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Jun 022015
Naysayers, Haters, Mirrors and Messengers

Reading Time: 13 minutes Naysayers, Haters, Mirrors and Messengers The other day I was watching a video by Jeff Walker. I love this person! He shines with authenticity and love, and he says it as it is. You can watch the video here. I warn you that this is a long post, but if you offer or want to offer your gifts to the world, or if you have been held back by the fear of criticism, I promise that it is worth your while to read. I agree with Jeff that one of the things that is holding many of us back is the fear of being rejected, judged, criticized and even “crucified” by others; especially by our loved ones ~but also by influential people or large groups. That fear of criticism is like a barb-wire fence that blocks many paths to success, especially among women and Spiritual Creatives. We all have been the victims of that horrific infestation: Gossip. We know what that does. It spreads like toxic gas even before you get to a place, and when you enter everyone is [Read more.]

Jan 152013
Do you need to be perfect?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Do you Need to be Perfect? The Hidden Fear of Insufficiency Many of us want freedom and long to embody our purpose and live our Dream. Yet, we unknowingly resist change, growth and manifestation. This article explores how perfectionism and the hidden fear of insufficiency that prompts it lay a psychic trap that ensnares your greatness. Self-assessment Do you feel anxious when someone you consider an expert or “important” makes an observation of something you could improve? Do you perceive this or similar observations as criticism? Do you break into rapid justification or try to prove that you knew better, do better or are better than that? Do you secretly feel at those moments that there’s something deficient or wrong in you or that the other person feels there is and you have to “fix” that? Do you begin to intellectualize and do other “one up” games designed to neutralize your perceived disadvantage? Do these moments confirm your secret feelings that you are not enough, not ready to be successful or not equipped to launch your dream? Do you take [Read more.]

Apr 242012
Is it Love or Attachment?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Click to read the previous articles in this series: Article 1, Article 2, Article 3. Is it Love or Attachment? Human beings form emotional bonds easily because ultimately we are all part of the same organism. If you follow the layers of your Energy Fields as they expand in an ever increasing circumference, you eventually flow into the Energy Field of those around you. If you continue, you penetrate the entire Collective Human Energy Field (CHEF). Ultimately, what joins us is pure love. We are also vibrational beings, however and as such we resonate with each other, especially at an emotional level. Yet, much of our emotional investment has nothing to do with our Oneness and more to do with Attachment. What is Attachment? Imagine a chord tying you to another human being. The chord goes out like a tentacle and wraps around her chord. If you can visualize this, you are seeing what Attachment is at a core energy level. But why do you get attached to others? As I said, we are all One. Our Energy Fields are [Read more.]

Apr 172012
Heart-to-heart or Toxic Encounter?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Read Article 1 and Article 2 of this 4-part series. Heart-to-heart or Toxic Encounter? You are facing a shocking, unexpected and thoroughly undeserved response to your innocent comment. You’ve done your soul-search and track down the dynamics and you feel that this response does not match the vibration of love that you sent out to this person. What now? If you truly came from a place of love and were mindful, and the response seems utterly inappropriate, you may have stepped into a person’s Toxic Field or you may be facing a Toxic Person. In either case, how do you know if you are having a heart-to-heart or a toxic encounter? None of us is perfect. Everyone has Breaking Point—places where the fabric of our being has been thinned out, broken or mishandled. The problem is that if we are not aware of these Breaking Points and actively heal them, they become Toxic Fields. Anyone who steps into these fields gets “stung” by us.  We pour our defensive poison straight into the interaction, all the while feeling that we are [Read more.]

Apr 102012
Miscommunication: It takes two to tango

Reading Time: 3 minutes Click here to read Article 1 in these 4-part series. Miscommunication. What is it all about? Why did she snap at you? Why is he reacting as if you’ve stepped on his toes? Are they nuts? Or are you? You’ve had a bad reaction to what you said or did. By all counts, it seems an overreaction, unfair or unwarranted. If you just assume that they are wrong and you are right, then you are part of the problem. Relationships are the primary evolution course for us humans. Therefore, the best path to personal development is to examine yourself first when you encounter any troubled interaction. What if what you said or did does warrant the other person’s response? You are shaking your head. No. Their reaction does not match your intentions. You may be sure of that. But that is just your logical, conscious mind analyzing the entire interaction based ONLY in its own limited scripts. That’s exactly what the other person is doing. So do you want to do something different, or just enter a deadlock? If you [Read more.]

Dec 142011
Bless Away your Holiday Stress

Reading Time: 9 minutes Bless Away Your Holiday Stress   By Maria Mar         The tree is up. The lights are on. The music plays. The Holidays are here, full of bright colors, smiles and good spirits. So why do you feel so blah? You go along and do the deeds, but your heart is not in it.   Or perhaps you are feeling quiet the opposite, like a renegade train running so fast that it is missing the Holiday station! Could it be that you are speeding past the Holiday Spirit? Read on and find out what may be causing your Holiday Stress and how to bless it away. There are four main sources of Holiday Blues or Stress:   Broken Heart, Broken Back, Broken Bag or Broken compass. Let’s take a quick look at each: Broken Heart You have experienced an emotional loss. You got divorced or you are remembering a loved one that died recently or during the Christmas season. Basically, you are grieving. Broken Back You are the victim of too many pressures, exhaustion or emotional stress. [Read more.]

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