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Apr 222011
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2012: Return to the Sacred Self

2012: Return to the Sacred Self

2012: Back Home to your Sacred Self

You saw how 2012 is not the end of the road for humanity, but the beginning of a journey. A journey back home. But back home to what? Back home, first and foremost, to yourself ~to your Sacred Self.


Time acceleration, stress and the “It’s complicated” syndrome

We have been accelerating, complicating and externalizing faster and faster, more and more each year for the past 20 years.

The acceleration in our sense of time has taken place rather quickly.

Remember when the internet first started. You would wait 10 to 20 minutes for the modem to download something; and you would be in a state of wonder. When you surfed, you were like a baby in a candy store. I remember staring endlessly at all the magical effects and dynamic interactions that were possible in the websites.

Today, you spend 10 SECONDS tops to determine if you will stay in a website.  Waiting for a 5 minute download seems forever.

Complications come as we have more “duhikies” to make life “easier.” Coordinating, synchronizing and multi-tasking come to mind as a few examples of the increasing complication in our lives.

Exteriorizing has to do with increasingly focusing your attention outside yourself for knowledge, entertainment and even to direct your life or get a sense of self.

These trends have created high levels of stress in the individual because it has:

  • Disconnected us from our Soul, our Core Self.
  • Disconnected us from the Sacred Feminine (Our Shakti Energy)
  • Disconnected us from the wisdom of our body, cells and instincts
  • Disconnected us from Earth and nature
  • Disconnected us from Spirit and our Universal Self, from Oneness
  • Disconnected us from the Power of Love
  • Disconnected us from the frequencies of harmony and peace
  • Disconnected us from our creative force

As a result, we stand alone. We feel orphaned. We feel abandoned. We believe that we have to struggle and “make it happen” alone and with effort, one against the other. We see ourselves as crabs in a boiling pot; in an effort to climb out, they climb over each other, bringing each other down until ALL of them die.


We can see 2012 as an Emergency we are going through or as an organic transition that, like an individual crisis, serves three purposes.

Shamans and Spiritual Teachers see Emergency as Emergence. We understand that at individual level, crisis has three functions:

  • The karma or consequence of our actions and choices
  • The opportunity for learning, or the transition, and
  • The portal to a new life or perception

The majority of humans throughout our previous history have shown a tendency to learn only from pain. This is part of the trap of duality and of our lack of conscious and emotional maturity. As a result of this immaturity, we create pain in order to learn.

Let me give you a simple example.

You know that your marriage is in problems. The sex has declined steadily over the past 3 years. You two are barely talking. You fight almost every day. What do you do?

Most people do nothing. Perhaps they complain or fight. Perhaps they act out by drinking or having an affair. Perhaps they act-in by self-blaming or depression. But they do not take effective, constructive action until the problems escalate. Why not? Because doing this requires change, and they are afraid. Fear keeps them in their “Comfort Zone,” and it gets increasingly uncomfortable.

By avoiding change (which you expect will be painful) and by staying in fear (though you KNOW it is painful), you are choosing to learn from pain. You and your couple are now caught in the momentum of the dysfunctional relationship habits that keep you in an increasingly painful Comfort Zone; until one of you cannot take it any longer and acts out by having an affair or taking any other action that is guaranteed to create a break in the momentum. Now you cry: “I want a divorce.”

Divorce is a crisis. The shaman sees it as the karma or result of long-standing problems that were not addressed; as an opportunity to learn and grow for each member; and as a portal to a new life as the old Self dies and a new Self is born.


Back to the Sacred Self

2012 returns us back home to our Sacred Self by stripping us of the illusions of our current human Comfort Zone.  It is shaking us to the core in the most fundamental aspects of our humanity: physically, intellectually, emotionally, morally, energetically, spiritually and financially.

  • Physically: People who are immersed in learning through pain need pain to evolve. There is no greater pain than the loss of one’s life, the loss of a dear one or witnessing massive loss of life. Before catastrophes of this magnitude began, global warning remained a theoretical battle between experts. those responsible for it kept denying it. The majority of us did nothing. I don’t hear any more loud debates now, on the wake of endless spills, earthquakes and floods. We are learning through pain because we refused to learn through wisdom. Learning through wisdom entails looking at all knowledge available, taking responsibility for our actions and choosing to live truly in accordance with our higher values. Learning through wisdom demolishes denial and does not accept instant gratification at the expense of massive, long-term destruction. Wisdom does not allow you to adopt the “experts know best” attitude towards your own responsibility. Wisdom empowers you as a leader. 2012 is calling us away from pain and into wisdom as a new way of life. It demands that each of us become a Wise One and a leader in creating
    a new way of life.


