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May 302017
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Pillar Articles

Rewriting your Story

Story Alchemy™ is the process of using story and creativity to transmute the lead of lack, wounds and limitations into the gold of resourcefulness, personal power and possibilities.” Maria Mar

In the Pillar Article What is Story ALchemytm, you discovered that very early on in life you inherited or created Story Fields for almost every aspect of your life.

You learned that this Story Fields are just like the stories your mom told you when you were a child. They have the 5Ws: who, what, where, when and why. You understood that the reason why you are full of old hidden stories is because that’s the way your brain makes sense of and stores reality.

So you have hundreds of inherited Story Fields from your race, family, culture, nation and community and they are embedded in your psyche, influencing how you see and interpret the world now.

I hope that you remember that these are not just “story files” stored in a drawer in a dark corner of your mind. Bare in mind that once your mind decides that a Story Field works to address reality, it installs it as a Neural Map. From then on, any similar situation is interpreted and responded to based on that blueprint.

The image I gave you was to imagine that your mind is a farm and each of these Story Fields is a field planted there. Some were planted before you were even born! Some are still yielding fresh vegetables. Some fields are rotten. And others are just obsolete and do not serve you any more.


I said that these old stories are still running in your subconscious mind.

And “running” is a good verb for those Story Fields. You see, once your mind decides that a Story Field works to address reality, it installs it as a Neural Map. From then on, any similar situation is sent through that pathway.

No wonder you feel trapped! The fact is: you are.

When you meet reality, you are seldom standing in the present. Instead, your mind instantly sends your consciousness through the Neural Paths created by the familiar Story Fields.

The bad news is that —just like me for decades— these old limiting stories are distorting your perception of reality and keeping you playing small. They limit what you perceive as possible. They distort your perception of yourself. They keep you meeting the world from a scared, defensive stance that creates massive resistance to change and opportunities.

As long as we keep identifying with these old limiting stories we cannot be free. In fact, we are trapped in the cage of obsolete beliefs, learned expectations and archaic interpretations. Every new opportunity and possibility shrinks to fit that cage.

“Your current limitations are but an old story you inhabit. This story is made of units called Story Fields. They hold learned beliefs, interpretations and primary responses that keep your old patterns in place.” Maria Mar

The Veils of Forgetfulness

Once this Tiny Stories are programmed and you attach their limits to your identity, you have lost awareness of the energy cord that connects you to Divinity.

Now you see yourself as your Tiny Self, limited, helpless, insufficient in the face of overwhelming odds. Of course you are tiny! If you see yourself alone, isolated and disconnected from Divine Grace, then you are less than a speck of dust in the vast universe!

When this happens we cannot see or feel our Greatness and therefore we cannot believe in it. As a result, we disown our Greatness.

We disbelief our talents. We distrust our potential. And sadly, we doubt the truth that our Soul, our very Essence is trying to express through our emotions, dreams, purpose and longings.

We operate within a tiny, limited universe of Allowances, instead of the infinite universe of Possibilities that is our true home and nature.

The shaman would say that Veils of Forgetfulness have descended over your eyes and identity, so that you do not remember your Sacred Self. They may say things like:

  • Your eyes have been covered with a blindfold.
  • Your sight has been painted with a false landscape.
  • You are wearing a Mask of Self
  • You are wearing the Domestication Rags and cannot see your Queenly Gown

Rewriting your Story

The good news is that stories can be rewritten.

All these images tell you that you need to go into Remembrance or The Remembering.

This is an ancient ceremonial journey to remember who you are and to gather the members of your psyche and soul that have been lost, stolen or fragmented (re-member).

Story Alchemy™ is a way to enter Remembrance.

This is what I learned about stories:

Stories are the only imagined structure that can lay down actual memories, as if you had experienced the event directly in real life. This gives story the alchemical power to rewrite reality.” Maria Mar


This has massive implications.

You see, knowledge is not power. How you apply knowledge is power. But the fact that your conscious mind knows something rationally in no way changes those facts. It does not empower you to change.

The rational mind is not in charge of change. In fact, it is built to resist transformation. Its job is to keep you safe, and that means keeping to the familiar.

Your imagination, your intuitive mind and your emotional intelligence are in charge of transformation. But you want to change reality, not act in a Star Wars movie!

You can use story to generate experiential knowledge. Through story your mind will lay down actual memories, as if you had truly gone through the experience.

The stories you need to do this, however, are written intentionally, as a psychic journey. This is the power of shamanic stories. They are Medicine Stories.

I was half-asleep most of my life, until I was asked by my Spirit Guides to become a shaman. My training worked on my body, energy body, psyche and emotions through the power of stories and art.

My Spirit Guides knew what they were doing, thank goodness!

I wrote more than 10 books during that time, one for each of my healing stages —which were guided by the chakra system. I wrote stories to dive deep into my psyche, find the Female Archetypes, Shadows and Wounded Selves that waged Inner Wars inside me and address them until I was wholesome again.

It was hard work and it was fun.

It is a magical process, now that I look back. I entered my own psyche (and that of my healing partners) and became the protagonist (or side kick) to fight the dragons and monsters, rescue the Wounded Selves and recast the Shadows as allies.

And as I healed I was literally creating a book of fiction that was the shamanic version of what I had experienced in my psychic. Awesome!

I gathered those stories in the Bewomaning Stories & Journeys, a shamanic journeying through story that serves as a Rites of Passage for the 21st century woman.

Note how I was going through the experience when I wrote my Bewomaning Tales. Well, this shows when you pick up one of the books and read. My journey comes alive. The shamanic insights I discovered take you by the hand and help you flip your perception of the world.

Now I understand that my Spirit Guides were guiding me to rewrite my Story Fields. The stories born of this process contained transformational value.

Just like they helped me, these stories allow you to create new Story Fields and lay down new Neural Maps to your Dream and potential.

That’s why I created Story Alchemy™ as a process to use shamanic stories to quicken your ability to change your Tiny Story into the story of you living your brilliance.

Story Alchemy allows you to use shamanic stories to weed out the old Story Fields and plant the seed of your new story… the story of you living your brilliance.” Maria Mar


Stay tune!

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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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