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Jul 232014
Poem: The crack that hurts

Reading Time: < 1 minute Saturday Poem
The toughness in the rock
is enticing to your hurt.
But it only makes it harder.
The softness of the water
pains you as it runs through the gash,
but it cleanses it.
The harshness in the knife’s edge
invites your fear to strike
though you may see a defense
it is nevertheless a crime.
The tenderness in your tears
may leave you open
and you may believe that
at that moment
you are the weakest.
But like the water that cleanses you,
your tears drain the venom
of your suffering and oppression.
That crack that hurts
is not you being broken.
It’s you being opened.
Vulnerability is the power
that throws you into your loss
so that you can feel your love.
So that you can BE your love.


Maria Mar©2014
New York, NY
This poem is the intellectual property of Maria Mar. It is protected by international copyright law. No reproduction, copy/paste or appropriation. If you want to share it, use the social sharing buttons in this page. Thanks.
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Mar 212014
The Wounded Dancer

Reading Time: < 1 minute

She stood gracefully in front of me, her heart completely exposed. It had been carved with a blunt knife long ago by a ruthless lover.
She was exuberant and amazonic; though others may have called her misshapen, chubby or overweight.
The trunk of her body was short, but her long arms reached up to heaven and blossomed into graceful movements that played with the bright sky above.
Out of her womb rose two long trunks, making her a trilogy.
These trunks also rose into the sky majestically, like a star receiving an ovation.
Her roots immersed themselves deep into the darkest, most moist secrets of earth, absorbing her mysteries to then sing them triumphantly to the stars.
This I saw in the tree in front of me.
This she said into my Soul.
This she mirrored for me.
“Be triumphantly you!
Sing to the Sky the song that runs through your body, a frequency rooted in the deepest part of you!
Connect to earth. Let your heart and hers beat as one!
Gracefully dance your Wounded Heart into healing!”

What is she saying to you? Share in the comments below!
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Jan 292014
Lack or Luck?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Do you focus on your lack or on your luck?
You’ve heard the phrase about the glass half-empty or half-full. You’ve probably also heard someone quote Henry Ford’s words: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”
Here’s what this boils down in your daily life:
Lack Measurements
When you measure your value as a human being or your success in life through a constant attention to your lack, to what you have not yet accomplished, to what you do NOT have, to what you are yet to embody; then your glass is definitely half-empty because you will feel that you are less valuable and successful.
This constant depletion eventually erodes your self-value and your sense of accomplishment, leaving only lack as the measure of your life.
In this scenario, you are constantly depleting your belief that you can rise above your circumstances or create your dreams, so you can’t.
Luck Measurements
When you measure your value as a human being or your success in life through a constant attention to your blessings, what you have accomplished, how you’ve grown, how you’ve learned from your […]

Dec 102013
Allow the world to sing through you

Reading Time: 2 minutes You are part of the song of Gaia. Why would Gaia birth you if she did not need and want your voice to be heard?
Your voice is like the song of birds, of the winds and the waters.The robin does not repress its song out of shame. The lion does not feel guilty by its mighty roar. The waterfall does not try to muffle the resonance of its water. Your voice is just as natural and as part of creation.
Your voice is an expression of your soul, born from the marriage of Universal Divine Intent and Gaia’s love. It was summon at your birth. Your sound is an expression of creation, a note in the Divine scale.
Allow the world to sing through you.
 Part A. Preparation

Sit comfortably and practice deep, slow, gentle breathing for a minute or two.
If you can do this in a natural setting, in your favorite spot, great. If not, visualize it.
Inhale an feel the air filling you with sacred emptiness where The Divine dances.
Exhale slowly. The exhalation should be longer than the inhalation. The slower the exhalation, […]

Dec 022013
 Express your Soul-Practice

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Egyptians believed that the Soul is in the tongue.
The knowledge that expressing your genius and unique personal truth is vital for your Soul is as old as humankind.
Your words, speech and sounds are the winds that move the sails of your soul into the direction of your life.
Swallowing your truth holds you back from personal and professional truth and from creating the life you want and embodying your purpose. It is anathema to the creative genius and an obstacle to manifestation.
In fact, the Ancient Egyptians said:

The soul is in the tongue, the tongue is a rudder or steering-oar with which a man steers his course through the world.
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Here’s an exercise or practice to help you free your voice and express the brilliance of your Soul, sharing your gifts with the world.
Your Soul’s Silent Song
1. Sit comfortably and breath slowly, gently and deeply while you embrace Silence.  Focus on listening to your Soul in that silent breath. Practice this deep-breath-listening for a minute or two.
2. Trusting your breath and staying receptive to your Soul, embrace and allow your […]

Oct 082013
How do you own your value?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Why is it so difficult as a woman to own your value? Why do you feel like an impostor, as Dr. Valerie Young revealed in her book, The Impostor Syndrome.

If you doubt that the book you are writing will be purchased.
If you doubt that your program will make a difference.
If you doubt that you really are qualified to fulfill the purpose for which you were created…

You are not alone.
Women have a Herstory of being excluded as citizens and even humans, being denied the vote and their human rights for centuries. This Herstory is embedded in your cells, transmitted from your female ancestors. Even today, by modern standards, we are still the “Second Sex” as  Simone de Beauvoir observed in 1949.This is your social Herstory, which is then reflected in your family Herstory. Remember when your brother was playing baseball and you were washing the dishes? That’s still happening today.
So no. You are not crazy or deficient. You are having trouble owning your value because you have a Herstory to heal and you are healing it by working on feeling, experiencing […]

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