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Aug 212014
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Book Review by Maria Mar


Book: Love-based Copywriting: How to Write Copy that Attracts, Inspires and Invites your Ideal Prospects to Become Ideal clients

Author: Michelle PW

Topic: Direct Response Copywriting

Great for: If you have a practice or business, if you need to build an audience or readership or if you need to attract members through direct response copywriting.


I’m so glad that I read this book! It’s only 53 pages and it reads easily, but it helped me address issues that I’ve been struggling with in my communication and marketing with potential clients for years.

First of all, I am so glad that Susan Liddy, who wrote the foreword, created a love-based paradigm shift movement because my frustration with the marketing models out there had escalated to the point that I had stopped reading, taking training or in any way reaching out for any marketing model. I was resigned to spend time exploring until I hit the nail, all by lonely self. SOB!

Enters Love-based Copywriting

book-review-michelepw-love-based-copywritingMichelle PW has an eye for what’s real, and she realized that the only results you get from manipulating people to buy through the usual fear-based triggers lead only to dissatisfied clients, not at all your Ideal Clients and the gradual deterioration of your brand… and worse, your integrity.

Do not confuse the ease of reading of this book with simplicity, however. Michele helped me to solve a BIG problem I had been battling with for years.

When I understood the difference between niche markets or target markets and what an Ideal Client truly is, I began to see the light emerge at the end of a marketing tunnel in which I’d been stranded for a while.

I don’t want to do a spoiler, but basically, this is what Michelle helped me realized in this no-fluff little BIG book:

Bingo! I saw the light.

I realized why I couldn’t pinpoint my Tribe clearly for such a long time and why at the end I gave up on the existing niche marketing model and followed my intuition.

Mostly, the clients I have had ‘till now proved to have more in common at an internal level than in external factors. They are all women. That’s a common. And many are Latina or African-American because I make sure to include images that honor all races, and this, which is sadly rare, let’s them know that I resonate with them.

But other than that, they include different ages, financial situations and other external markers and they are scattered all over the world, though many are from the USA.

Until now I had figured out that  my niche is:

“Spiritual, creative women who want to express their gifts in the world to make a BIG difference and are committed to changing the old stories that are holding them back to the new story of their brilliance illuminating the world.”

OK. This was good, especially in clarifying what I did in a way that was clear to people. But it did not make me FEEL the presence of the person I’m talking to. It was not helping with my copy.

The examples Michelle provided helped me realize that my Ideal Client is a connection that goes deeper, and she lead me through the journey of going deeper.

Here’s my own worksheet, in a summary:


My Ideal Client

“She is a spiritual, highly creative woman with a multiplicity of gifts, talents, skills, passions and causes that she wants to integrate somehow so that she can share her gifts with the world in order to embody her purpose. She longs to bring her creative genius into her life and livelihood by developing and sharing a project, book, system, practice or business to deliver her message and serve humanity. This woman is a spiritual seeker, a Law of Attraction adventurer and a personal growth explorer who loves storytelling, questing, journal and creative writing and who gets it that our life is a story we are creating. She wants to use the magic of storytelling to break free from the stories that hold her back and to rewrite her life story to be the shero of an extraordinary, magical tale where the protagonist that she is finally expresses the Goddess dancing in her heart. She wants to free her fabulousity to make a BIG difference in the world.”

[Key insight: I was having a war between the women who love my stories and the ones who were my clients for transformation. As I integrated my own gifts, I began to see that my Ideal Client wants to use story as the means of transformation. It’s still a bit scary because it seems so specific and maybe narrow. How many women understand that storytelling is the way we create our life and can be used consciously to change what we want to change? I’ll guess I will soon find out!]

“She is a spiritual seeker, a life explorer and a manifestation adventurer. She takes risks and is a DIY-selfer who can easily work independently with a program or course. However, she loves conversations, journeys, quests and ceremonies where she can join others in raising energies, sharing mutual problems and solutions and getting emotional support.

[Key insight: This was a bit scary and exhilarating at the same time. It was scary because it narrows the focus so much. Maybe one in a hundred women are seekers and explorers in their inner life. Many DIY-selfers are loners who do not like working in groups. This means that this woman has three big differences from others who may be attracted to my offers. It was exhilarating because that is what I love; a woman who can take my course, ARTchemy or book and journey through it, and then join me in a live exploration as a community. It also allows me to automatize my books, courses and memberships, leaving time free for the shamanic journeys I love to lead.]

