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Jun 252012
First step to peace

Reading Time: < 1 minute Daily Words of Wisdom: The First step to peace The first step to peace is shifting from fear to love. This leads to another shift, from blaming to self-responsibility. This leads to another shift, from projecting our Shadows onto others, to owning and re-casting our Shadows. This leads to another shift, from seeing those who are different as enemies to seeing them as mirrors and allies to our growth. These steps work at a deeply personal level to create our collective peace frequency. Are you game?   RESOURCES: Join the 2012 Peace Shift at: https://www.facebook.com/2012peaceshift       Send to Kindle

May 262011

Reading Time: < 1 minute Thursdays for peace: Chaos is what happens. Harmony is what I am. (To use this affirmation as a mantra, read more.) Mantras have great power because: 1. They re-structure your emotional vibration. 2. They reinforce your Free-choice thoughts vs. learned or habitual unconscious thoughts that may intercept your intent To do mantra or affirmation follow these steps. 1. Inhale deeply as you think this. You can place your hand in your heart to “receive” the meaning into your body and soul. 2. Exhale as you speak it out loud. The volume is not as important as the strength of the vibration, and this depends on your focus and your ability to bring your body and emotions into it. 3. Repeat three times. 4.  You can sing it for the extra power of vibrations. Create a jingle with a good beat. Jingles operate powerfully in the subconscious. Hear the structural beat. Cha-os-is-what-happens- Har-mo-ny’is-what-I-am. 5. Elongate the “M” at the end.When using chanting and sound for healing and transformation, the “m” sound brings the meaning and vibration back into your body, so [Read more.]

May 112011
Join the 2012 Peace Shift

Reading Time: 5 minutes Peacekeeper Pledge Are you grateful for the individual uniqueness, intelligence and creativity you possess? I am, too. As a poet and shaman I use these tools to heal myself and others, transform my life, express my unique essence creatively and celebrate the beauty of this world. But there is a Shadow side to these gifts. We can use them to destroy that which we have been created to protect: our beautiful earth and all its creatures, including the human species. Because we have fed the Shadow side of our human powers, we have done more damage to this planet in the past two centuries than in all the previous millennia, and we are at the brink of extinction. The force that brings forth this Shadow is fear. Responding to fear, we seek to defend and control; getting hook-up in emotional hunger ~which leads to consumerism and addictions, and in greed and control ~which lead to war.   However, this extinction is not the only possibility we have. As creators, we are endowed with love, compassion, creativity and higher faculties that [Read more.]

Apr 222011
2012: Back Home to your Sacred Self

Reading Time: 8 minutes 2012: Back Home to your Sacred Self You saw how 2012 is not the end of the road for humanity, but the beginning of a journey. A journey back home. But back home to what? Back home, first and foremost, to yourself ~to your Sacred Self.   Time acceleration, stress and the “It’s complicated” syndrome We have been accelerating, complicating and externalizing faster and faster, more and more each year for the past 20 years. The acceleration in our sense of time has taken place rather quickly. Remember when the internet first started. You would wait 10 to 20 minutes for the modem to download something; and you would be in a state of wonder. When you surfed, you were like a baby in a candy store. I remember staring endlessly at all the magical effects and dynamic interactions that were possible in the websites. Today, you spend 10 SECONDS tops to determine if you will stay in a website.  Waiting for a 5 minute download seems forever. Complications come as we have more “duhikies” to make life “easier.” Coordinating, [Read more.]

Apr 222011
2012: Is it the end of the world?

Reading Time: 2 minutes People see what happens in Japan and cry: “The Mayan Prophecies are real! 2012 is the end of the world!” Panic spreads in social media. This is fear talking, not Mayan wisdom. 2012 is not the end of the world. It is the time to come home. I am writing this series of posts in response to the fear that is spreading in social media and across the USA, perhaps across the world, as a result of the earthquake in Japan and the Pacific Tsunami and the resulting nuclear disaster. There are a lot of people now connecting these disasters and those of the last years with the Mayan Prophecies about 2012 and believing that this means the end of the world. I am a shaman and Spiritual Teacher with a  long Spiritual Practice. I do not call myself an expert in Mayan Prophecies, but I have listened to the Mayan and Native elders and to my Spirit Guides, as well as to my own self-wisdom. As a Peacekeeper and a Rose Warrior, I am here to help dispel fear [Read more.]

Apr 222011
2012:Its NOT the end of the world

Reading Time: 3 minutes   2012 is the peak of a Cycle of Human Awakening to a higher level of existence. This awakening happens at a consciousness and energy level. It is the climactic moment of transformation of Earth and its people, a time that started years ago; some elders say in the 60s, others in the 90s. People who know nothing about the Mayan Prophecies see what is happening now in Japan with the earthquake and the Pacific tsunami, and go into a panic, quoting prophecies they have never studied. Other people, who may have been mildly interested in the Mayan Prophecies or have seen the fear-mongering movies or fiction created by ignorant people supposedly based on the prophecies; wake up from their sleep. But they wake up from their carelessness about what we are doing to earth to a state of fear; not to a state of wakefulness. This is like waking from a nightmare into another nightmare. Waking from pain and fear to wisdom and love The nightmare we have been living in is the state of fear, separation and pain. [Read more.]

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