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Jul 242014
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Hang Out with the Experts

I have been reading the eye-opening story of how Alexis Neely went from millions to bankruptcy and then recover her prosperity.

If you read yesterday’s daily inspirational words about what is the shortest distance from here to there, you may have felt that I failed to give you the specifics.

Alexis is sharing very specific points in her story and I highly recommend that you read it.

Finish reading this and then hop over to her thrilling series.

Alexis’ courageously shares a story that shows why I say that the shortest distance from “here” (where you are) to “there” (where you want to be) is to dive inwards to the center.

Here’s how Carl Jung said the same thing:

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

You must Grow to the Stature of your Dream

What most impressed me about Alexis’ story (aside from the fact that I’m a fan of her truth-saying and out-of-the-box be-all-you are style) is the in-your-gut message: You have to be ready for your success.

This readiness entails emotional, spiritual and relationship-wise readiness.

This readiness comes, not (just) from knowing how, the tools, the External Actions that change your circumstances. Alexis had mastered most of them. She not only knew how to make lots of money. She was teaching it!

The readiness for your Dream, with capital D, comes from mastering yourself. It comes from knowing your darkness as well as your light. From having dived into your wounds to find the Personal Medicine in each, and in transmuting that toxin into power, being able to wield your leadership and your power.

The True Foundation of Success

We may conclude that Alexis had not created a good foundation for the business that created her situation. As she explains, she had neglected some foundational areas about taxes.

But much of what we do not see, what we neglect and what confuses us, creating Blind Spots, lack and neglect in our live, work or business comes from neglecting our own emotional foundation.

That is why in Step 6 of your walk from “here” to “there” I invite you to:

Undress from the layers that keep this part of you hidden from your own eyes.

The true foundation of your dream and your life ~at its deepest level~ is your own vibrational frequency. Your foundation is where you stand emotionally and experientially. It is your emotional, perceptual, spiritual and relational health.

If your wisdom, defined above, has not grown to the maturity of your goal, you will not inhabit your goal, even if you achieve it!


Before you Get There, you Need to Be There

If you push yourself through External Actions, will power and resources to reach the external circumstances of your dream before you own its experiential vibration within you, then you will not:

  • Enjoy the conditions of your dream. It will be hell instead of heaven because the true goal, the experience of your Essence and freeing of your Potential has not truly been reached.

  • Be able to sustain the conditions for long. The whole edifice of your achievement will soon crumble because it is a mirage, an illusion created through External Actions that modified your circumstances; but did not changed YOU; did not reveal YOU to yourself.

  • Because you have not taken the transformation that is your transportation, you have not really gotten “there” —to your true destination. It’s as if you were walking on the desert, saw an oasis and veered towards it; not realization that it was a mirage. Now you are dying of thirst!

  • Because there has not been true change within you, you have not reclaim the organic vibration of that part of you that is summoning the dream. You are still in your old energetic dress. Therefore the new reality will soon collapse and crumble.


The Hub of the Shero Journey is your Sacred Heart

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not asking you to seat and contemplate your navel until you are ready. Left to our ego, here to protect us, we are never ready. In fact, I don’t advice that you “wait until you are ready.” That’s not at all what I mean.

I’ve told you often that your Transformation is the Transportation to your Soul’s destination. In Alexis’ experience her transformation meant building the entire thing first, seeing it collapse, learning her lessons and growing her leadership and self-love to be able to build it well the second time around.

Crisis is often our transformation. But that’s an even longer way around. You don’t have to launch forward blindly. Neither do you have to wait for perfection.

In fact, I recommend not to wait for perfection. I see too many women seating on their hands waiting to be perfect or make it perfect before sharing their gifts with the world. That’s not what I mean either.

“So what DO you mean, Maria?” you may be asking by now. Simply that the way of your dream as a shero (female hero) is a dance more than a sprint. Hear its rhythm:

  • Go ahead. Take the first step. Then listen.
  • Develop a way of living that I call Conscious Living. Learn from each step you take. Listen to your Sacred Heart as the Personal Compass for the next step.
  • See with the eyes of your heart to expand your perception, growing to the next level.
  • Take another step in order to learn what the next organic step is.
  • When you are afraid, keep walking but do not push. Instead, listen to your Sacred Heart.
  • See, accept, love that wound that’s holding you back. Then cleanse, heal, release and change that vibration to the vibration of your Personal Medicine. Do it as you walk, just slow down. Take the inward route.
  • Get help and support and address the learned limitations, addictions and patterns that are creating what you do not want. No one gets there alone. RECEIVE help, support and guidance without giving away your power. You can do this because your Sacred Heart is the unfailing Personal Compass.

When you do this, your business or practice becomes a spiritual path, a personal growth gold mine.

We could say that I am telling you to take one step in front of the other and when you feel out of balance, stop and…

Dive inwards to the center,

get help to heal and emerge

And let your Sacred Heart guide you ahead.


As you unbury the Infinite Inner Treasure that already exists within, you will have the leadership and power, the freedom vibration and the true foundation to easily and gracefully generate the outer reality of your dream.

This looks and feels at the beginning as if you’ve taken the longest way there. Believe me, I know!! LOL

But here’s the truth. As you unbury your Essence, your Personal Power and your Infinite Inner Treasure, you automatically experience your dream. You live your Dream. You ARE your dream way before it becomes a physical reality in your circumstances.

I ask you to take great care of your Sacred Heart and listen to your fear and holding back as advisors, not guides. Why?

Because pushing through External Actions and will power is the Sacred Masculine Way. Men need to be heroes. They are wired that way.

But the Sacred Feminine Way is the way of the Sacred Heart, which holds miraculous wisdom beyond anything you can plan. Women’s shero journey takes the inward route to their Sacred Heart, where the Sacred Feminine Way of Wisdom allows us to leap ahead as we dive deeper.

Which do you prefer? The short-lived veneer of the circumstances you have imagined for your Dream or the deep experience and delight of BEING that dream?

Your choice.

 Now go read Alexis story.

And after you comment there, come here and give me your view. Do you agree or disagree? What came up for you?



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