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Oct 282014
Reading Time: 6 minutes

How much is your happiness worth…

in minutes?

Time and time again I see the same situation. It just breaks my heart, and fuels my passion.

waiting-train-girl-black-blindfoldPeople share their pain that they are not living a life that fills their spirit.

They complain that their heart has a painful longing to do something different, embody their purpose, live a different life, get healthy, get wealthy, whatever it is that they are hungry for.

Then they share their passion about sharing their gifts, delivering a service that makes a big change in the world, making a living from what they love to do, being healthier, wealthier, whatever it is that lights them up.

I am moved by their pain as well as by their passion, so I show them how I can help them.

I  point them to the a shamanic journey that they can take in the privacy of their home, with my guidance to instantly go through a deep, life-changing transformation; a transformation that is not only in the mind. It is emotional, energetic and soulful.

~ It makes your very cells vibrate at a different frequency, so that you can attract new people, situations and opportunities in your life.

~ It shifts your perception so profoundly that you blind-spots fall away and you see possibilities that you did not see before.

~ Your old negative expectations melt away, your limiting learned interpretations drop… and you are suddenly facing a new world, full of opportunities.

They say this sounds too good to be true… or too difficult… or too intense.

So I invite them to one of my magical Story Quests. 

Now, this is a really fun, out-of-the-box adventure.

Those who love stories, quests and adventures love to quest through one of my stories with my live guidance, diving into the magic of storytelling to extract the blueprint and shamanic secrets that they can apply to their current situation.

~ They suddenly find themselves being the protagonists of their amazing life adventure.

~ Their life comes to life!

~ The magic is on, and they discover shamanic secrets that they can apply to their life right now to turn their problem around, ignite their passion and share their gifts, right now.

Then they say that they don’t have the money.

So I show them a simple home study course or ecourse that they can do by themselves at a really low cost.

~ Everything is spelled out for them. Easy DIY at your own pace. No pressure.

~ My courses include deep soul-stirring stories that make your soul (in the words of one reader) “stand up and listen”.  It’s not just some blah-blah-concepts.

~ They also include step-by-step journey, with fun ARTchemytm (Alchemical Art Projects), journal writing questions and powerful spiritual insights and shamanic tools that they can apply to their situation to:

~ Achieve powerful shifts of perception that dissolve their blind spots,

~ Transmute obstacles into stepping stones and

~ Instantly change their world.


I spend weeks, sometimes months carefully crafting these courses.

I go through my own healing journals (I have dozens of notebooks with all the journal writing I did in my healing and shamanic training) and I extract the best exercises that had the alchemical power to turn the lead of my limitations into the gold of my possibilities.

I lovingly gather it together and give careful attention to each exercise, each word, each combination of tasks, to make sure that they are going to be life-changing.

And I put it out there for a very reasonable amount; less that what you may spend in daily cappuccinos in a month.

But then these same people who were painfully longing…

These people who complained for days, weeks, months, even years…

These people whose passion was bursting through the seams of their life, making them long, hurt, crave the very transformation I offer in that course…

They tell me  that they don’t have the time.

“I won’t buy it because I know that I’m not going to do it.”

~ The alchemy may take 10 minutes a day for 90 days.

~ The journal writing exercises may take 40 minutes a day for 6 weeks.

And they are not willing to put that time to end their pain, free their passion and live the life they want?

“I am not going to do it????!!!”


No wonder they are living a mediocre life!


Sit up and listen, beloved sister.

Make up your mind right now.

Are you WORTH living the life you want?

YES or NO.

No excuses. No complaints. No “trying.” No “thinking about it.”


How much is your happiness worth…. in minutes a day?

Because if you are not willing to do something different for 20-40 minutes a day for a bunch of weeks,

then you are not willing to be happy.


In which case, I can guarantee you that you ARE NOT going to be happy.

How do I know?

Because here are some straight facts about your life:

~ ONLY YOU can change your life right now.

~ ONLY YOU can make it happen.

~ And to make it happen, you need to take action.

~ You need to take INTERNAL action –such as being willing and open to get our of your Comfort Zone.

~ You need to take EXTERNAL action, such as  getting support and DOING the daily tasks that will create a new way of living.

~ If you do not do it, no one will.

~ No one can love you more than you love yourself.

~ No one can give you an opportunity that you are not willing to craft for yourself.

NO ONE. There’s no mama, Fairy Godmother, Prince Charming or Knight in Shining Armor that can do for you what you are not willing to do for yourself.

~ So if you are not willing to give yourself what you love.

~ If you are not willing to invest time, attention, energy and resource, including money, on freeing your brightest potential, dissolving your limitations and crafting the life you want.

Then know this:

~ You will die with your desire unfulfilled, your gifts unopened inside, your soul wilting, shrinking, howling in pain.

~ You will never know the beauty, grace and power that is in your soul.

~ You will deprive the world of the purpose, gifts and difference you came here to do and you will be part of the problem in the world; instead of part of the solution.


~ It is not “the system” or “life” or your  oppression –whatever it is– that is responsible for this.

~ It is not your abuser, parents or past that is to blame for this.

~ It is not the result of any obstacle or limitation you have.


It is your choice.

~ You are choosing not to take response-ability for your life.

~ You are choosing not to DO anything to create the change you need to express your potential.

~ You are choosing to stay in the Sleeping Beauty trance of waiting, complaining and giving excuses.

That  is what you are doing with the awesome power as a creator that you were given at birth. So stop complaining and accept it.

“I am not willing to assume my power as a creator. I am not willing to do anything to express my potential.”

End of waiting, complaining and excuses.

Because you have the power, and this is what you are choosing to do with it.

And there is no waiting, no tomorrow. You are choosing to do this now, and every day is a new now, and you insist on doing NOTHING with that NOW.

Therefore you are using the creative power that The Divine gave you to destroy the possibilities that The Divine embedded in your life.

You are not willing to give yourself the time of day…. literally.


If you do not like what I say, there’s only one way to hear a different story.

Change what you are doing.

Stop giving excuses.

Put your money where your mouth is.

Put your time at the service of your soul.


Notice that I am not selling anything here today.

As a matter of fact, I am changing shopping carts and changing all my business funnels and I’m taking several weeks to do this, willing to invest my time, attention, money and energy and even loose money for a while in order to structure my gifts and offers in a way that serves my Tribe better. That is how I walk my talk here.

So this is not about shaming you or badgering you to manipulate you into buying anything. That’s not my style.

This is not about judging you, either.

OK, this is tough love.

But believe me when I tell you that I am not judging you. I was there, where you are, for a long, long time.

 I see your radiant light and how it can be illuminating the world. And I see how the world needs your gifts right now… urgently.


And I know that until you make a DECISION, nothing happens.

If my words make you angry or upset. That’s my gift to you today.

Use that emotion to get off your butt and take action now.


Here are three things you can do right now.

1. Open your heart and be willing to make the time to create the change you need in your life.

2. Research alternatives out there, in google, in social media, or in your community. Who can guide and support you in doing this change? What tools can you get right now to start?

3. Book a courtesy session with me to start creating the life you want right now.


Light and love,

Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist


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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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