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Jul 282014
What am I becoming?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Monday Meditation What am I becoming?   Every thought that you feed with your emotions, is a step in your Becoming. Every choice you make, directs the route of your Becoming. Every emotion you cradle and channel, flows to your Becoming. Every creation that you offer the world is your Becoming. Every new lesson you learn or refuse, is a point in the grid of your Becoming. Every single point of attention you hold consistently is a cell in your Becoming.   And thus you arrive at your adulthood, then at your maturity, then at your old age. And who you are at each stage is the direct consequence of your actions and creations. And you become that.   You are a frequency, an energy pattern vibrating as it moves, flows or congeals. And that pattern is created now… was created yesterday… is created every day. This is your Becoming.   Now ask yourself: What am I becoming? Click To Tweet   Send to Kindle

May 142014
An Experience: Be in the Flow

Reading Time: 3 minutes I’m working to enrich my awareness of my connection to the Unifying Field and my broadcast to the field in order to fine-tune my manifestation. Last week I decided to dance in/with The Field. My intention was to “give” and to “receive” to allow abundance to flow from me and to me, so that I could more easily and gracefully flow abundance. But when I started dancing in/with the flow, something amazing happened that blew my mind! There was no specific moment to “give” or “receive”. In fact, I could not open my hand to give or receive or stop the hand in that gesture. It was all waves of flow going in and out without freezing at any point, a movement similar to the infinity symbol. I was being guided by a friend who is an expert in movement for healing and transformation and she told me that the movements I was doing were the movements of the heart and circulatory system! I physically experienced that there is no such thing as “giving” to “Other” and “receiving” for “me” [Read more.]

Nov 272013
Gratitude: A human superpower

Reading Time: 4 minutes You have many human superpowers. They allow you to master your creative genius so that you can co-create life on earth and become the master artist of your own unique Masterpiece Life. Gratitude is one of these superpowers, far more powerful than most people see at first sight. Gratitude has five virtues that can activate the magic of your creator power, enriching and deepening your existence. Gratitude is a power of the heart. The human heart is a mysterious, magical organ. Shamans have, for centuries and throughout cultures, alluded to its power. Here are three of these powers that can free, direct and empower you. The Frequency of Gratitude The human heart emits the strongest electromagnetic field in our body. The heart’s electromagnetic field is five thousand times stronger than the brain’s electromagnetic field. This electromagnetic field envelops the entire body extending out in all directions, and it can be measured up to several feet outside of the body. Research shows that as we consciously focus on feeling a positive emotion it has a beneficial effect on our own health [Read more.]

Feb 072012
Fear: the enemy of self-love

Reading Time: 2 minutes What is the greatest enemy of self-love? FEAR! Fear constricts your mind and energy field. Seriously!As a shaman, I can tell when a person is experiencing fear because the energy field contracts to about 3 inches from the physical body. But not only that; it becomes more solid and looks like a tomb. Not a pretty image, but one that gets the message across. Fear can kill you! Actually, in the Spiritual Warrior shamanic tradition it is said that it IS fear that often kills you, not a dangerous situation. Fear kills you because it closes off your vast repertoire of alternatives, creativity, courage and spiritual protection. Fear often leads to low self-esteem, stress and stress-related diseases and accidents. Literally speaking, fear makes you stupid! I mean it. It closes off your cellular receptors to the external environment and reduces your brain activity, so that all your energy is booked to your fight or flight response. If the threat is not real, what a waste of energy! If it is, being stupid is not the best way to face it. [Read more.]

May 112011
Join the 2012 Peace Shift

Reading Time: 5 minutes Peacekeeper Pledge Are you grateful for the individual uniqueness, intelligence and creativity you possess? I am, too. As a poet and shaman I use these tools to heal myself and others, transform my life, express my unique essence creatively and celebrate the beauty of this world. But there is a Shadow side to these gifts. We can use them to destroy that which we have been created to protect: our beautiful earth and all its creatures, including the human species. Because we have fed the Shadow side of our human powers, we have done more damage to this planet in the past two centuries than in all the previous millennia, and we are at the brink of extinction. The force that brings forth this Shadow is fear. Responding to fear, we seek to defend and control; getting hook-up in emotional hunger ~which leads to consumerism and addictions, and in greed and control ~which lead to war.   However, this extinction is not the only possibility we have. As creators, we are endowed with love, compassion, creativity and higher faculties that [Read more.]

Apr 222011
2012: Is it the end of the world?

Reading Time: 2 minutes People see what happens in Japan and cry: “The Mayan Prophecies are real! 2012 is the end of the world!” Panic spreads in social media. This is fear talking, not Mayan wisdom. 2012 is not the end of the world. It is the time to come home. I am writing this series of posts in response to the fear that is spreading in social media and across the USA, perhaps across the world, as a result of the earthquake in Japan and the Pacific Tsunami and the resulting nuclear disaster. There are a lot of people now connecting these disasters and those of the last years with the Mayan Prophecies about 2012 and believing that this means the end of the world. I am a shaman and Spiritual Teacher with a  long Spiritual Practice. I do not call myself an expert in Mayan Prophecies, but I have listened to the Mayan and Native elders and to my Spirit Guides, as well as to my own self-wisdom. As a Peacekeeper and a Rose Warrior, I am here to help dispel fear [Read more.]

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