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The Egyptians believed that the Soul is in the tongue.

The knowledge that expressing your genius and unique personal truth is vital for your Soul is as old as humankind.

Your words, speech and sounds are the winds that move the sails of your soul into the direction of your life.

Swallowing your truth holds you back from personal and professional truth and from creating the life you want and embodying your purpose. It is anathema to the creative genius and an obstacle to manifestation.


In fact, the Ancient Egyptians said:

Here’s an exercise or practice to help you free your voice and express the brilliance of your Soul, sharing your gifts with the world.

Your Soul’s Silent Song

1. Sit comfortably and breath slowly, gently and deeply while you embrace Silence.  Focus on listening to your Soul in that silent breath. Practice this deep-breath-listening for a minute or two.

2. Trusting your breath and staying receptive to your Soul, embrace and allow your Soul to embody its truth in sounds. These sounds may be sounds, song or spoken words. Listen to your Soul during inhalation. Then allow the sounds to come out in exhalation, making it as slow as possible and feeling the vibrations as the sound escapes your lips.

3. Taste each sound or word that comes out. Feel its substance in your tongue and lips as it rolls out.

4. Go back to silent, gentle, slow and deep breathing for a minute or two.

5. Feel your Soul’s inner state. Is it satisfied? Did the words spoken expressed what your Soul is holding? Does it want to say anything else, or is this it?

6. Repeat the cycle until your Soul is satisfied or happy and there is a sense of fullness in your heart.

Advanced Practice

After you are comfortable with expressing your Soul’s Song, add another step after step 3:

3B. In each exhalation, allow the sound vibrations to travel farther and feel your Soul touching more space, more of the world with its song, until your sound is traveling to the horizon and you feel a sense of freedom and boundlessness.



Practice this daily for a month, and leave your comments below.


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