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Sep 122023
"I Have no Time!" How to Handle Anxiety During Crisis

Reading Time: 8 minutes “I have no time to eat… to rest… to take a nap…. to relax…. to take it slow…”… STOP! Read this post to reclaim your time and your peace. This is voice inside us that pushes us into rush, perfectionism and to-do-ism in the name of efficiency during a crisis is just a learned defensive self running scared. It is not reality and we need to detach from its panicky voice to reclaim our time and peace. This voice belongs to an archetypal Inner Self that I call the Rush Whip. It pushes us beyond what is healthy or even possible for us right now. It paints a chaotic picture of the crisis, but it is lying. And we need to step back and recognize its lie so that we can regain authorship of our situation. This is the voice of your egoic mind –which is afraid of the Unknown and therefore tries to control it. It does so by trying to use your logical mind to make lists, take actions and create plans. But because it is doing so [Read more.]

Apr 282013
Earth, mother, you woman

Reading Time: 4 minutes Earth, Mother, You Woman This article explores how your authentic joy can help restore our collective connection with Earth and the Sacred Feminine. Think about what you do in a day. Multiply that by billions, and you get a sense of what women do for the world —all in heels and while looking gorgeous! Women’s History Month has gone, Earth Day came and went. But women’s history is created every day by you and me, and we need to make Earth Day every day in order to repair the damage we’ve done to Earth Mother. That same damage is affecting you as a woman and mother right now. Your well-being as a woman and Earth’s well-being are intertwined. Just as we need to protect Earth from wanton exploitation, depletion, abuse and poisoning, we need to protect ourselves as women from living a stolen life where our energies are depleted by others without renewal, valuing or reciprocity. Here’s three ways in which your lifestyle can return the value of the Sacred Feminine while enriching your own life. When you as a [Read more.]

Dec 242012
Presence is the true holiday present

Reading Time: 3 minutes Family Holiday Ceremony  Presence is the True Holiday Present The other day in the elevator I asked a neighbor how Christmas was going. Oh boy! His shoulders slumped down with weight and he made a grimace. ~ “That bad?” I asked. ~ “Everyone’s expecting gifts and things are not like they were,” he said. I’m going to share with you what I told him… and a bit more. Our PRESENCE is the present. We need to come back to the sacredness of the holidays as a celebration of our life, of our sacred families, of love and giving. But giving is not about buying, rushing around, consuming. It is about coming together in a ceremony to celebrate each other’s presence in our life. I’ve done ceremonies with families where the kids grow up and years later they still remember that ceremony when their parents, siblings and cousins shared with them how much they meant to them, the gifts that they saw in them, gave them thanks for being in their lives and name what their presence brought to their lives. [Read more.]

Jul 212012
For Whom the Freedom Bell Tolls?

Reading Time: 10 minutes Choosing Freedom When personal freedom matters to you, what happens when freedom is a tough choice? This is an inspiring real life story about choosing freedom in the face of fear. Today I had an article planned, but I want instead to share what is going on in my life right now in the hope that it helps you look at any crisis, emergency or tough choice you may be facing now with new insights. In my case, the choice I am facing is about freedom.My first value is freedom. But values often get challenged by crisis, so that we must choose them or loose them. These past two weeks I’ve not been able to finish my subscribers’ newsletter because someone I love needed me very much. It’s my aunt Fanny. Two weeks ago the neighbor who looks after her could not find her by nightfall, so she called us. My aunt was missing!My Freedom Shero Everybody has their childhood heroes and sheroes. Aunt Fanny was mine. When I was a little girl, I looked up to aunt Fanny as [Read more.]

May 152012
To be or not to be Received

Reading Time: 7 minutes In this article I explore the consequences of not being received by our loved ones at an early age. Not being received in who we truly are, our Unique Essence, our gifts and talents, our passions and purpose. The consequence, in a nutshell, is the prohibition to BE. Family Karma To be a mother or a parent is a position of leadership. Yet our society does not train us to recognize this power, and therefore this responsibility. It does not give us the skills we need to assume this leadership role. Not only that, but we enter parenthood with a dark baggage of wounds, learned limitations, fears and frustration; a baggage I call the Shadow Bundle or the Shadow Inheritance. To be a mother or parent is a master artist position. Yet, most of us enter this position after being evicted from our own personal freedom and creative power. We enter it with a social script that is limited and limiting. The child born to us is not a blank canvas. She comes with a purpose and a set of [Read more.]

Feb 102010
Walk out of your Family Karma and Step into your Dream

Reading Time: 6 minutes Walk out of your Family Karma and Step into your Dream Maria Mar Love is the air under our wings. It uplifts us. It frees us. It supports us. It makes it safe to explore and fly. It nests us when we return. Part 1 What is your Inheritance? When love is unconditional, it is the greatest ally to our dreams. It gives us the power to move mountains. Unfortunately, for many of us born to fly, love seems to be the chain around our talon and the weight crushing our wings. Many of us hold back from our true potential for fear of being rejected by those we love. Even more of us are held back from our dreams by the false beliefs and negative patterns secretly inherited from those we love. Love vs. Fear Love moves the world, but only when it is unconditional. Unfortunately, few of us practice unconditional love. There is secret war going on in many families right now. It is a war between freedom and love. To fly, love needs freedom. Fear, however creates [Read more.]

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