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Oct 032014
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Friday Story

Delaney: Stray Dog and Publishing Angel

 By Maria Mar

Fictional Story based on a True Story

If you are a writer, entrepreneur or expert wanting to make money from your books and build your list, enjoy this story and click on the link at the end to make Delaney your Publishing Angel.

Chapter 1

Kathy and Wilma: Animal Lovers and Entrepreneurs

“This is getting to be ridiculous!” Kathy said to Wilma as Miau curled around her feet drawing an infinity symbol.

“I hear you,” Wilma said as she brushed one of their three horses.

“We are only two people, and we have a business to run!” Kathy said loudly, more trying to convince herself than Wilma. “We can’t be saving every four-legged animal that needs saving.”

“No we can’t,” Wilma agreed as the horse nuzzled her teasingly. “Miau’s diabetes treatment was a massive expense.”

“So it’s agreed, then,” said Kathy firmly. “We will not be taking in any more animals to rescue.”

“Agreed,” Wilma seconded.

The agreement firmly secured, Kathy went on to her new campaign and quickly brought her new book to first place in Kindle. She had the system down-packed!


Chapter 2

Mary the Writer

On the other side of the continent, a lonely writer sat at her desk.

“How do I make it work?” Mary was asking.

“I got to make money with this book. I just got to,” Mary said out loud, mainly to herself for there was nobody else there.

“But how?” Mary asked herself. Being a person of deep faith, she decided to talk to her Angels.

“Listen up, I don’t like to bother you with mundane things, but I really need to make money from this book. Not only from this one. From all the other ones I’ve written and that have been rejected by dozens of publishers. Don’t you guys want my message out there? I feel that I was given this gift for a reason, but I’m not reaching the people I should reach. So let’s do some team work here, OK?”

“Let’s start with this book,” Mary continued. “I cannot go on splitting my time and wilting my soul with that hateful freelance job that now, with the new management policies,  is going to make even less money. There’s no way that I will write all those articles for a pittance. But until I freaking sell my books, I have no choice. So please, I’m committed to finding a way. But I have absolutely no idea on how to do this.”

“You know that I’ve tried,” Mary insisted. She wanted to make sure that the Angels knew she was committed and had taken action, that she was not asking them to do all the work. “You know that I even placed a book on Kindle. But I’ve sold two copies in two years. That’s pathetic. So please help me. Please, please, help me. It’s not that I have not tried. Remember all those books I read? And that training I took? And what came of that? I improved the keywords, changed the title, improved the categories, created new covers, and nothing happened.”

“Is it because I don’t have a big enough list yet?” Mary asked the Angels as she had asked herself a hundred times.

“Two books. In two years,” Mary continued. She got really winded each time she remembered. “You tell me.”

“And I don’t want to me negative, ” she added, now in a roll. “BUT I don’t see any business acumen in doing all the marketing work to send people away from my site to Kindle, and then have them get the sale, and those people go away, and I lose those contacts. Tell me how that helps me build my list? It doesn’t. So that’s not a life customer. Now you’ve lead me to business training so that I’ve learned about list building, funnels and cultivating long term relationships with my Tribe. I don’t see that happening selling books in Kindle.  And I know that’s on the back of my mind. So could you clarify: should I keep trying or if all of this a sign NOT to sell in Kindle. And if not that, then what?”

“Okay, I’m off complaining, sorry I got that negative,” Mary rectified. “But I know there’s a way. I hear of writers making lots of money in Kindle. And you know that this is my life purpose, so I’m not giving up. If there’s a way I will find it. But I need a little heeeeeelp!”

“Ah! One more thing: whatever path you send me is gotta be free or low cost,” Mary continued after taking a deep breath and trying to stay positive. “I don’t have money to pay thousands in training right now. So, bottom line: I need some serious funding here. I need a path that works. And it most be really affordable. Well, you know my situation better than anyone, so I won’t go on focusing on lack. What I need is the luck! Thank you for your help!”

This said, Mary saved her last draft, which she had to proofread herself because she could not pay a proofreader; and went to prepare a lentil soup. That was healthy and cheap enough.

“When will I see a nice plate of salmon in front of me?” she hungrily asked, and then made herself shift into positive mind frame. “Soon. The Angels are working on it!’


