Oct 232014
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Sorry for the absence-I am in healing

Maria Mar

Maria Mar

I have not posted for a bit more than two weeks, with a few exceptions, and if you’ve missed the daily inspirations or thought I’d forgotten you, that’s not the case, my beloved reader.

I am in healing right now.

Here’s what happened.

You know that saying, when it rains it pours…

Well, it has been like that for a while.  Technical problems snowballed into a big avalanche.

I was already booked to the fullest capacity, finishing the novel to send it to print, finishing two books at different stages of productions and creating several stories for my upcoming Story Lovers Club.

And then the snowball grew.

1. My site was hacked and I had to do WP upgrades and cleansing. Well, my host did it, but that stopped everything for a few day.

2. Then my two membership sites broke because of the upgrades.

3. This sent me –already delayed–into a frenze of finding new memberships and realizing that the flow of delivery and cash flow had been fragmented.

4. So now I had to look at strategic solutions, new software and services and so on.

And at that point I forgot…

I forgot the lesson I had learned years ago, when I became homeless and got so desperate that I worked night and day, day after day, non-stop… and got hypertension.

I forgot the lifestyle I created to heal and keep my hypertension in balance.

I forgot that health is the first wealth.

I forgot that life is a priority.


And I pushed, pushed, pushed, for days and days. Worrying so much that I was not sleeping well.


And I sent myself to the hospital with a really high hypertension.

I was really scared.

I was praying and doing my best healing all through my stay in the emergency room.

And with thanks to the protection of my Guardian Angels, I had no neurological damage.

And with the breathing exercises I’ve learned I lowered the hypertension in a couple of hours.

So I’m back home.

But I don’t ever again want to forget.

I don’t want to place my life in danger for things that seem important at the moment but now seem menial.

I want to make this fright a flight to health.


So sorry for not being here as often as usual.

1. First, I was in a problem-solving trance from hell!

2. Then I was in the hospital.

3/ Then I was at home resting.


And now, I will rest some more until next week.

Pray for my health.

And keep your health with a balanced life.

Rest. Laugh. Walk among the trees.

And don’t take problems too seriously. It’s not worth your health!







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