“Yes, she wants to express her gifts in the world to make a BIG difference. But she has a unique, rich combination of talents, causes and passions that makes it hard to focus on how to embody her purpose.

“Yes, she has an urgent need and recognizes the urgency of her purpose in this world at this time. But she is not willing to give in to fear or desperation and she has found ways to fund her dream and do a wise transition from her current or past job into a purpose-based practice, business or project. She now needs to get a clear, genuine, heart-fitting blueprint born from her own idiosyncrasy so that she can feel the fire rise in her womb and follow that light onward.

[Key insight: I was visualizing women who wanted to create a business, practice or project to embody their purpose but were plagued by doubts and were in jobs that did not allow them to finance their transformation… and that’s who I was generally attracting, so that the conversations were great, but many could not afford it because they had no available income!]

“She is a leader and takes responsibility for her destiny. She meets limitations with the attitude of the conscious creator; knowing that they must be addressed from the inside out.

[Key Insight: I was attracting a significant percentage of women who were hungry for my gifts and who during the strategy session recognized me as their guide in their journey, but insisted that they did not have the money and felt helpless to get it, though I offered insights and tools to do so. They kept waiting for the money to show from the outside without standing in the place of the conscious creator. ]

“However, she realizes that she is stuck, that there are blind spots and repeating cycles and that she needs support in her own life alchemy; a support that is receptive to the one-of-a-kind, out-of-the-box being she is.

“Freedom is one of her primary values and serving others through her gifts is her highest priority. She is grounded in spirituality, knowing that external markers can easily disappear or lie. Yet, she struggles on how to put everything together: her message, her multiple talents, causes and passions, her purpose and her gifts in order to fulfill her mission in life.”

[Key Insight: This completely emphasized the things that I love to do and I am good at, releasing the caretaking and fixing which creep up in my work if I’m not careful. I could focus on opening the vision, defining the path and connecting the dots; all my strong points. I did not have to convince her that she could do it or that it was possible or that she needed to make the time. She had already done that work. How liberating!

In other words, focusing on my Ideal Client helped me make sure to stay in my Sweet Spot and clear the Shadows that steal my ecstasy in my work. WOW!]


As I went through Michelle’s questions, I began to find out what my Ideal Client loved, what she struggled with, what kept her awake at night and what moved her deeply.

And as I did this, I began to connect with this woman, this soul-sister….

And I got a new client that same week!

And here’s the thing… It was not through what I had written, because I had not yet applied the knowledge to my copy. It was through what I attracted due to the clarity, love and the perceptual shift I did in the easy process Michele drove me through in the book.

An old acquaintance who I had re-encountered in a live event called me. What struck me immediately was how different she was from a large percentage of the potential clients I’ve been struggling with for years.

Here’s what I loved:

She was super clear that she wanted my guidance  “When can we do it?” was all she wanted to know.

She was ready to do the work and sophisticated in her awareness of energy. She understood what we were doing both with storytelling, enacting, bodywork, chakra and energy work.

She was super-happy with the results. She felt the change, absorbed the revelations and shifts that took place and recognize them as the perfect solution at a deep source-level.

She took immediate action and when I send her the follow-up, she had already began the new actions to shift her situation.

She didn’t even asked how much and had no problems paying. When I told her the fee, she was perfectly comfortable with it. It was a home-visit and at the end of the long session she said something that surprised me: “No issues,” she said as she gave me the money in an envelope, in cash.

This was indeed my Ideal Client, the client I wanted and deserved, the woman I could support at the deep, creative level that I like to work, and one that did the work. I was elated.

This was before I even finished going through the questions Michele posts in the book!

There are subtle but deep insights in this book, and I hope you don’t miss their power.

What I received in this book is a journey Michelle led me through with her simple, easy, friendly questions. The shift in the work I did with this book was a deep permission to stop struggling to convince those who are NOT my ideal clients, and the clarity and trust in who that woman is who truly needs me, who is looking for me right now and who is ready to receive my gifts, pay what my support is worth and take action on her own behalf.

That’s when she showed up.

And that, my friends, is what all of this is about.

So go get the book and answer those questions. It’s only $2.99 USD right now and it can bring you a new stream of clients and income. That’s a sweet deal!

And then, leave your comments below.

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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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