Chapter 3

Delaney, the Stray Dog


“I feel better already,” Kathy said at dinner.

“How’s so?” Wilma asked.

“Knowing that we are not going to go on rescuing every animal that is hurt,” Kathy said forcefully. “I mean, that takes money, it takes time and it takes energy. Enough is enough!”

“Amen to that!” Wilma said as she savored her last bite of salmon marinated in spicy mango sauce. Her recipe.

“Did you hear that?” Kathy asked as she put away the dishes.

“Hear what?” Wilma asked as she helped.

“Is it barking? Are the dogs tugged in?” Kathy asked.

“You know, it does sound like barking. It’s faint, though,” Wilma said, her ears perked like a hunting dog. “But it’s not any of ours.”

“Let me go check,” Kathy said.

And she opened the kitchen door.

She almost bumped with what looked like a small mat…until it howled in an almost ghostly whine.

“Oh my god! It’s a dog!” Kathy screamed. “Help me! She’s almost gone!”

Wilma mobilized immediately and before the day was over they were at the vet.

“Has the word spread around, you think?” Wilma whispered as they waited for the doctor’s diagnosis.

“What do you mean?” Kathy wanted to know.

“Well, how did she knew to come to us?” Wilma asked. “Has the word spread among all four-legged that we are the local rescue team?”

“I guess that our resolution went out the window,” Kathy laughed.

“What were we to do, let her die?” Wilma.

“Exactly! We had no choice, right?” Kathy said.

“But do you think that the word has gone around?” Wilma asked. “Because if it has, then there may be no limit to the strays that will knock on our door, so to speak!”

“Gone around?” Kathy considered. “You mean like animal’s collective consciousness spreading it telepathically or something like that?”

“Ujum,” Wilma whispered. “Is that too crazy?”

“No, it seems as plausible as any other explanation,” Kathy said. “I mean, how did she know to come to us? This is a big place. Is it just coincidence that she knocked on our door?”

“I don’t believe in coincidence,” Wilma said.

“Neither do I,” Kathy said, and they stared at each other.

What divine providence was working here?

“Do you think there are Animal Angels?” Wilma asked.

“You mean Angels that take care of animals, like Guardian Angels?” Kathy elaborated.

“Ujum,” Wilma whispered.

The office door opened and the doctor said:

“She’s lucky you found her. She’d be dead by now if you had not brought her here.”

“More like she found us, doctor,” Kathy said.

Wilma elbowed her. One thing was to reflect on the mystic dynamics of the issue and another completely different to tell the doctor. They may be taken for lunatics.

“She has multiple tumors on her belly and mammoglands, very weak legs, damaged hips and she is blind in one eye that is terribly infected. She’s hard of hearing, possibly to do with the infection. On top of that, we must treat her rotten teeth because teeth are vital to a dog’s health,” the doctor said. “There are too many tumors, so it may take several surgeries.”

“Let’s schedule them,” both women said as one.

“What’s her name?” the secretary asked.

“She had no tag,” Wilma answered.

“We haven’t given her a proper name,” Kathy said. “It was all nerves and rush the minute we saw how bad she was.”

“Humm..” the secretary said. “She has these big loving eyes and she looks at you with such curiosity. I used to have a dog like that, but she passed away. ”

“So sorry,” Wilma said.

“Oh, she lived a long, happy life,” said the secretary. “She died of old age.”

“What was her name?” Kathy asked.

“Delaney,” the secretary said.

“Then we will name her Delaney, and may she live a long and happy live!” Wilma said.

“Amen to that!” Kathy agreed.

Back at home they did the numbers.

“Whoa! This is going to be a big expense,” Kathy said.

“We can do it,” Wilma said. “And if you don’t want to touch our emergency fund, we can cancel our next vacation.”

“No,” Kathy said. “I don’t want to sacrifice anything. I don’t want to cut off anywhere.”

“What’s going on, K?” Wilma asked.

“I’ve been hearing a prayer in my mind lately. It says:

“The Divine Being that gave me this task

Also gives me everything I need to perform it.”

