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Apr 192015
My Novel

Reading Time: 6 minutes Enter the Magic! Discover the shamanic secrets in the Law of Attraction and other Dream Laws that allowed author-shaman Maria Mar to go from having lost everything she had… even the clothing in her back… to creating dozens of books and products and sharing her gifts with the world. Find out the little known Sacred Feminine Wisdom that took Maria from finding herself homeless and feeling a failure to creating a business that allows her to do what she loves while serving humanity. All this practical and spiritual tools for building dreams and demolishing obstacles are embedded in this delightful story that will inspire and transform you. Watch a 4 minute Book Tour Video. Angelina is at the edge of giving up on her talents to follow an average formula for success. Just then her desperate soul summons a magical being who detours the train. Will Angelina trust this guide and rescue her soul from the clutches of the Evil Queen Witch and her minion Shadows? Will she reclaim her DreamSelf and become the woman she was meant to be? [Read more.]

Jan 132015
Soul Hatching Meditation

Reading Time: 7 minutes My New Year’s Gift for you Soul Hatching Meditation   You have probably learned that it takes hard work to make your dream happen. You have come to believe that in order to fully embody the purpose for which you were born, you need to improve yourself in a variety of ways. As a result of this training every time you think of what you want to accomplish or who you want to be, a long list of to-dos and fix-me-ups runs through your mind. It may look something like this: First, I have to stop wasting time watching TV and use that time better. And I can’t go to sleep so late at night because I don’t have energy the next day. Once I do that… Oh, yes, and I must stop getting angry at every little frustration. I need to learn more patience. And how about my technophobia? Until I get better at using technology, I won’t really be able to do what I want. Not to mention my neediness. I must stand stronger and let go of [Read more.]

Mar 262014
Event: Shapeshift into your Dream

Reading Time: 5 minutes Shapeshift into your Dream is a shamanic journey to reclaim your Shapeshifting abilities and use this power consciously to embody your purpose and become your dream now. “My shapeshifting abilities?” you may be asking yourself. “I don’t know how to shapeshift!” I beg to disagree. You, like most of us, are a consummate shapeshifter. You, the shapeshifter You are not the same in every situation. You do not behave in the same way with everyone. Think about it. Who are you when you are with your parents? With your spouse? Your boss? Your children? These are different aspects of your personality, sure. But do you realize that in each of these situations you change: Your voice Your posture and physical stance, even the shape of your body may change Your perspective Your level of confidence Your communication approach and proficiency I have seen changes in people that you would find hard to believe, but with keen observation and detaching from the collective trance, you may also see what I constantly see: People suddenly changing their: Eye color Hair Texture Stature [Read more.]

May 252010
My Shaman's Twin Birth

Reading Time: 2 minutes Join my celebration My Shaman’s Twin Birth April 30, 2010 Join me in this great celebration of my new life. As a shaman releases old baggage from the past, s/he can be re-born in this life, instead of dying to get a new life! I want to share the good news with you that I just experienced my second Shaman’s Birth. My first Shaman’s Birth took place in the same day, April 30th, but in the year 1999. It was my birth into my Sacred Feminine Powers. I also released my negative habits of thought and my stance as a victim, becoming the conscious creator of my life. It took place six years after I began my shamanic training and it was also my graduation! I was born from the Moon, holder of the Sacred Feminine elemental forces. Now I have experienced my second Shamanic Birth. This birth is a great occasion, as I experienced two awesome miracles. First, this was my Twin Birth. This means that I performed my Marriage of Power, completing the marriage of my Shakti and [Read more.]

Nov 232009
Express your Gratitude- Thanksgiving Gifts and Board

Reading Time: 3 minutes Happy Thanksgiving! Express your Gratitude We are grateful for your presence in our lives. To express our gratitude, today we offer you a space in which to express your gratitude to those people you love. Name them in the comment area and then send a link so that they can see what you said.   Express your Gratitude Leave a testimony of the things, the people and the life blessings for which you are grateful. Then invite your loved ones to witness your gratitude. (Leave your comment below.) Also, please receive this beautiful art that Maria Mar has created to celebrate you.   When you click the graphic, you will enjoy this art in a large dimension. Download it as a digital poster or screensaver.   The large Egreeting in our web page includes a 6-minutes self-love audio meditation that will flood you with the light of love. But that’s not all. We are so grateful for your presence that we wanted to send you a BIG Thanksgiving gift. So you can download the Awakening the Rose ebook that includes [Read more.]

Sep 012009

Reading Time: 8 minutes Last week a visitor asked the following question: “I just found your site and appreciate what you have on here. I a network marketer, but haven’t yet experienced the success I want in it. Your obsession vs focus interview is great for me and something I will keep mulling over. I am looking for direction in building belief in myself and my business. I hesitate to talk to others about it because I think, they have a good job, or good business, why would they want this or listen to me. I do think I have a unique (better) business plan, and products. So I think it must rest in my belief in me. Suggestions?” DREAM ALCHEMIST’S ANSWER: Starting today and for a year, consider yourself on a Journey of Success. This quest is not a race. Observe that I did not call it a Journey TO Success, but a Journey OF Success. It is not even a project. It is an adventure, an expedition. In this exciting journey, you want to enjoy the landscape. You want to visit its [Read more.]

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