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Jun 122012
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Words of Wisdom

Release Fear and you release struggle

Fear triggers control, which triggers the defensive mind. The logical mind tries to find ways to take back control in an effort to survive. The problem is that most of the time, there is no real threat to your survival. The primitive releases a stampede of defensive thoughts that create high levels of stress, impair your discernment and close you off to your spiritual guidance. In this chaotic, fearful state, you are less competent to make good decisions. Yet, you are trapped in an illusion that you are in control. You make terrible choices, push away friends and allies and give in to enemies and manipulation. And you find yourself  struggling. Surrender this control illusion. Release it.


Part 1: Release Fear

Release fear from your BodySoul. By practicing deep, slow breathing, relaxation exercises, emptying your mind, meditating or connecting to nature as a consistent practice you can release fear every day.

Part 2: Embrace Love

Embrace love. Practice self-love in small and big ways every day. Open your mind, heart, your being and the crown of your head and allow the highest frequency of love to stream through you, ~invite the highest frequency of love that your body can handle. Receive it and see and feel it streaming through your body and soul. Allow Divine healing love to heal and cleanse you, washing away fear and upgrading your love frequency. Do this for a couple of minutes every day.

Once you are vibrating in the frequency of love, you are reintegrated to the whole of creation. You feel your belonging to all that is. You feel and hear the guidance coming from the Spirit Guides to you. You feel and follow the angelic protection and you see and recognize the lessons, allies and signals that Life sends you every day in answer to your requests and needs.

No longer alone or separate, you co-create your best potential with The Divine.

Part 3: Participate joyfully

You are the Co-creator of your life. The Universe, Divinity and your Spiritual Guides are your co-creation partners. People are also your co-creation partners.

Participate fully and joyfully in this co-creation. Speak your truth lovingly. Share your gifts abundantly. Express your perspective authentically.

Shift your attention from fear that someone will reject you to the joy of co-creating what you desire and dream. Know that when we co-create, there will also be nay-sayers, critics, envious people or simply people who do not see or understand our universe.

Do not give away your power to them by reacting defensively and repressing your truth and participation to avoid their rejection.

Rather, feel relieved that they are showing their frequency, so that you know that these particular people may either NOT be your co-creation partners because they are not in your frequency, or more likely The Divine is using their two cents to enrich your experience, test your resolve and clarify your own wisdom.

Bless them and release them.

When you release fear, love yourself unconditionally and participate in co-creation, life flows gracefully, each day  richer than yesterday.

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