us can do this. Once we raise mass consciousness for global peace, our institutions will follow ranks. We are the leaders of our leaders!

If you feel so called, I urgently invite you to join the 2012 Shift for Peace, planetary wellbeing and human evolution by making a pledge as a Peacekeeper. It’s easy and quick to do this, and you can fulfill your pledge in many creative ways that are unique to you and enhance your life. Read the pledge here. When you join the Peacekeepers, I will keep you posted on new videos and resources. You’ll also get a Peacekeeper Badge and tips.


We are ONE people and ONE planet.If you are an organization, project, blogger or community leader, please consider becoming our Peace Partner. Your organization can be featured in this page and you can use this page as an inspirational and engagement resource for your members.


If you are an expert offering products or services that can help us develop inner peace, better relationships and planetary wellness, please consider becoming our Peace Whisperer. You can help our Peacekeepers sustain their mission while at the same time help raise funds towards our featured organizations.


As you see, I have created this page on the basis that we are all ONE. We can all benefit together, for whenever we give authentically we receive abundantly, and viceversa. Understanding this is the basis of peace and planetary harmony. We are learning this now through the consequences of our irresponsibility, such as global warming and war. Let’s shift this learning into a learning based on love and right actions, so that we can heal ourselves and our beautiful earth and prosper in peace. Go to the Peacekeepers page now!




What do you want to do?

  • Click here to see the video-poem “I Have Never Seen a Tree Go to War.”
  • Click here to pledge yourself as a Peacekeeper. You will get your Peacekeeper’s Badge and tips on how to do your Peacekeeping effortlessly during your life and work day.
  • Click here to spread this Peace message via social media, email and internet.
  • Click here to find peace resources and organizations. There is a small directory of peace organizations and direct buttons to donate to the organization of your choice.
  • Click here for recommended readings on peace on earth and the 2012 shift.
  • Click here if you have an organization, project or blog that promotes peace, human evolution or planetary wellness, to become a Peace Partner.
  • Click here if you are an expert, spiritual teacher, spiritual entrepreneurs or eco-businesses with products and services that promote peace, human evolution and planetary wellness. You can become a Peace Whisperer.


The Peacekeepers Pledge and the Peace on Earth Video

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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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