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Aug 262014
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You Live the Story you Tell


Story Alchemy No. 6 Digital Art by Maria Mar(c)2014

I know it’s hard to believe that the reality you are living right now is your creation.

We were brought up to believe that reality is an objective circumstance into which we are inserted. We have come to see our circumstances as a  established condition about which we can do little because it is static.

We also often see ourselves as a bystander in this reality that was decided by others: by society at large, by leaders or by other influential people who determine “how things are” so that reality is basically written FOR us.

We now know better.

Quantum science shows us that this is false. It has shown us what shamans knew centuries ago: that our perception creates our reality.

The old story is not only false.
It is disempowering.

What makes it more confusing is that we often do NOT create the story we consciously choose to live.

In fact, we are continually telling two stories: the conscious story of our intention, choices and desires and the unconscious story of our programming, beliefs and embedded frequencies.

The bad news is that it is the unconscious story that writes your life, not your chosen, conscious story. The unconscious not only regulates about 95% of your automatic responses to life. It overrides your conscious stories.

Why? For many powerful reasons, and knowing them can help you transform your storytelling to change your life. Here are a handful of reasons.

1. You learned the old stories when you were a child. You were in a theta consciousness frequency at that time. (That’s like hypnotic level.) You were wide open to all influence, and it was embedded deep into your subconscious. Now you walk around in beta (logical-functional) awareness, which is not deep enough to reach those embedded patterns in your subconscious.

2. This stories were embedded with life/death urgency. At the time you were trying to figure out how the world worked so that you could survive on it. The stories about the world, survival and “how things are” became embedded in your Reptilian Brain, the part of your brain that functions for your survival. It learns fast and forgets with great difficulty. This is the way that it protects your survival. But it also means that all those false beliefs and erroneous assumptions you made as a child are embedded with such strength as to override everything else, and they are hard to release.

3. As you grew up with these embedded stories, they became attached to your Primary Identity. This is the deepest layer of your subconscious. It overrides all others. As long as those old limiting beliefs are attached to your identity, they are going nowhere, even if you want to get rid of them.

4. Once the old stories are part of your Reptilian Brain, your Primary Identity and your subconscious, they become the Beliefsphere that is an ecosystem to your cellular intelligence. Your cells are responding constantly to the interpretations, expectations, warnings and beliefs in this Beliefsphere. Like the stratosphere or the atmosphere, this is the environment to which your cells respond.


Now you get an idea of how important it is to change your old stories. Re-writing them into your subconscious, identity and survival system is the only way to change your Beliefsphere.

Once your new stories become your Beliefsphere, your reality will quickly and gracefully change to reflect your new stories. This is how you create the life you want.


 My Old Story and How I changed it

Some time ago I was going through a difficult situation. Many of my prospects for the transformation guidance and support services I offer were telling me that they really believed I could help them and they definitely felt that I was the perfect person for them, but they did not have the money to pay me.

OK, that was the problem I was addressing. I tried everything I knew and were advised to do.

I changed my branding, my copywriting, my products and my websites. I surveyed and interviewed prospects to get a clearer vision of my Ideal Client.

I worked long hours for months and years. But nothing worked. I was not getting any clients. I was desperate.

Then I began to examine my description of my ideal client from the viewpoint of the story I was telling.

I was shocked to realize that I described my Ideal Client as:

“A woman who wants to live her life purpose full time through the expression of her message and sharing her gifts. She has worked in a job that does not fulfill her life purpose and now she has left it to make her living from her purpose. But now she does not have the money to generate her new business.”

I had written a story in which my Ideal Client could not be a client!!

A client is by definition someone who pays for your service. If they do not have money to pay, they will never become a client.

No wonder my prospects could not become clients because they had no money. I had written this reality into existence.

I rewrote my definition of my Ideal Client as:

A woman who is a leader and creative genius and is determined to share her gifts with the world to make a BIG difference while living her purpose full time. She owns her power to create her life and has found ways to fully fund her purpose-based business. She now wants to know how to transform her gifts, passions, causes and experience into an integrated business, practice or project that allows her to make a living while she lives a fulfilled, magical and ecstatic life doing the work that brings her ecstasy.

I worked this story at the four deepest levels of my subconscious:

  • Primary Identity, a level of my subconscious that I’ve been healing for many years. (Remember, it is the deepest level in your subconscious and overrides all others.)
  • I also worked this story at the Survival Biological Systems through a combination of storytelling, tapping and other techniques.
  • At a a body/frequency/energy/emotional level through BodySourcing, Shapeshifting, Energy and Emotional Alchemy, and then I worked it into
  • My Energy Body as the Beliefsphere for my cells.

I had not even finished the process when my first truly Ideal Client showed up.

She didn’t even ask for my fee. She was sure that I was the person to help her and just wanted to know when I could do a live session with her.

Then something fascinating happened when she handed me the payment. She whispered “no issue.”

That’s strange, right? Yet, I knew that the universe was talking to me through her. The universe wanted to make sure that I heard what the key issue was that I had shifted in the story to manifest my Ideal Client.

My Ideal Client in my current story is a spiritual, creative woman who

  • Is crystal clear that she wants to change the story she is writing to change her life or embody her purpose with ease and grace.
  • Is crystal clear that I am the person to help her because she deeply resonates with who I am and my unique way of transformation.
  • Is willing and enthusiastic about doing the work and shifting her world, and
  • Has no issue paying what I’m worth because she knows that it is absolutely worth every penny.

What story are you secretly telling that is creating the Beliefsphere to which your cells respond and adapt? What story would you rather tell?

If the hidden story is secret, how can you know what it is?

Look at the recurring limitations or problems you are facing and you will find the story, and you will be shocked, like I was— to find that you are quite literally embedding the exact limitation you are experiencing into your story.

The problem is probably staring you in the face. But because your hidden story is invisible, you cannot see it. You tell it, but the telling is like a Blind Spot—you don’t recognize it.

You need help to recognize the story you are telling. But the support rarely comes from the people in your current environment. They are likely to be used to the old story and cannot recognize it. They are probably part of that story and belief in the same limitations you subconsciously adhere to.

ad-story-quest-you-live-the-story-you-tellThat is why you need a person who is able to show you the Blind Spot, who can indicate the places where you are creating the story you are living, so that you can see what’s staring you in the face. You also need help going through those four levels that sustain the old story.

Do you want to change your story to create the Beliefsphere that will tell your cells to create the reality you want?

Then join me in a magical journey using storytelling to change your life.




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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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