“That’s beautiful, K!” Wilma said, moved to tears. “Are you saying that if the Animals Angel —or whatever it was— sent Delaney to us, then it will also provide for a way for us to heal her?”

“That’s exactly the way I feel,” Kathy said. “I don’t know how, but I’m listening.”

“I’ll listen with you, then,” Wilma said.

Delaney’s recovery was slow, but much faster than the doctor thought possible. After the second surgery, they needed to wait a while. By now Delaney could go for a mile-long walk.

“I’m still listening,” Kathy said as she released a chunk of chain so that Delaney could get her paws wet in the river banks.

Kathy sat on a rock to enjoy Delaney’s antics as she tried to fish some tiny tadpoles with her paws.

Her mind wondered from the meditative state she had entered, and thoughts of her latest Kindle launch entered her mind.

“The ebook hit number one in several categories,” Kathy remembered with a big smile, “But what I liked most of all was that it increased my list and is still making me money. Our strategy works down to the last detail!”

“Oops! Sorry!” she said. “I meant to listen, but got distracted. I’m so excited with that last launch, but I’m back to listening right now.”

And she emptied her mind and tried to stay focused.

“Delaney is our agent,” she heard.

Kathy stood as still as she could and opened all her pores like a huge antenna. She kept her mind empty, like a cup ready to be filled. The answer was arriving and she did not want to get distracted or to interfere mentally.

“Delaney’s need is everyone’s win,” the soft voice said, merging with the gentle lapping of the river stream.

And then, as if a strong wind had rushed through the window of her consciousness, everything fell into place.

“What if I fund Delaney’s surgeries by creating a super program and offering it for a ridiculously low price? What if I share what we just did that allowed us to hit number one in Kindle while building our list and making additional money on the back end? That would be a highly valuable program! And if I give it away at a super-low cost, then people will snatch it and I’ll have the money in time for the next surgery.”

Kathy could swear that she heard bells! It must have been her own excitement.

She set her team to work on the campaign and sent her affiliates the news.


Chapter 4

Delaney Becomes a Publishing Angel

“You’re supposed to be writing,” Mary’s Muse insisted. “You know it’s bad to check the email first thing in the morning.

“Writing? For what? To shove the book into a drawer?” Mary answered despondently.

“Help Delaney and make money!” the email read.

“Who’s Delaney? Is this some sort of scheme?” Mary asked herself.

“No, it comes from Kathy!” she noticed. She had done some book reviews for Kathy’s book and Kathy had participated in a magazine she did for an online women’s magazine, so she had joined her affiliates.

Mary was grateful to Kathy because she put out so much value out there, things that she could use even if she did not have the money yet to buy Kathy’s stuff. Kathy was very generous and gave value everywhere, and Mary followed her everywhere to learn about being an entrepreneur with integrity. So she tried to help in any way she could.

“I’m funding the surgeries of Delaney, our latest rescue, with a campaign. Can you help?” read Kathy’s email.

Take Your Kindle eBook to #1 in Record Time!

While You Build Your Opt-In List

and Make Lots of Money on the Back End!

Attend a free webinar where I’ll share great tips and

get a crazy-mad discount for the entire program,

.so we can help Delaney.


Mary saw the light. She knew that this was the work of Angels.

“You guys are fast and precise,” she celebrated. “I prayed just last week, and here’s the answer.”


…And that’s how Delaney, the stray dog, was an agent of the Angels and became a Publishing Angel for Mary and many writers like her, who have been praying for a way to sell their books and make money from their writing.



This story is fictional, but it was inspired in a real life event. If you want to help Delaney, and if you are a writer, entrepreneur or expert who wants to make money from your ebooks and build your list while you are at it, then go here to Kathleen Gage’s discount offer to become part of the REAL story at:

Click here to find out more!

Sign up for the FREE WEBINAR and you’ll get great value, whether you decide to buy or not.

UPDATE ON REAL STORY: Kathleen was able to cover Delaney’s surgery! Whohoo! The free webinar is still on and there’s a great discount for those who join. So check it out.


Affiliate Full Disclosure: This is an affiliate link. I make a commission if you purchase. I’m proud to be Kathleen’s affiliate because I believe in the value she offers. This said, please use your discernment when you buy any product.

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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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