Jun 202017
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What do you mean?

Meet your Creation Partners!

When we are working on helping you change your Tiny Story, you will often hear me prompting you to get engage your Creation Partners.

Here’s what I mean by this:

You are not alone.You have Creation Partners that are working with you to help you grow, evolve, embody your purpose, stay safe, do your best and manifest your dreams.

Some of these Creation Partners are spirits and they are with you since birth (or before). This is the case of your Guardian Angels or Spirit Parents.

Some of your spirit Creation Partners are assigned your “case” as you grow up and become part of your Circle of Light. They are teachers, guides, protectors, etc.

Some of your Creation Partners are human and they may be with you since birth –such as parents or family members– or you’ve met them later, as in the case of a best friend or spouse.

However, your worldview may make it impossible for you to recognize your Creation Partners.

Your worldview is operating subconsciously to either bring you allies or keep you isolated.

  • Do you see yourself alone, without support, struggling to get what you want, making it happen through hard work? Then you are inviting problems so that you can struggle, difficulties so that you can work harder and loneliness so that you can confirm your identity as a lone ranger.
  • Do you see yourself as supported by the universe, with humans and spirits both protecting, guiding and supporting you? Do you believe that what you want is possible to create with ease and grace? Do you believe that miracles happen and that sometimes good things come easily? Are you ready to receive these miracles? Then you are inviting allies and protectors. You are inviting the easiest possible path to your destiny. You are summoning miracles and you are magnetizing the easiest possible solution.

You create Heaven or Hell here on earth.

  • Heaven is a world where the universe is your ally and you have Creation Partners that work with you and support you in your Dream and your desires. With this worldview, you spot your allies, co-create what you want with your Creation Partners and are able to see how the universe is helping you.
  • Hell is a world where the universe is hostile and the world is out to get you, and it’s every man for himself. You are alone in a dangerous world and you must fend for yourself. With this worldview you see danger everywhere, you spot enemies even in your allies and you cannot recognize your Creation Partners, so you DO stand alone.

Who are these Creation Partners?

They come in all forms, shapes and dimensions, but here’s a detail of the types of partners you will work with:

  • Our Human Partners: It is easy to see how our family, spouse or best friends can be our Creation Partners. But strangers can be temporary partners. So can enemies or opponents. I once bumped into a mad woman who was a messengerr from Spirit! Her obsession was to repeat a phrase. But that phrase was the exact answer to the question I had just posted before bumping into her. When you listen, you will start recognizing Creation Partners everywhere. Because the universe is working with you, it will send the closest most efficient resource. It’s like calling a taxi. The company will send the one closest to you.

  • Our Spiritual Partners: If you have faith, you connect to Spirit Guides and Teachers, Angels and other Energy Beings who are your Creation Partners. I’ve had angels come between me and a rain of bullets and stop a dog who was already opening its fangs on my face to stop and not bite me. Have you recognized your spiritual partners? Share your stories here!

The Shaman says: “You are in the universe and the universe is in you. You can summon the elements from within.”

  • Elemental Partners: Within the natural world there is a consciousness in which we all –creatures, elements and humans– participate from divine consciousness. It is called the Sacred World. When you tune into the Sacred World, you can receive life lessons and messages from animals and support from elemental forces. Had you have an experience like this? Share in the comments.


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