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Jun 252012
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Transformation NO 3: Paint your life and business with the true colors of your Spirit


In this article you will discover why so many of us create a life out of sync with our soul, how this impacts your fulfillment and joy and how to paint your life and business with the true colors of your spirit so that you can deliver and enjoy your true purpose in life.


The Series

This is the third in a series of articles in which I share the basic MagicMark your Life Transformations that you need to embrace in order to go from where you are to where you want to be so that you can manifest your dream in your life right now.

Article 1 of the series, Transformation NO 1: Create your life to express your dream, shows you how transformation is the transportation of your soul. Just like a vehicle takes your from Point A to Point B, transformation takes you from where you are right now in life to where your Soul wants to be.

Article 2, Catch the Transportation to your Dream! ~shares Transformation NO 2: Launch your Transformation to catch your Transportation to your Soul’s Destination. I also created a downloadable 41-page report for you to work on this transformation.

Article 4, Leave your Unique Prints in the World is a self-assessment to see if you are fulfilling your purpose and delivering your message now, with three powerful exercises to help you do it.

The Videos

For an inspiring experience of these Transformations, join the Jollification of Transformation Campaign to see the video series and download the gifts. You will also get the free MagicMark your Life Starter Kit.

Are you using your true colors?

The Wheel of Creative Faculties, from the MagicMark your Life System

One look at the Creative Palette you use to create your life, and you realize that YOU are the colors with which you paint your life every day.

Your body and the truth that inhabits your physical existence, your emotions and your thoughts, your imagination and your passion, your intuition and your attention are the pigments that manifest your physical existence.

Your perception is the brush that you dip into this Creative Palette to apply your colors to your life, work and business.

Yet, most of us are manifesting an existence that does not reflect who we are deep in our soul. As long as our existence is not in alignment with our Soul, we feel dissatisfaction, incompletion and longing.

Why do we create a life out of sync with our soul?

There are layers upon layers of borrowed pigments in our painting kit. These layers are the masks we adopted to be loved, accepted, safe and powerful. These masks are made of the assumptions, beliefs, interpretations, expectations and learned limitations we acquired during our Domestication.

If we were told repeatedly to grow up and be realistic whenever we used our imagination, saw the world magically or dreamt big; we eventually developed a set of pigments that responded to those instructions and label them “reality.”

If we were scolded when we sang, danced, envisioned, reflected or did whatever else was part of our Unique Essence and the gifts we were born with, we eventually learned that we would be rejected if we wore our true colors. We began to dress in what I call the Domestication Rags; the worn, hand-me-down garments of normalcy defined by our environment.

By the time we are adults, we’ve had enough indoctrination to be using a hand-me-down palette for the creation of our reality and we are wearing the Domestication Rags during most of our waking hours.

Some of us have forgotten our true colors. A significant part of the personal growth process is about reclaiming our Unique Essence, aligning with our Soul and remembering our true colors.

Do you know what your true colors are?

If you are sassy, spicy and joyful, love to dance and wear wild print and you are a spiritual teacher, do you hide your WOW! In order to fit the “serious” and “spiritual” stereotypes people have? Why? In order to be accepted or taken seriously? Where did you learn that joy and spice were not spiritual?

If you are a gentle, kind, receptive and sweet person who loves to express her tenderness, prefers to listen before talking and loves soft fabrics and cold blue, violet and magenta hues ~ do you force yourself to be “assertive” by talking in sharp tones and loudly, dressing in business suites and avoiding any signs of heartfelt empathy in order to be taken seriously as a business person or leader? Why? In order to convince others that you are powerful and valuable? How did you learn that femininity, gentleness and love where signs of weakness?

When we begin to see ourselves and our life with the eyes of others, we betray our true colors. Our life is painted with hues and textures that do not make us happy, do not express our personal truth and do not share our organic gifts. No wonder that we are so dissatisfied with our existence!

Why should you paint your life and business with your true colors?

Until you unbury your true colors and paint your life and business with them, you will not be fulfilled, happy or in integrity.

Like everything that exists in the Universe, you are part of the dance of existence and your role is specific to your nature. Your passion, talents, organic strengths and what makes you happy are the tools to fulfill your purpose. When you borrow someone else’s tools, you are not doing your job well. You are not in alignment with your soul. This makes it hard for you to experience your true value or deliver your higher purpose or fulfill your potential.

You may have success, but not Authentic Success. You may have money, but not Prosperity and abundance. You may laugh it up and have a good time, but not experience deep-felt joy. There is something missing from your life: you. The hole this leaves is so big that you experience constant hunger. This leads to compulsive actions, addictive behavior and obsessive responses that seek to substitute the feeling of fullness you are missing.

On the other hand, when you are in alignment with your soul and painting your life and business every day with your true colors, you feel blissful, fully filled, valuable and loving.

Borrowed pigments fill your life with a fear-based emotional spectrum. Fear of not being accepted, of being insufficient, of not being “right” or valued.

Your true colors fill your life with love-based emotional spectrum because it is your soul, your very essence that is reaching out in loving embrace to communicate, support and service the world.


How do you paint your life and business with the true colors of your spirit?

To paint your life and business with the true colors of your spirit, you must first reclaim your Unique Essence and unbury the true colors in your Creative Palette.

Then you use your Creative Palette to paint each day, always in the present, to express your essence and share your organic gifts with the world.

Every day you connect deeply with your Core Self to align your choices with your Soul, so that each choice you make weaves your Unique Essence into your life and keeps you centered in your heart.

As you do this, you need to cleanse and polish the Gem of your Sacred Self by detaching your Personal Identity from the old pigments, debris and false structures and beliefs that dim your brilliance and hide your true hues.

The more you love, value, express and share your true colors in the world, the more you fulfill your unique, true purpose and the more meaningful and blissful your life is.


The End


Article Four introduces you to the MagicMark your Life Transformation NO.4: Express your Unique Essence to leave your unique prints in the world.

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Advanced Resources

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