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Sunday Prayer

May my Body Play the Frequency of Health


Say this healing prayer out loud. You can learn it and sing it often.

Each verse includes the sounds and feelings to heal or nurture an organ in your body.

The words that contain the healing sound, as well as the organ, are in bold.

You can repeat the words that contain the sound 2-3 times when you say each verse.

To enhance the healing, smile from your heart in gratitude for this organ.





May my heart vibrate with the haw haw haw of gratitude.  (Sound: Hawww)

May my lungs vibrate with the silver sizzling song of courage.  (Sound: ssss)

May my liver vibrate with the shimmering shades of kindness.  (Sound: Shhhh)

May my kidneys vibrate with the choo choo choo of tranquility.  (Sound: Chooo)

May my stomach vibrate with the hoot hoot hoot of trust.  (Sound: whooo)

May my body and life vibrate with heaps of healing grace.  (Triple Warmer: Sound: Hee)



For more information about healing sounds and the organs, go here:

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