Nov 202013
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There are 5  Trouble Trapdoors through which your Inner Thieves come and go as they sequester your happiness and evolution. Today I will share the second Trouble Trapdoor: Sex, a trapdoor through which the Inner Thieves are able to steal your joy and ecstasy.

The Trouble Trapdoors

These trapdoors are nothing inherently evil. Quite the contrary. They are normal areas of life. That’s why it is so easy for the Inner Thieves to sequester your intention, energy and attention.

When they do, normal activities that are usually beneficial to your happiness and evolution, become fear-based acts that feed your Shadows and sabotage your best intentions.

Today I will share the second Trouble Trapdoor. In the next three days, I will share a trapdoor per day. Use the tabs at the top of the post to read about the other trapdoors.

Trouble Trapdoor No. 2: Sex

Whether to engage in it or repress it, to abuse it or depend on it, to seek it from a place of emotional hunger and co-dependence or to reject or avoid it in judgment; sex is the second trapdoor through which the Inner Thieves come and go, sabotaging your happiness and growth.

Just as food is necessary for life, sex is necessary for the procreation of our species and for the healthy flow of passion, emotions, creativity and energy in our body. That’s why it’s hard-wire into the mature adult as a need.

This makes sex a perfect trapdoor. You need it to function as a healthy mature adult and avoiding it can lead to health issues, stagnate your creative genius and block the energy flow in your lower chakras. It can alienate you from your body, your Sacred Feminine (or Masculine) and block your capacity for pleasure.

Like eating, sex is a sacred act through which we connect to each other, experience ecstasy and bond deeply at an emotional and energy level. In fact, during a sexual encounter our energy fibers intertwine.

Lovers and people who have sex frequently with each other are connected through energy fibers and when they meet or think of each other, their sexual and/or heart chakras emit powerful bursts of energy that merge, bonding them energetically and spiritually. If you see energy, you can tell when two people are bonded this way because there’s a pink or orange globe of energy between them.

When your Inner Thieves sequester the act of sex, it becomes disconnected from your heart, a distraction, an impersonal ~even dehumanized~ indulgence or a fear-based experience that constricts your being instead of helping you expand beyond the Self and experience connectedness and Oneness.

Instead of being connected to genuine pleasure, sex can become a placebo dominance encounter. Instead of being an act of growth and expansion, it can become an act of co-dependence or self-betrayal.  Instead of leading to the flow of your creativity and energy, it can lead to a placebo effect where you use sex instead of exploring your creativity, owning your passion and creating a life that satisfies you deeply. You can use sex as a substitute for happiness, creative growth, dancing and delight, or doing what you want to do to live your passion and enjoy your life.

That is why infidelity is so widespread. People fall into habitual lifestyles and relating and then when they feel bored, repressed, constricted or unfulfilled, they use sex to get a placebo happiness without having to own their passion and do the necessary changes to truly experience the pleasure and ecstasy of life.

The Inner Thieves use the Trouble Trapdoor of dysfunctional sex encounters to  steal:

  1. The power of our emotions to connect us to the flow of life
  2. Creative expression
  3. Owning, living and expressing your passion
  4. Genuine joy and the experience of ecstatic living
  5. Genuine love and expanding your love frequency
  6. Self-fulfillment
  7. Change and going through the changes you need in order to live in a way that deeply satisfies you


 Action Tip

  1. Approach your sexual encounter as a Sacred sexual act, the meeting of the Goddess and the God. Be truly naked in body, emotions and spirit as you meet the other. Allow your presence and essence to meet and merge in deep respect, appreciation and celebration of each other. Allow the pleasure to be physical, emotional and soulful. Experience the difference.
  2. If you are in a relationship, avoid taking each other for granted or giving in to routine by booking one day a month for a date in which you romance each other and approach each other as someone that is new, fresh, a mystery to be explored. The goal is to enjoy each other and get to know each other at a deeper level, expanding the relationship.







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