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Dec 042014
Expert of the Year Award: Tanya Torres for "Selling your Art"

Reading Time: 4 minutes Expert of the Year Award   Selling Art? Can it be a Creative Expression? Hang out with artist Tanya Torres   Editor’s Note: This hang out is part of an interview that I did with my good friend Tanya Torres for the December 2013 issue of the Butterfly You! Magazine. Read the full interview, enriched by Tanya’s inspiring art: http://mariamar.com/butterflyu-2-own-your-value/ In the interview for Butterfly You! Magazine, Tanya shared the story of how she manifested her dream of making a living from her art and as she did she revealed her own blueprint of how she went from Caterpillar Self to Butterfly Self. But the interview was so rich, I could not fit everything in the magazine. This part is new! Here’s the part of the story that has to do with a moment in which she discovered how to sell her art ~essential if she was going to make money from it! Enjoy! Maria Mar   Tanya Torres reveals how she discovered that selling her art was part of her creative expression.   Discovering a Personal Sales Style During [Read more.]

Nov 202014
What is Branding? Do you need it?

Reading Time: 7 minutes Hang Out with the Experts What is Branding? Do You Need it? Interview with: Angela Mayartis Johnson Author of Brand Legacy   If you are an author, expert or artist or if you offer any service, blog or have a website, you  have probably heard the term “Branding.”  It is a concept that people either love or hate, many misunderstand and is often overlooked. Today I interview Angela Mayartis Johnson, author of “Brand Legacy” and a branding expert to answer your most basic questions about branding.   MM – Many people do not know what a “brand” is when we refer to a person or professional. Sometimes they have negative attitudes, like “I’m not a cow to be branded”. What is a brand? And what is the power of having a “brand mindset? AMJ-  Yes, there are many people that do not understand the concept of a personal brand, because when they think of a brand they envision things like Coke, McDonalds or Nike. They may even think of musicians, actors or professional athletes as brands, but not themselves. Everyone [Read more.]

Oct 032014
Story: Delaney: Stray Dog and Publishing Angel

Reading Time: 9 minutes Friday Story Delaney: Stray Dog and Publishing Angel  By Maria Mar Fictional Story based on a True Story If you are a writer, entrepreneur or expert wanting to make money from your books and build your list, enjoy this story and click on the link at the end to make Delaney your Publishing Angel. Chapter 1 Kathy and Wilma: Animal Lovers and Entrepreneurs “This is getting to be ridiculous!” Kathy said to Wilma as Miau curled around her feet drawing an infinity symbol. “I hear you,” Wilma said as she brushed one of their three horses. “We are only two people, and we have a business to run!” Kathy said loudly, more trying to convince herself than Wilma. “We can’t be saving every four-legged animal that needs saving.” “No we can’t,” Wilma agreed as the horse nuzzled her teasingly. “Miau’s diabetes treatment was a massive expense.” “So it’s agreed, then,” said Kathy firmly. “We will not be taking in any more animals to rescue.” “Agreed,” Wilma seconded. The agreement firmly secured, Kathy went on to her new campaign and quickly [Read more.]

Oct 022014
Can a dog help you sell books in Kindle?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hang out with the Experts   Can a dog help you sell books in Kindle?   As an author, I’ve been following the Kindle phenomena closely to find out if and how to sell my books in Kindle. And there’s one person that I’ve seen mastering the Kindle game: Kathleen Gage. I’m a fan of Kathleen because she offers so much value to entrepreneurs. But I also love another thing about Kathleen: her love for animals and her mission to rescue them. Kathleen’s new love is Delaney. If you look at the pictures of Delaney when she showed up at Kathleen’s door (Picture at Kathleen’s site) you won’t even know if it’s a dog! Delaney inspired Kathleen to share her up-to-now-well-kept-secret of how she takes her ebooks to No. 1 in Kindle while building her list and making money in the back end. How did this happen? Well, Delaney was so bad off when she found Kathleen that they’ve had to do several operations to restore her to health. So Kathleen put on a campaign  to help off-set the costs [Read more.]

Aug 212014
Book Review: Michele PW and Love-based copywriting

Reading Time: 8 minutes   Book: Love-based Copywriting: How to Write Copy that Attracts, Inspires and Invites your Ideal Prospects to Become Ideal clients Author: Michelle PW Topic: Direct Response Copywriting Great for: If you have a practice or business, if you need to build an audience or readership or if you need to attract members through direct response copywriting.   I’m so glad that I read this book! It’s only 53 pages and it reads easily, but it helped me address issues that I’ve been struggling with in my communication and marketing with potential clients for years. First of all, I am so glad that Susan Liddy, who wrote the foreword, created a love-based paradigm shift movement because my frustration with the marketing models out there had escalated to the point that I had stopped reading, taking training or in any way reaching out for any marketing model. I was resigned to spend time exploring until I hit the nail, all by lonely self. SOB! Enters Love-based Copywriting Michelle PW has an eye for what’s real, and she realized that the only results [Read more.]

Jul 242014
How Alexis Neely story of bankruptcy reveals the true foundation of our Dreams

Reading Time: 6 minutes Hang Out with the Experts I have been reading the eye-opening story of how Alexis Neely went from millions to bankruptcy and then recover her prosperity. If you read yesterday’s daily inspirational words about what is the shortest distance from here to there, you may have felt that I failed to give you the specifics. Alexis is sharing very specific points in her story and I highly recommend that you read it. Finish reading this and then hop over to her thrilling series. Alexis’ courageously shares a story that shows why I say that the shortest distance from “here” (where you are) to “there” (where you want to be) is to dive inwards to the center. Here’s how Carl Jung said the same thing: Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. You must Grow to the Stature of your Dream What most impressed me about Alexis’ story (aside from the fact that I’m a fan of her truth-saying and out-of-the-box be-all-you are style) is the [Read more.]

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