Nov 192013
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There are 5  Trouble Trapdoors through which your Inner Thieves come and go as they sequester your happiness and evolution.

These trapdoors are nothing inherently evil. Quite the contrary. They are normal areas of life. That’s why it is so easy for the Inner Thieves to sequester your intention, energy and attention.

When they do, normal activities that are usually beneficial to your happiness and evolution, become fear-based acts that feed your Shadows and sabotage your best intentions.

Today I will share the first Trouble Trapdoor. In the next four days, I will share a trapdoor per day.

Trouble Trapdoor No. 1: Food

Whether to engage in it or repress it, to abuse it or depend on it, to seek it from a place of emotional hunger (instead of true physical hunger) or to reject or avoid it in judgment; food is the first trapdoor through which the Inner Thieves come and go, sabotaging your happiness and growth.

We need to eat in order to live and grow. This makes food the perfect trapdoor. You can’t avoid it, at least not absolutely. Just as you need to breath in order to stay alive, you also need to eat.

Eating is a sacred act through which we connect to Earth Mother and receive her gifts and the gifts of the beings and creatures of earth that share of themselves to help us grow, becoming one with us. It is a moment of connection that leads to oneness, gratitude, pleasure and growth.

When your Inner Thieves sequester the act of eating, it becomes a torture, a distraction, an unhealthy indulgence or a fear-based constrictive experience that shrinks instead of expanding your personal power.

Instead of being connected to pleasure, eating is attached to pain. Instead of being an act of growth and expansion, it is a struggle to stay constricted. Instead of leading to life, health and growth, it leads to disease, imbalance and unhealthy lifestyles.

The Inner Thieves use the Trouble Trapdoor of eating disorders, body image distortions, thin obsessions, fat phobia, unhealthy eating habits and other distortions of the experience of food to steal:

  1. The power of our emotions to connect us to the flow of life
  2. Self-mastery
  3. Self-acceptance
  4. Self-nurturing
  5. Connection to Earth Mother and to nature
  6. Physical growth and health
  7. Individuation through the expansion of the cycle of receiving and giving and expanding the reach of our sharing
  8. Occupying our space of power, leadership and authority in the world


 Action Tips

  1. Take some time each day this week before or after eating to reflect on how the act of eating is sacred and how it helps develop the eight areas of personal power mentioned above.
  2. Create a new attitude to your eating by taking all your meals as a Sacred Act of Communion with Earth Mother. Practice slow eating tasting the food and allowing yourself to experience pleasure. Then thanks all the beings and creatures who have given of themselves for your life and receive their energy, meditating on how their energy is now part of yours and what they bring to your life.



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