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Aug 282014
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Tap your Storytelling

to change your Life Story

So you want to change…

Story Alchemy No.5 Digital Art by Maria Mar(c)2014

Story Alchemy No.5
Digital Art by Maria Mar(c)2014

You realize that there are some habits that are stealing your Dream or hindering your ability to live your purpose.

You are committed to this change because achieving these new quality of life is essential to you.

So why are you stuck?

It feels like the Borg in reverse. You are trying to be more of who you are and want to be, but there is a resistance in you that keeps you assimilated to the old learned limitations.

What is going on?

The old stories you learned early in life were embedded with life/death urgency.

At the time you were trying to figure out how the world worked so that you could survive on it. The stories about the world, survival and “how things are” became embedded in your Reptilian Brain, the part of your brain that functions for your survival. It learns fast and forgets with great difficulty.

This is the way that your Reptilian Brain protects your survival. But it also means that all those false beliefs and erroneous assumptions you made as a child are embedded with such strength as to override everything else, and they are hard to release.

These stories become like the collective machine part of the Borg, the parts that sequester your highest and unique self-expression to follow the Domestication Trance.

But you are an adult now! You know those stories are not true. You are making different conscious choices. So why are you stuck? Why do you end up with similar circumstances?

Your RAS (Reticular Activating System) is like the guard dog guarding the portal between your conscious and subconscious minds. RAS will not allow anything into your subconscious that:

  • is not in agreement with who you FEEL yourself to be,
  • has been taught to be dangerous or bad for you, or
  • Is unfamiliar, and therefore seems dangerous.

In any of these cases, your alarm system activates all your Survival Biological Systems, which include:

  • Amygdala
  • Nervous System
  • Psoas Muscle
  • Triple Warmer Meridian

This creates a resistance that makes your attempts to grow, heal and transform completely fruitless.

What can you do?

You need to interrupt the old patterns, the old story and then embed a new story in that interruption. You also need to store this new story so that it is recognized and not resisted and so that the old story does not come back with a vengeance.

The way to do this is by tapping your storytelling to change your life story. Combining basic storytelling tricks with energy tapping techniques, you can release the old story and let RAS know to let the new story through. This involves two stages.

Stage one: Storytelling

Come up with a title and subtitle for the old story installed in your program and for the new story you want to install.

The Title is a question or declaration of the problem/solution.


Old Story

  • How on earth do I get money?
  • I am not ready to play big yet.

New story

  • I swim in an ocean of affluence
  • I am perfect for my purpose right now.

The subtitle describes the transformation as an arch from where you are (problem, challenge) to where you want to be (goal, purpose, dream).

In the old story there is no movement, but opposites that seem impossible to bridge. As a result, the subtitle does not have a bridging verb. Instead there is a war, two extremes cancelling or fighting each other.

In the new story, there is a verb that shows you moving, flowing, and progressing from the present condition to the desired outcome.


Old Story

  • I’m broke and have no money to do the things I need to do in order to succeed.
  • I feel totally unprepared to play in the Big Leagues in my field, with those big players who could boost my visibility and credibility.

New Story

  • I easily and gracefully swim from zero money to living in a sea of abundance with all the resources I need or want at the reach of my hands
  • I boost my unique gifts to attract and nourish the big players in my field, creating a fair exchange.

Once you are clear and satisfied with your two stories (title and subtitles for each), proceed to tap your story.

Stage 2: Tapping your Storytelling

1. Primary Identity Awareness Script:

Express your old title and subtitle while you tap the Karate Chop Point.


“Even though (Insert Old story), I love and accept myself unconditionally without judgment, just as I am right now.

Why? Tapping into the Karate Chop Point releases psychological reversal (self-sabotage or emotional/energy “cross-wiring”), inability to let go, resistance to change and compulsive behavior. Conversely, it allows: Ability to move forward, letting go of the old, healing from grief, finding happiness in and connecting to the present moment. This point is connected to the Small Intestine Meridian, with emotional issues such as feelings of being lost or vulnerable, insecurity and abandonment.

2. Self-love strengthening:

Repeat the Self-love affirmation as you tap into your sternum using the Thymus Thump (Tap, pause, tap-tap) as you use your fingers or fist to gently but robustly tap over your thymus. Then place both hands on the center of your heart, left hand below, and breathe in love and gratitude for who you are as a Divine Being, smiling from your heart to your Sacred Self.


I love and accept myself unconditionally, without judgment, just as I am right now.

Why? Tapping into the sternum increases your body’s energy, strengthens your immune system and increases your vitality. Now you are associating your declaration of self love with these good feelings. Placing your hands on your heart and practicing the Inner Smile improves your heart and activates your Heart’s awesome superpowers.

3. Interruption script:

Now assert your new story as you tap around the Crown of your Head.


And I open my hands, heart and mind to recognize that … (Insert New Story)

Why? Tapping on the head introduces a standing wave that causes interference with the brains electrical activity. You are interrupting the way your mind is used to hold on to the old story and then you are bringing the new belief or alternative into the system, to substitute that old energy.  Crown taping activates the brain centers in such a way that it causes the brain to consider the new perspective that has been observed by the practitioner and to align its frequencies to it.

4. Storing new Story:

Repeat the script with your new story while you tap into the Heart Area, a few fingertips below the thymus, between your breasts.


(Say the title and subtitle of your New Story as an affirmation.)


I swim in an ocean of affluence. I easily and gracefully swim from zero money to living in a sea of abundance with all the resources I need or want at the reach of my hands.

Why? The heart is a strong energy field and it is also a brain. Tapping on the heart increases awareness further and stores the changes. The new story has to be tapped into the heart so that the change is stored and the new information is now consistently delivered over time, allowing the regeneration and renewal to take place. Otherwise, the old pattern (story) may recur. This point also addresses the Small Intestine and calms those feelings of being lost or vulnerable as well as the associated insecurity and abandonment.


Do you want to change your story through a combination of storytelling, shamanic tools and energy work?

Then Join me in a magical journey using storytelling to change your life.



Try it for a week, and come back to leave your comments!

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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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