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May 192014
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This is a self-assessment tool in a 3-part series entitled

Three Attitudes that make

or break your manifestation

Read the First Part here.

Read part 2 here.


Part 3:

Make a decision and create your reality now.

When you were engulfed in desire, you were motivated, wired up and even in pain out of longing, but you were not truly empowered.

Desire is the emotional foundation for manifestation, but it’s far from bringing your dream into reality.

Lots of people have desires, but never make them a reality.

If you went through the rather painful items in Delusion, you get to understand why so many people never make their dreams come true.

As you feed your desire and lower the items in Part 2 that steal your capacity to manifest this desire, you get strong enough to make a decision.


Once you make a decision, you are on a different ball game all together.

A decision creates commitment, and 100% commitment makes something a reality sooner than later.

Let me reveal the alchemical secret behind a decision: You stop wanting, chasing and trying. You BECOME.

You embrace the vibrational frequency of your dream. You are no longer separate from it. You are feeling it, thinking it, focusing on it, living it and creating it. The universe gets a clear, loud broadcast from you and responds with the matching frequency. Abracadabra! Your dream is a reality.

But what does it take to make a decision to embody your purpose or manifest your dream?

Here’s the run-through:

  •  You experience ALL of the above (both desire and delusion), but at this point, you STOP the delusion and make a DECISION to manifest what you want. You refuse to keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result. You’ve had enough!

  •  You recognize that the problem is not ~and never has been~ “out there!” You recognize that there is a pattern in your reactions to new things. You begin to look inwards to find the answer as well as the obstacle.

  •  You are willing to change. No, you are determined to change. You shift your perception ~and therefore your experience~ of change from seeing it as a threat to seeing it as a vehicle. At this point your transformation becomes your transportation to your destination!

  •  You book it in your calendar, giving regular consistent time and space for it in your life. You clear your time wasters, your bad time management and your dillydallying. You consolidate how you use time and then set aside two hours a day and 5 hours in the week-end to do it. And you do it every day.

  • You get guidance or coaching, join a program or group, get a home study course, and you do the work consistently, even when you meet resistance, even when it’s difficult. Even when it presses all your buttons and you are scared and your amygdale sends emergency signals to your nervous system and you get stress and tension in your body. You move through this. You do relaxation, dance, meditation, acupuncture, get massages, and you lovingly move through it because you know that these are growing pains

  •  You stop indulging in your separation and emotional orphanhood and get help and support. You get guidance from someone who has mastered what you want to do and you get support from like-hearted community. You stop trying to do it all alone and by yourself. This mindset is individualistic, and based on the ego’s arrogance. It is also the result of a learned separation mindset mixed with the experience that your family, culture or community did not support your true self, gifts or dreams as a child. Once you realize that you are in charge, you stop feeling threatened. You let go of the arrogance of wanting to be in control and know it all because you realize that you don’t and that you need guidance to learn new ways. You open your heart to find your Tribe of Belonging, and you heal the Orphanhood of the Soul ~that keeps you alone and separate. You recognize that People are the means through which Source works.

  • When something is difficult or you bump into problems, you don’t give up. You are 100% committed to doing it, if it takes your whole life, so you focus on finding a solution. NO EXCUSES.  You understand that the WALL is not the problem. The WALL you are banging your head against is your interpretation of the problem. You BEND the wall, and find how your interpretation is creating it. Then you can clear your perception and find the opportunity, the map, the lesson where you previously saw only a wall.

  • You apply focused, consistent action to manifest your desire. Focus is one of the activating powers you have as the creator of your life. Quantum knowledge reveals that focus collapses the wave of possibilities into particles, allowing it to be localized in time and space.

  •   You take responsibility for manifesting your desire, for co-creating your life with Source and for making different choices. You stop blaming others, lack of money, your old story or any problem for what you lack or what you have. You bloom where you are planted. You assume your talents, gifts and skills and use what you have to get what you want. You get resourceful.

  •   You stand in the place of the Creator of your life, and give up the role of Victim. As such, you do not feel helpless, wronged or dealt a bad card. You simply focus on how to transmute these negatives into positives because you know you have the power to do it.

  •  You embrace transformation and break out of the cage of your Comfort Zone. Even if it’s not that flattering, you track down the false beliefs, inner wars, learned limitations and toxic emotions that keep you stuck, repeating the same story over and over. You spot and recast your Shadows, so that they become your allies in your evolution.

  • You are willing to reclaim your True Self from the pile of labels that have been attached to your identity, even if it means becoming mush, like caterpillar does before becoming butterfly.

  • Even if it’s scary, you consistently do things differently. You try new strategies. You flip your perception to see situations in a new light. You expand your perception; you drop old interpretations, expectations and assumptions and are willing to give your desired life a chance, willing to expect it to blossom.

  •  You sustain this positive expectation, find evidence of progress, celebrate and appreciate any signs or progress and in persevering with this active intent, you upgrade your energy frequency and begin to resonate at a completely different frequency that attracts more of what you want and less of what you do not want. Quantum knowledge shows that expectation sets the fields. It’s like choosing the channel of frequencies you are tune into. Do you want the “My Dream is not Real” channel or do you want the “This is Who I am and it’s so Happening Now” channel? It’s your choice and you choose the channel by your expectations.

  • You are willing to let go of the old frequency. You are willing to release old habits and ways of thinking. You are willing to let go of negative friends who try to hold you back. You are willing to let go of dogma, judgments and the “way things are” to create a new way of new things being in your life.

  •  In other words, you are willing to do the work, make the changes and pay your dues. And that’s why you will succeed.


If you are in the stage of DESIRE, you have a great opportunity. Skip DELUSION and go directly to DECISION. That will save you wasted years and heartbreak. Your first step is to leave a question in the comment box below. I will answer.

If you are in a state of DELUSION and you recognize it, you have found the way out. Keep releasing the items in Part 2, subscribe to my blog to get more insights, and you will soon be able to make a DECISION.

You may also want to see the free Dream Crossover Video Series to spot the Purpose Poachers stealing your purpose.

If you are in a state of DECISION, you are ready to work with me in embodying your purpose and manifesting your dream. 

Here are your options:


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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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