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Nov 202014
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Hang Out with the Experts

What is Branding? Do You Need it?

Interview with: Angela Mayartis Johnson

Author of Brand Legacy


AngelaMayartisJohnsonIf you are an author, expert or artist or if you offer any service, blog or have a website, you  have probably heard the term “Branding.”  It is a concept that people either love or hate, many misunderstand and is often overlooked.

Today I interview Angela Mayartis Johnson, author of Brand Legacy” and a branding expert to answer your most basic questions about branding.


MM – Many people do not know what a “brand” is when we refer to a person or professional. Sometimes they have negative attitudes, like “I’m not a cow to be branded”. What is a brand? And what is the power of having a “brand mindset?

AMJ-  Yes, there are many people that do not understand the concept of a personal brand, because when they think of a brand they envision things like Coke, McDonalds or Nike. They may even think of musicians, actors or professional athletes as brands, but not themselves. Everyone is a personal brand, however, not everyone chooses to use it in a personal, professional or philanthropic way. Your personal brand ~in very basic terms~ is the authentic you… It is who you are (core values, talents, gifts), what you do (home, work, volunteer) and how others perceive you.

If you develop a personal branding mindset it will help you to attract the people in your life that you are meant to help as well as the people who will help you. If your personal brand is developed and managed right it could be the catalyst to get you to your next job, your perfect client or into the school of your dreams.

cat-sees-lion-mirrorHave you seen the picture of the kitten looking in the mirror that sees itself as a lion? Crafting and managing your personal brand will help you to look inside of yourself and be the person you see in the mirror.  The world should see you as you see yourself.

In this day an age before you go on an interview, date or meeting you are researched (Goggled).

We are judged the minute we walk into a room on our appearance alone; so wouldn’t it be awesome if our representative (the person that people meet before they meet you) is relaying what we want the world to know?

Building a personal brand introduces the world to the best authentic you.



Dream Crafters, take notice. What I hear Angela saying here is that you can use Branding to express to the world the potential inside you, your gifts and talents and your uniqueness ~even BEFORE you have it all together. In other words, this is a Manifestation Tool. Think of Branding as alchemy. ~Maria Mar



MM -How did you arrive at this mission of helping people with their personal Brand? Why are you passionate about it?

AMJ- When friends, family and even strangers tell me about their aspirations, I get excited. Before I know it I am giving them ideas to help them pursue their dreams. I have been doing this for people for free, because I enjoyed watching their faces light up when they recognized their purpose and even more so when they are pursing their passion. There is nothing greater than the YESSSSSS moment… the point when you know exactly what you want to do and you can see it happening although it has not happened yet. The vision is so vivid that you can see it just as clear as the person explaining it.

I know the feeling, Angela. You and I see the Essence and the Potential of a person, and we have a gift for connecting the dots to create a path they can travel from “here” to “there.” And when we are able to communicate this so that the other person sees it, that’s sooooo sweeeet! What is YOUR Sweet Spot? ~ Maria Mar



MM- How did you use Personal Branding to leave your job and create your business?

butterfly-metamorphosis2AMJ- In Brand Legacy, I talk about the process that I not only developed, but also used called Parallel Career Metamorphosis (PCM), which is the process or period of transformation from one stage in our career to another via self-examination, definition of your life’s purpose, creation of a detailed plan, results-oriented actions, and determination to see the transition take place. PCM is based on creating goals that you want to accomplish during your life utilizing your personal brand to help you attain them. I believe there is no plan B, but a set of goals you achieve throughout your life.

While working at my job, it was my goal to excel and be the best that I could be, so my colleagues and bosses would see me as an asset. All the while I was learning and setting up my business. My job was always my first priority, because they were paying me to do a specific task for them; but when I was not working I was spending every minute setting up Mayartis Inc.

One of the hardest parts of leaving my job was the thought of not having a paycheck every other week. The fear of lack of money held me hostage, until one day I decided it was time to leave. I set a date and did everything in my power to work towards that date. I still miss the paycheck and the benefits, but I am so incredibly happy that I am working for myself.



Angela touches here in two processes that I encourage you to explore, the first is aptly called metamorphosis; and this will sound familiar to the goddesses in the Butterfly Waves Circle. How do you go from corporate slave to dreampreneur, from caterpillar to butterfly? The second is the leap you make into self-leadership and the natural fears that you need to transcend to be your own boss. ~ Maria Mar



MM- In the current job market, why is creating a Personal/Professional Brand the current strategy to take control of your future and ensure that you are valued and well paid?

BRAND LEGACY proofAMJ- Your personal brand is your resume/ CV for your next job.

Human Resource professionals not only look at the documents you send in, in order to determine if you get an interview, but they research your social media habits to decide if you are in line with the company and the position.

I had a perspective client that was looking for job opportunities and before I met with him I researched him online and found out that he had a questionable past. This information was hindering him from getting a job.

Frank Wren from the Atlanta Braves said at conference he looks at a player’s social media before signing him.

Our personal brand is making decisions for us, so why not take control of it in order to get what we want and where we want to go.

Your personal brand should be developed on the idea of excellence and service, which in turn should help you excel in your career.

If we are surpassing the requirements and goals that our superiors give us, they will want to increase our responsibilities (hopefully with augmented pay) pick us for opportunities that our colleagues will not receive and even promote us when a position becomes available.

If we are helping others be better we are helping ourselves as well.

Our personal brand should be the passport to help us succeed in life.

Understand your personal brand is not a created you, but the best you… the authentic you.



This reminds me of something that I have observed; that many of us do not realize that we are leaders. We do not realize that we are already influencers. Some of us, ~specially women and Spiritual Creatives~ resist our own leadership and authority because we believe the old, patriarchal definition of leadership as the “man on top” who got there on the backs of others. But in your concept of a personal brand, you are empowering people to see how they are already leaders and influencers and to own that authority in a way that positions them in their field. ~ Maria Mar



MM- What would you say to spiritual creative women who want to share their gifts with others to make a BIG difference in the world –my audience– about the use of Personal Branding to fulfill this purpose?

artspirations-feel-your-perfectionSAMJ- I grew up in the church and we were always taught to live in our purpose, but because of the lack of knowledge, finances and other insecurities we do not live in our purpose… we survive in a job that pays our bills.

Paying our bills is essential ~especially when you have a family to take care of~ and putting food on the table as well as keeping the lights on is all some of us can see at times.

However, if we are not living in our purpose then we are not only hurting ourselves, but also hurting the people who would benefit. We may not be able to leave our jobs and do what we believe our purpose is, but we can certainly pursue it off the job, until it becomes our job.

My pastor is not only the Shepard of our church he is a professor. Is his purpose to sharpen the minds of the students or his congregation? I cannot answer that, but I will say he finds time to do both extremely well. Make the decision today to Make Your Mark and leave a legacy that will make you proud.

In Brand Legacy, I talk about my grandmother who died at the tender age of 98 living in her purpose. She created a brand of service. The countless people whose lives she impacted will always remember her. This will forever be her legacy.


 I invite you to become the creator of your legacy by designing your Personal or Professional Brand as the path you will take to translate your life purpose, unique gifts and Soul Essence into a service that touches the lives you came here to transform. ~Maria Mar



I reviewed Brand Legacy here:



Read more and purchase the book at Angela’s website:




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