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Oct 062013
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The “I’ that dreams of flying is the one that believes she has no wings. In order to become your potential, you need to release your current identity because it carries false limitations that do not allow you to fly to your destination.

This is the first article in a series of articles describing Your Flight to Greatness: your Metamorphosis from Caterpillar Self to Butterfly Woman.

Use the tabs above to see the other articles in the series.

If you want to go from HERE (where you are now) to THERE (where your dream is, where you embody the potential pulsating in you) then you want a transformation. You are like caterpillar dreaming of wings. The goal seems almost impossible!

“Why,” Caterpillar You asks, “if I’m working so hard and I want to live my dream more than anything, why on earth am I still HERE? Why am I not THERE?”

But here’s the hidden truth: while most of us want transformation, most of us resist change. Since transformation is change, that leaves us stuck. Why do we resist what we want?

From a shamanic perspective, this has to do with confusing our True Self with our Social Identity. Your Social Identity is your Caterpillar Self. As long as you are attached to that identity, which paints a limiting picture of who you are and who you are becoming, you cannot grow wings because your Butterfly Self is hidden from you.

Let’s take a look at the Caterpillar Self

Caterpillar You

Caterpillar crawls at the bottom while dreaming with having wings and flying high. It crawls slowly using its many legs, working hard to advance, but not being able to take the leap that allows it to fly.

Caterpillar You believes that her dream is “out there” somewhere and that if she works very, very hard, one day she may “get it.” To get there, you work very, very hard, multi-tasking, sacrificing your rest, sleep and fun, maybe even your relationships. You are determined to “get there.”

This is a Caterpillar Self mindset.

As a result, Caterpillar You stays hidden underground, playing small and struggling to become a dream that she already is.

I’ve worked with, talked with and known many powerful women, leaders and innovators who, in spite their accomplishments and valuable contributions to humanity, do not feel a success. The pattern is recurrent enough that I’ve come to realize it is part of our social and personal Herstory.

The Caterpillar Herstory

We cannot forget that until the other day (and still in many countries) women were not regular citizens and lacked basic adult and human rights. Women held no leadership positions, had no financial independence, could not vote and sometimes had no choice over fundamental things in their life, such as who and when they would marry and if and when they would have a child.

Add to this the emotional wounds you may have inherited as a girl growing in your particular family and cultural milieu, and you can see that your Herstory and environment create a mask over your True Self, your Essence, your purpose and your Dream. This mask of limitations is your Caterpillar Self.

Here are a couple of quick examples. I’m sure that you can create a big list with your own examples.

  • Perhaps you were taught to be “humble” and a “good, obedient girl.”

  • You were scold when you occupy too much space (“close those legs”), when you free your true voice (“don’t laugh so loud), when you spoke your truth (“Don’t you talk back to me, young lady”) or when you dream BIG (“It’s OK to study, but don’t you want to get married and have kids?”)
  • You may have been told in overt and covert ways that your job was to take care of others, support others, help your mom with the house chores, have good grades and stay home to take care of others. Your brothers went in and out of the house without too much fuzz because they were men. You were guarded. Your realm was domestic, not global.
  • You may have been shown in many silent, but insidious ways that if you placed yourself first, you would be seen as selfish. You would be judged and rejected. If you had ambitions, refused to do your “female duties” and wanted to assume your role as an influencer in the world, chances are that you had to fight for it either at home or at school or work, or in all three places.
  • As a result, you probably inherited a bundle of guilt and shame that weights your Psychic Shoulders at any time you try to fly. This learned belief says that to be good you have to be self-sacrificing, selfless. If you give yourself priority, then you are selfish.

How on earth can you open your wings with that belief weighing you down? After years of being domesticated in these limitations, you slowly forget your true nature and adopt these limited, inherited perceptions as your Social Identity.

Just as caterpillar devours tons of leafs in its voracious hunger to grow, so do you feel a painful hunger and longing to grow into your potential.

This longing is the result of believing that your dream, purpose and potential are far away; when in reality they are at the core of your being.

The intensity of your hunger and pain is the degree of separation between who you believe you are and who you want to be. The former is the Social Identity you have inherited. The later is your true self, Butterfly You.

The stronger your attachment to your Social Identity, the stronger your hunger and your pain.


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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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