  • Intellectually:  In the past 20 years our science has made amazing discoveries. But we’ve been living in the past, oblivious to them. Even our educational system is still lagging behind in the beliefs of Newtonian objectivity. Suddenly we are shedding these old concepts; like linear time and objective reality. They are all crumbling. If we want to understand what is happening, if we want to solve the problems we created; we need a different way of thinking than the one that created them in the first place. 2012 is calling us to a radical change in perception and understanding. It’s opening our mind and forcing us to assume responsibility for the knowledge we have at hand.


  • Emotionally: We are confronted with our deepest unfinished emotional business. In our attachment to comfort and materialism, we placed our spiritual life in old trunks and left it to collect dust in the attic. Now we are faced with imminent death and disaster. We are faced with having to change our entire way of living and thinking in order to survive and help our planet heal. We are faced with the priorities we placed in the back burner. Are we truly happy? Are we truly present? Have we enjoyed our loved ones? Have we given and loved enough? Have we fulfilled our Soul’s Purpose? Who are we, truly, when we are not doing something? Are we ready to go? 2012 calls us to awaken to our Soul’s truth.


  • Morally: Oh, we’ve been so busy! Too busy, in fact, to do a self-assessment about whether we truly walk our talk. So we’ve let things slide. We’ve been babysitting our kids with violent video games. We’ve been letting morally reprehensible things happen at work because we were just following orders. We’ve been too busy to pray, meditate or even feel. We’ve been to busy to volunteer, give or help our unemployed neighbor. Now we are unemployed. Now we are all in the same boat. And we begin to examine the values we are living by and teaching our children. We begin to examine what we are leaving for the next generations. What is our moral legacy? 2012 calls us to our Basic Goodness.


  • Energetically:  Time is speeding up through the Earth’s vibrational frequency (Shuman Resonance). Over the last thousands of years this frequency has been around 7.8 kHz. But in the past 10 or 15 yrs, it went up to 11 or 12 kHz, sometimes even 14 kHz. It’s no illusion that we’ve accelerated. What previously was a 24-hr day has shortened to a 16 hr day. We have lost 8 hrs! We are deeply connected with the earth’s frequency, with it’s heart and vibration. 2012 calls us to a higher frequency, to a deeper entrainment with Earth’s heart and to understand that our brain, heart and life is one with all creation. What we do to nature we do to ourselves.


  • Spiritually:  Our consciousness awakes from a long sleep and sees what we have done to ourselves, each other and our planet, to our children and their children. We realize that we have been slaves to fear. Fear-based beliefs and fear-based defenses have allowed us to be manipulated by dictators, terrorists, corporate bullies and war-mongers. 2012 is the time to grow up from a reactionary (based on reacting) fear-based programming to assume free-choice and stand in a foundation of love.


  • Financially: the world is going through a global financial recession. (Or is it depression?) Many persons are unemployed and cannot find work no matter how hard they try. They are losing their homes and possessions. Our habits of careless consumerism are over. This recession abruptly has woken us up to how we are using money. We see that money is energy that results from our work. How we use money is how we use energy in our life. Careless, obsessive buying is careless use of energy. We also see that our loyalties have been misplaced. We worked for a company and spent most of our waking hours making money for them. But in a couple of hours this company turns around and fires us, just as a financial maneuver. Then they will hire others to pay them less, not valuing our uniqueness, loyalty or expertise. As a result, many previously corporate employees have now become entrepreneurs. Parents that want to stay at home with their children are working from home, and free-lancing has increasingly become a trend. So has outsourcing, and now it’s not just the global corporations taking the jobs out of the country. Small businesses are using the internet to outsource. All these trends have changed the financial landscape. I could continue talking about how career strategies are changing, but this is just a sample for you to gather the many ways in which our perception of money and our financial reality is changing. 2012 calls us to use the energy of money in congruence with our values and soul’s purpose and to stop giving away our power away to money.


The Inner Divorce

The bottom line is that we, like the couple in the example above,  have been living in a trance that kept our Sacred Feminine and Masculine energies at war. This is called the Inner Divorce. I will talk more about this divorce in the next article. 2012 calls us to release this self-splitting and self-debilitating polarity and become whole. 2012 is our Inner Wedding date!

The Sacred Self we are returning to was, for the Mayans, the advance wise human being we once were –which for us would seem as a being with super-powers. (Think again about all those mutants and super-power stories that have sprout on TV in the last decade.)

The Mayans had heard the stories of how these advance ancestors had lost their ancient civilization. They had also charted the cycles of evolution that preceded them and understood the cyclical nature of time and history. The Mayan creation story, often presented as the rise and fall of Quetzalcoatl, tells of the return of that human level of consciousness.

The Mayan circular understanding of time allowed them to see the return of the advance civilization that, according to their old stories, had been their ancestors; gifting them with the amazing mathematical and astronomic wisdom they possessed way before the Europeans set foot on their lands.

In a sense, instead of going back to the future, as in the science fiction movie; we are going forward to the past. It is our choice, however, to which past we return.


Find out what this choice means and why we need a human Inner Wedding in part 3 of the series.

Light and love,

Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist




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