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May 192014
Reading Time: 6 minutes

This is a self-assessment tool in a 3-part series entitled

Three Attitudes that make

or break your manifestation

Read the First Part here.

Part 2: Are you Dreaming or Delusional?


In the attitude of delusion, you believe that you are working to manifest your dream. You do things to change your life. You think about it. You read about it. You try. So why is it not working?

At an internal, sometimes subconscious level, you are inadvertently resisting your desire, disbelieving your power or assuming the stance of victim instead of creator.

But thjs is very hard to see. All you may see is that “it doesn’t work,” that what you are doing ~erratic, inconsistent and wobbly as it is~ is not “getting you there.”

Here’s what the attitude of DELUSION is like:

  • You experience ALL of the above, but you do nothing about it. At least, nothing consistent, effective and different.
  • You do something about it, but its erratic, “on the side”, whenever you have a chance, without true commitment or consistency.
  • It’s not in your calendar. It’s not in your agenda. You have dedicated no time or space to localizing that vision, purpose or dream in this three-dimensional world. Quite the contrary, you can’t find time for yourself or your dream in your life. Everyone and everything else is priority. If a training, program or coach tells you that you will need to set aside time to learn new things or do inner work, you find this too much time! Obviously, your desire or purpose is not a priority in your life… and probably you yourself are not a priority either.
  • Sure, you read a lot about it. But you don’t do the exercises in the book. You see videos and hear audios about it. But you don’t seek the coaching, programs or home study courses that could help you implement what you read. It’s all in the head, and you convince yourself that knowing this information is doing something about it. It’s not!

  • If you are honest with yourself, you don’t believe that YOU can make it happen or that it can be true for YOU. Yes, of course, all those other people have accomplished it, but… (Here you give excuses for each and every one of them; excuses that prove that it was easy for them, but it would be impossible for you.)
  • You take challenges as a personal threat. Whenever you try something new and a friend, coach, teacher or life event challenges you to look at or change the habits, beliefs, mindset and attachments that prevent you from manifesting this desire; you get defensive, angry, threatened or insulted.
  • Instead of examining your defensive reactions to better understand your inner obstacles, you lash out and blame others. They are questioning your competence. They are trying to dismantle your values. They don’t understand you. They are judging you. They want to force you into a path you don’t want.
  • It’s always easier to blame someone or something outside than to look inside. But it disempowers you and keeps you stuck. You know that righteous feeling that you get after resisting a challenge from someone or from life? That upright feeling you get that you are defending your identity and that everything is back in its place? Well, it’s really the snap-back-into-place of returning to your Comfort Zone. It’s the back-to-my-rags comfort that settles in after you refuse to examine how your Primary Identity carries old labels and distortions that actually make you feel insufficient to BE your dream. In all probability, you just shun your chance to assume your power and repelled an ally or opportunity!

  • You have excuses and focus on problems, but you do not seek solutions. One of your excuses is probably that you don’t have money. Another is that you don’t have time. But do you seek ways of making some money or having more time? No. Why? Because you are using your lack as an excuse to resist your possibility. Your potential scares you more than your deficiency. You are used to seeing yourself as deficient. But being in your power is unfamiliar.
  • You are not willing to examine your emotions, your resistance and your attachments. You either judge yourself or indulge yourself. You are not willing to dive deeply into your Soul to connect to your naked truth and then examine and release the old story that keeps you from living that truth.
  • You are identified with your reactive emotions, so when you feel insufficient, challenged, scared or defensive you pull back and allow the old reactive emotions to determine your choices. Therefore, your choices will always be the same. You are stuck in your old story.
  • You are not willing to change. You resist changing your perspective. You feel any change as a threat. You insist in your habits. You give up on new behavior before the 6 week period that would embed it in your lifestyle, and generally speaking, you invest your energy, time and attention in resistance, repetition, evasion and justification instead of transformation.
  • You miss the allies, opportunities and signs that Source sends you! The teacher arrives; the client shows up, the lesson is given, the opportunity says now! But you don’t see them or may even react defensively. More often than not, you interpret this opportunity as a problem because you are so attached to your old interpretations that anything that challenges you to new frequencies is perceived as an obstacle, instead of an open door.
  • When you DO manifest a moment of shifting frequencies, and see that very thing you want approaching, you jump back in fear and disbelief. This is not possible! So you cancel any advancement and go back to hide in your hidey-hole. If you do not believe that instant manifestation is possible, why do you complain that it’s taking a long time? You wouldn’t believe it if it knock you in the head, that’s why it’s taking a long time.
  • You don’t get it that YOU are the creator. You are sending the broadcast. You are choosing the channel. You are either sending a weak or scramble frequency or a clear, strong one. You are either vibrating at the right frequency to match your dream, or vibrating at a frequency that matches with your lack. It’s YOU doing it. You are the creator. But since you see yourself as separate from the universe, separate from Source, and therefore a victim, you are waiting for your dream to “come down from above” while you live in a vibrational frequency that can only repel it.
  • You like to complaint with your friends about not having it. You like to daydream with your friends about having it. You like to gossip about those who are working to get it. But you do not talk seriously about it, about how you could do it right now, just as you are, just where you are. Bottom line is that you do not believe in the beauty and power of your Essence and that you were born with these gifts for a purpose. You’ve taken the cry of your Soul for its true nature and turned it into a conversational topic.
  • If your friends and family do not support you; you simply drown the desire in order to please others or be accepted, instead of getting new friends and peers who can support and help you manifest it.
  • You are working hard on it to avoid it. Another very different alternative is when you work hard on your dream but all your busy doing is just another way to avoid it. How can this be? Because you are doing External Actions without looking within for the Internal Actions: the emotions, the old story and associated beliefs that are truly dictating the broadcast you are sending. In Quantum, your work is called a Counterfeit Broadcast, because you are truly sending the old story out while you busy yourself trying to do the new story. The Field is listening to your frequency, not to your to-do list. You can’t fake it. You must truly BECOME it.


As painful as these items are, they are your map to your manifestation and personal power. Remember: you’ve created each and every one of these items by resisting, avoiding, pushing, disbelieving your dream, by pushing to control it or by adopting the stance of victim.

Also remember NOT to judge yourself. Most of these items are subconscious and respond to old, limiting beliefs. Even these limits are part of the Sacred Design of your purpose. You may need to go through them to understand others and empower yourself.

You DO have choices. To see how to transmute these limitations into steps for your manifestation,  go on to Part 3: Decision to see how to stop deluding yourself and start manifesting.


Read Part 3: Decision



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