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Sep 202018
A New Tribe for a New Story: The Story Magic Tribe

Reading Time: 3 minutes Tribal News! A New Tribe for a New Story: The Story Magic Tribe Are you in my tribe of spiritual creative women who want to play for their transformation? In this tribe, we employ our creativity to joyfully manifest our dream, embody our purpose, share our gifts with the world and live our brilliance! If you are one of these women and you have not joined my tribe… …go do it now and enjoy an anthology of shamanic stories, including shamanic insights from each story that will open your mind and heart. Here’s the link. If you are already in my tribe, you are in for a new baptism. Some of you have asked me what’s up with the new name? Here’s the story: for more than a decade, the name of our tribe has been the Magicmark Your Life Tribe because we use our creativity (color markers being a good symbol for it) to change our lives. But as I developed new ways to do just that, I realized that the thing that ignites our hearts is story. Whether [Read more.]

May 192014
Make a decision and create your reality now.

Reading Time: 6 minutes This is a self-assessment tool in a 3-part series entitled Three Attitudes that make or break your manifestation Read the First Part here. Read part 2 here.   Part 3: Make a decision and create your reality now. When you were engulfed in desire, you were motivated, wired up and even in pain out of longing, but you were not truly empowered. Desire is the emotional foundation for manifestation, but it’s far from bringing your dream into reality. Lots of people have desires, but never make them a reality. If you went through the rather painful items in Delusion, you get to understand why so many people never make their dreams come true. As you feed your desire and lower the items in Part 2 that steal your capacity to manifest this desire, you get strong enough to make a decision. Decision Once you make a decision, you are on a different ball game all together. A decision creates commitment, and 100% commitment makes something a reality sooner than later. Let me reveal the alchemical secret behind a decision: You [Read more.]

Mar 242014
Step up to your purpose with my help NOW.

Reading Time: 7 minutes I have three questions for you. Are you a woman with a purpose? If you are a woman with a purpose, then you know why you came to this earth and what you came here to do. This may be about sharing your unique gifts and talents, following your passion or contributing to a cause that compels you. My next question is: Are you fulfilling your purpose? I believe that our first purpose is to learn, grow and be fully alive and fulfilled. It is about our happiness. But I also believe that in order to be fully alive and fulfilled many of us must be living our meaning and sharing our unique gifts full time with our intended Tribe. As a woman you have a strong sense of service and a strong need to give of yourself to others. This begs another question: If you as a woman give so generously, why are you having so much resistance, doubts and fear about serving others with your unique gifts and talents in the way that makes you happy, ecstatic and [Read more.]

Mar 212014
The Wounded Dancer

Reading Time: < 1 minute She stood gracefully in front of me, her heart completely exposed. It had been carved with a blunt knife long ago by a ruthless lover. She was exuberant and amazonic; though others may have called her misshapen, chubby or overweight. The trunk of her body was short, but her long arms reached up to heaven and blossomed into graceful movements that played with the bright sky above. Out of her womb rose two long trunks, making her a trilogy. These trunks also rose into the sky majestically, like a star receiving an ovation. Her roots immersed themselves deep into the darkest, most moist secrets of earth, absorbing her mysteries to then sing them triumphantly to the stars. This I saw in the tree in front of me. This she said into my Soul. This she mirrored for me. “Be triumphantly you! Sing to the Sky the song that runs through your body, a frequency rooted in the deepest part of you! Connect to earth. Let your heart and hers beat as one! Gracefully dance your Wounded Heart into healing!” Question [Read more.]

Dec 102013
Allow the world to sing through you

Reading Time: 2 minutes You are part of the song of Gaia. Why would Gaia birth you if she did not need and want your voice to be heard? Your voice is like the song of birds, of the winds and the waters.The robin does not repress its song out of shame. The lion does not feel guilty by its mighty roar. The waterfall does not try to muffle the resonance of its water. Your voice is just as natural and as part of creation. Your voice is an expression of your soul, born from the marriage of Universal Divine Intent and Gaia’s love. It was summon at your birth. Your sound is an expression of creation, a note in the Divine scale. Allow the world to sing through you. Practice:  Part A. Preparation Sit comfortably and practice deep, slow, gentle breathing for a minute or two. If you can do this in a natural setting, in your favorite spot, great. If not, visualize it. Inhale an feel the air filling you with sacred emptiness where The Divine dances. Exhale slowly. The exhalation should [Read more.]

Dec 022013
 Express your Soul-Practice

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Egyptians believed that the Soul is in the tongue. The knowledge that expressing your genius and unique personal truth is vital for your Soul is as old as humankind. Your words, speech and sounds are the winds that move the sails of your soul into the direction of your life. Swallowing your truth holds you back from personal and professional truth and from creating the life you want and embodying your purpose. It is anathema to the creative genius and an obstacle to manifestation.   In fact, the Ancient Egyptians said: The soul is in the tongue, the tongue is a rudder or steering-oar with which a man steers his course through the world. Click To Tweet Here’s an exercise or practice to help you free your voice and express the brilliance of your Soul, sharing your gifts with the world. Your Soul’s Silent Song 1. Sit comfortably and breath slowly, gently and deeply while you embrace Silence.  Focus on listening to your Soul in that silent breath. Practice this deep-breath-listening for a minute or two. 2. Trusting your [Read more.]

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