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Aug 282014
Tap your Storytelling to change your Life Story

Reading Time: 5 minutes Tap your Storytelling to change your Life Story So you want to change… You realize that there are some habits that are stealing your Dream or hindering your ability to live your purpose. You are committed to this change because achieving these new quality of life is essential to you. So why are you stuck? It feels like the Borg in reverse. You are trying to be more of who you are and want to be, but there is a resistance in you that keeps you assimilated to the old learned limitations. Old stories are ruling your presence and sequestering your future. Click To Tweet What is going on? The old stories you learned early in life were embedded with life/death urgency. At the time you were trying to figure out how the world worked so that you could survive on it. The stories about the world, survival and “how things are” became embedded in your Reptilian Brain, the part of your brain that functions for your survival. It learns fast and forgets with great difficulty. This is the way [Read more.]

May 192014
Are you Dreaming or Delusional?

Reading Time: 6 minutes This is a self-assessment tool in a 3-part series entitled Three Attitudes that make or break your manifestation Read the First Part here. Part 2: Are you Dreaming or Delusional? Delusion In the attitude of delusion, you believe that you are working to manifest your dream. You do things to change your life. You think about it. You read about it. You try. So why is it not working? At an internal, sometimes subconscious level, you are inadvertently resisting your desire, disbelieving your power or assuming the stance of victim instead of creator. But thjs is very hard to see. All you may see is that “it doesn’t work,” that what you are doing ~erratic, inconsistent and wobbly as it is~ is not “getting you there.” Here’s what the attitude of DELUSION is like: You experience ALL of the above, but you do nothing about it. At least, nothing consistent, effective and different. You do something about it, but its erratic, “on the side”, whenever you have a chance, without true commitment or consistency. It’s not in your calendar. It’s [Read more.]

Jan 152013
Do you need to be perfect?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Do you Need to be Perfect? The Hidden Fear of Insufficiency Many of us want freedom and long to embody our purpose and live our Dream. Yet, we unknowingly resist change, growth and manifestation. This article explores how perfectionism and the hidden fear of insufficiency that prompts it lay a psychic trap that ensnares your greatness. Self-assessment Do you feel anxious when someone you consider an expert or “important” makes an observation of something you could improve? Do you perceive this or similar observations as criticism? Do you break into rapid justification or try to prove that you knew better, do better or are better than that? Do you secretly feel at those moments that there’s something deficient or wrong in you or that the other person feels there is and you have to “fix” that? Do you begin to intellectualize and do other “one up” games designed to neutralize your perceived disadvantage? Do these moments confirm your secret feelings that you are not enough, not ready to be successful or not equipped to launch your dream? Do you take [Read more.]

May 212012
7 hard ways to TRY and 1 easy way to GET where you want to go

Reading Time: 6 minutes 7 hard ways to TRY and 1 easy way to GET where you want to go We all have a place where we want to be. It may be a dream, a goal or a life purpose which you are not fulfilling right now. Whatever that dream is, when you look around, you are not living it here. And that’s why you want to go “THERE” ~wherever that desired result exists. This means that whatever you are doing needs to change and whatever you want is unknown, unfamiliar. It is “THERE.” And what do you think is the transportation that takes you THERE? It’s transformation! TransFORMation is the TransPORTation that takes you from where you are to where you want to be. But here’s the clincher: Most of us respond to transformation in such ways that we take the long hard path to manifest our dreams. This article reveals what are these long, hard and very ineffective ways that may not even get you there. It also shares one easy way to get there now. It we don’t have what [Read more.]

Dec 142011
Bless Away your Holiday Stress

Reading Time: 9 minutes Bless Away Your Holiday Stress   By Maria Mar         The tree is up. The lights are on. The music plays. The Holidays are here, full of bright colors, smiles and good spirits. So why do you feel so blah? You go along and do the deeds, but your heart is not in it.   Or perhaps you are feeling quiet the opposite, like a renegade train running so fast that it is missing the Holiday station! Could it be that you are speeding past the Holiday Spirit? Read on and find out what may be causing your Holiday Stress and how to bless it away. There are four main sources of Holiday Blues or Stress:   Broken Heart, Broken Back, Broken Bag or Broken compass. Let’s take a quick look at each: Broken Heart You have experienced an emotional loss. You got divorced or you are remembering a loved one that died recently or during the Christmas season. Basically, you are grieving. Broken Back You are the victim of too many pressures, exhaustion or emotional stress. [Read more.]

Jun 222010
Who's the boss of you?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Who’s the boss of you? Watch this free Video and find out! Click graphic to see Video. Is there an aspect of your life that seems out of control? Do you find yourself in some “unwanted” situation that makes you fee trapped or stuck? Are you working hard towards a dream or goal, but feel that you are spinning your wheels on place? Then enjoy my beautiful Free Virtual Tour and Ecourse! You will: Relax and enjoy a beautiful video and engaging stories. Enjoy several Aha! moments that may open new insights into your situation. Find the hidden source of interference in your subconscious that is creating the “static” that keeps you trapped. Includes a self-assessment tool to find out which of the 6 main hidden interference patterns in women may be holding you back. Click graphic to see Video. In this Video Series I reveal secrets that I only share in my exclusive private mentorship. At no cost. No risk. See at your convenience. PLUS Get 3 Psychic Keys to unstuck yourself delivered via email! Click to enjoy the [Read more.]

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