Jun 132017
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What do you mean?

Take the Creatress Throne!

When we are working on helping you change your Tiny Story, you will often hear me prompting you to get off the Victim Stool and take the Creatress Throne.

So here’s what I mean by this:

First, read what I it means to sit on the Victim Stool here.

Now how do you shift from the Victim Stool to the Creatress (Or Creator) Throne?


This is all about how you see yourself.

Firstly,When you see yourself as a creatress, you take full responsibility for your steps in the dance. You are willing to examine how you may be co-creating the situation.

Secondly, when you see yourself as a creatress, you may see how others’ actions contributed to the situation, but you get off blaming quickly. Simply because blaming others gives away your power to change. The issue is not whether the others are responsible. The issue is that we cannot change others. You can only change yourself. Why waste time and energy pointing your finger at the other? Best use your energy to change yourself and your steps.

In third place, when you see yourself as a creatress, you acknowledge that you are an influencer. You create and co-create your world in collaboration with your Creation Partners. Therefore, you do not see life happening to you, but you happening to life. You examine your previous actions to see how they contributed to your situation. Then you consider what actions you will take and you study the consequences of these actions. What do you want to create instead of what is happening? What actions can you take to generate this change? Who are your Creation Partners and how can they contribute to this transformation?

Finally, when you sit in the Creatress Throne you know the value you bring to the world, you know the power of your presence and you stand on your self-authority. No one can steal these things. Therefore you shift from a place of fear to a place of creativity and love.


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