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Oct 062013
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In this article you will explore the magical moment into which you shapeshift from Caterpillar Self to… something else. Why do you need a chrysalis? Discover how Shapeshifting requires a structure that holds the form you will take!

This is the second article in a series of articles describing Your Flight to Greatness: your Metamorphosis from Caterpillar Self to Butterfly Woman.

Use the tabs above to move through the articles in the series.


When does Caterpillar end?

When does caterpillar first undergo its transformation?

When it stops identifying itself as caterpillar. Caterpillar lets go of the caterpillar cells, and they turn to mush, literally. Caterpillar is no longer!

At the core, the release of your Caterpillar Self is grounded in the inner knowing that you are truly, really Butterfly. It is a surrendering to your potential as your core truth, your reality.

You stop dreaming with “getting there.” Instead you assume the dream and let go of the limitations that have been embedded into your Social Identity, making you feel that you are not there yet.

You’ve probably heard that in order to embrace your brightest potential, to embody your purpose or manifest your dream, you need to let go of your attachment to how things are now. You need to change your habits and let go of your Comfort Zone.

But now you are beginning to see that the release is deeper. Not only do you have to let go of habits and interpretations that are repeating the past in the present. You have to let go of your identity as Caterpillar Self.

This is the scariest part of your metamorphosis from Caterpillar Self to Butterfly Self.

If you allow yourself to let go of who you were taught you were; you may feel that you are disappearing, and this is really scary. You start second-guessing yourself, doubting yourself. You start believing that you are making this up. Who are you to dream such BIG dreams? So you feel like mush.

But at that moment in which your Caterpillar Self is dissolving and you are apparently losing control, you are truly emerging. You are tapping into the Butterfly egg, the potential of Butterfly You carried in your Soul.

Metamorphosis is a miraculous transformation of one creature into its potential ~a creature that holds a completely different form. Yet that contrasting shape is the true expression of the essence that was always there.

Your Chrysalis

Miracles need to be protected. Not defended from danger; but protected from doubt.

As you shapeshift from Caterpillar Self to mush to Butterfly Self, you are the miracle and you need to protect yourself from naysayers, negative influences, the pressure to change back and the fear of The Unknown. At this point, Caterpillar Self grows a chrysalis.

When Caterpillar You lets go of your old self-perception and habits, you begin your Shapeshifting process, it’s a fun, magical time, but it is also hard work and challenging.

You are between two worlds. You keep thinking old thoughts, letting them go and embracing your new thoughts. You twitch, wanting to respond the old way, and then shift into a new response.

You are changing the way you see yourself and the world. You are changing the story you tell yourself and others. This is your Shapeshifting stage.

·        The protective membrane that allows you to shift your reality into your dream cannot be a defensive response or an isolation strategy. These attitudes close you off.  

·        Your protective membrane is a network of people in the shapeshifting stage and the butterfly vibrational frequency that cheer you along the way.

Your chrysalis is about finding a community of people who carry you into a new vibration.  It’s about finding your flight!

Between Two Worlds

This chrysalis fulfills three functions in your metamorphosis from Caterpillar Self to Butterfly Self.

·        It holds your form while you change, so that you can function in everyday life in spite of the huge changes taking place internally and externally in your world.

·        It allows the new form to emerge. It holds a space for it, entices it and shows you its possibilities, so that you don’t revert to the caterpillar frequency.

·        It nurtures and affirms your Butterfly Self until you can own it as your true nature


Back to caterpillar. As caterpillar turns to mush, another radical change takes place. New cells starts appearing. They are neither caterpillar cells nor mush cells. They are completely different cells and no one till this day knows how they show up. They are called Imaginal Cells.

How beautiful and perfect! From a shamanic perspective the metaphor is self-evident. The potential is becoming a reality, taking solid, three dimensional form. What you imagined is becoming.

 But here’s the thing: the new Imaginal Cells are so completely different from the original caterpillar or ooze cells that they are perceived as a virus by the ooze cells, which attack them. 

The same happens to you in your own metamorphosis. Your old beliefs, habits and ways of perceiving will rear up and will attack your dreams, invalidate your talents, criticize your creations and paint awful pictures, all designed to destroy those precious Imaginal Cells.

Many women give up at this point, defeated by their Inner Enemies.

At this point, your chrysalis needs to also include expert transformational guidance to shift your story in a safe, nurturing environment.

You need a mentor, shaman, guide or coach who has been there and can guide you through the journey, so that you can feed the Butterfly You and release the old story that can re-pattern the Caterpillar You or turn you to mush forever.

This support person needs to be someone who has gone through her own metamorphosis and can guide you through this path. It must be someone you can trust enough to be your guide when you hit your blind spots.

There will be moments when you will not be able to see your potential or believe in it. You may not be able to see how to get there. You may not know what you are doing wrong. You need to trust the guidance of this person to pull through.

For shamans this is a vulnerable stage that requires protection of the apprentice or client. Every stimulus, both internal and external, feeds either the mush or the Butterfly.

To feed Butterfly You! you need to own your creative genius and believe in what you imagine as your true nature.

Here’s a line to carry you through:

Trust it. Listen to it. Nourish it. Not as something “out there” but as something inside you that guides you; as the voice of your Soul.


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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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