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Oct 292014
Book Review Synopsis: Love and the Mystery of Betrayal

Reading Time: 2 minutes Book: Love and the Mystery of Betrayal (Recovering your Trust and Faith After Trauma, Deception and Loss of Love) Author: Sandra Lee Dennis Genre: Nonfiction, Psycho/spiritual; relationship Published by: West County Press   If you have gone through the trauma of betrayal, no matter how long ago it was~ get this book immediately and clear time not just for reading; for healing. The journey through this book is a healing experience that helps us to understand what we’ve gone through, to name the invisible, hidden cracks this trauma inflicted in our psyche, to validate our soulful intuition and finally to help us emerge into an ecstatic experience of self-love and higher love. If you are going through the trauma of betrayal now, get many copies of the book. One if for you. The other is for your closest friends and relatives; your support system, and one or two for the healer or therapist of your choice. This book is your blueprint through the dark stormy seas of betrayal into the harbor of radiant health. If someone you love has gone [Read more.]

Feb 182014
Do you want your soulmate this year?

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you are committed to finding your soulmate this year, I have a recommendation. Before you send a call to arms to all your friends announcing that you are seeking to meet available men, spend some months Romancing Life. What do I mean by that? There was a period in my life where I engaged in the terrible practice of Kissing Frogs. This is my name for something women often do. We project our magic, majesty and mojo onto little men who cannot handle or understand our greatness. We dress them up with kingly attire and pour onto them the magic that is ours. We fall in love with a frog that we have turned into a Prince. Then one day, shazam! The frog escapes our spell and we are faced with a frog in our bed. Before you invent a romance with a man, spend sometimes Romancing Life, romancing yourself. Click To Tweet What magic do you bring to an encounter? What magic do you need in life? What are you passionate about? What awakens your sensuality? What makes [Read more.]

Feb 172014
Monday Meditation: Single? Love Yourself Unconditionally

Reading Time: 3 minutes Monday Meditation I’m an elder and I have lived and loved magically, freely and passionately. Like a ripe fruit, love has yielded its delicious essence and poured it abundantly into my heart.  Today I want to share one of three secrets that love has often whispered and and sometimes roared into my heart. At the same time, I am a baby boomer who started youth as a feminist, a child of divorced parents and a woman wounded by the arrows of 20th century biases and traumas around love and gender. This personal herstory has left deep imprints that I’ve had to lovingly, painfully remove, like long sharp splinters embedded in my heart. These splinters harden the female heart with lonely beliefs that pit love against freedom, independence or personal power. Our fear shows up in each love story and gives it the same painful ending until we stop believing in happy endings and romance. Though I still believe in romance, my fears and defensiveness has often gone to battle with my romantic, sensual nature. Unfortunately, it has often won. My [Read more.]

Feb 132014
Be Your Own Valentine!

Reading Time: 2 minutes Be your Own Valentine! In the Valentine Issue of my beautiful Butterfly You! digital magazine, I have a treat for you, my beloved Tribe. I include 4 articles by love experts who are inspiring and guiding you to attract a soulmate and ignite your relationship by being in love with yourself first. Yes, this is an issue with streams of self-love! I also included a poem entitled “I Am,” an Ode to your Sacred Self —with instructions on how to write this ode as a ceremony to build self-love and self-appreciation. In this issue I share my three best secrets on creating love in your life, secrets that I have gathered as a Wise Woman in more than 50 years of living and loving deeply. Read it to learn how to attract the kind of love that brings magic to your life and to renew your marriage with tender passion. Here’s what you will find inside the Be your Own Valentine! Issue: Poem: I Am, Ode to your Sacred Self (with writing exercise) By Maria Mar 5 Top Things to [Read more.]

Apr 282013
Earth, mother, you woman

Reading Time: 4 minutes Earth, Mother, You Woman This article explores how your authentic joy can help restore our collective connection with Earth and the Sacred Feminine. Think about what you do in a day. Multiply that by billions, and you get a sense of what women do for the world —all in heels and while looking gorgeous! Women’s History Month has gone, Earth Day came and went. But women’s history is created every day by you and me, and we need to make Earth Day every day in order to repair the damage we’ve done to Earth Mother. That same damage is affecting you as a woman and mother right now. Your well-being as a woman and Earth’s well-being are intertwined. Just as we need to protect Earth from wanton exploitation, depletion, abuse and poisoning, we need to protect ourselves as women from living a stolen life where our energies are depleted by others without renewal, valuing or reciprocity. Here’s three ways in which your lifestyle can return the value of the Sacred Feminine while enriching your own life. When you as a [Read more.]

Mar 022013
Gender, Marriage and Sarai Sierra's Death-Part 3

Reading Time: 7 minutes  Gender, Marriage and Sarai Sierra’s Death- Part 3 This is the third in a series of three posts about how Sarai Sierra’s tragedy connects to issues of gender and human rights within marriage. Read the first post here. Read the Second post here. In the previous post: ————————— The warrior in women is an extreme archetype. Her Shadow face is our “Crazy Woman” and she is a blood-thirsty warrior. When a woman decides to fight, she is deadly for anyone around. She is not playing games. She is out to kill. The game is over when a woman fights back. That is one of the reasons why women who have been abused for years may suddenly killed their attacker in a really bloody and violent explosion. I am not justifying their behavior. I am pointing out that the way of “fighting” that is so normal for many men to use in daily arguments is detrimental to women’s limbic system and psyche. When women fight, it is not a game. When they are among friends and family, they want bonding and [Read more.]

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