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Jul 022012
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Transformation NO 4: Express your Unique Essence to leave your unique prints in the world

In this article you will use self-assessment questions and observations to examine the trails you are leaving in your life and to align them with your soul’s true colors.

The Series

This is the fourth in a series of articles in which I share the basic MagicMark your Life Transformations that you need to embrace in order to go from where you are to where you want to be so that you can manifest your dream in your life right now.

Article 1 of the series, Transformation NO 1: Create your life to express your dream, shows you how transformation is the transportation of your soul. Just like a vehicle takes your from Point A to Point B, transformation takes you from where you are right now in life to where your Soul wants to be.

Article 2, Catch the Transportation to your Dream! ~shares Transformation NO 2: Launch your Transformation to catch your Transportation to your Soul’s Destination. I also created a downloadable 41-page report for you to work on this transformation.

In Article 3, Paint your life and business with the true colors of your Spirit ,you discover why so many of us create a life out of sync with our soul, how this impacts your fulfillment and joy and how to paint your life and business with the true colors of your spirit so that you can deliver and enjoy your true purpose in life.

The Videos

For an inspiring experience of these Transformations, join the Jollification of Transformation Campaign to see the video series and download the gifts. You will also get the free MagicMark your Life Starter Kit.

The Trails you leave

In Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince, JK Rowling says, in the voice of Dumbledore, something to the effect that

Magic leaves trails.

What trails are you leaving in your life?

You don’t have to go far to follow your trail. Simply ask yourself these self-assessment questions.

  • When you enter a room, how does your Presence affect the people in it and changes the energy of the place?
  • When you part from your friends after a personal encounter, how did you affect them emotionally and vibrationally? Are they uplifted, validated and supported? Do they feel lighter or heavier?  Did you dump your toxic energy, worries and Shadows on them? Or did the interaction served as a healing, a transformation in which both of you were cleansed and opened a clearance? Did you nourished their soul or starved it?
  • How does your service uniquely enrich others?  How does it express your Unique Essence? How is it aligned with your Soul?
  • How do your friends, peers and clients perceive you and represent you to others? (You can ask them to share with you how they would introduce you to others, finishing this sentence:” I want you to meet so and so because she will X your Y.” Examples: rock your boat, inspire your spirit, open your eyes, motivate your success, open your heart, comfort your pain, etc.)
  • When do people seek you and what have they come to expect from you? Do they seek you when they need a listening ear, a wise counsel, a whack on the bum to get moving, a shoulder to cry on, a good laughter, a creative bliss, a practical solution, etc.
  • How do you feel about your life, work or business? Does it create bliss and fulfillment in your life, opening your wings and allowing you to fly? Or does it feel more like duty and being good, but is placing weight on your Psychic Shoulders?

And finally:

If this assessment reveals that the trails you are leaving are not the trails you want to leave, then your life is not in alignment with your Soul and you may not be painting your life with the true colors of your spirit.

If you love the trails you are leaving right now, both for yourself and others, then do enjoy it and see where your next step is taking you.


Walking your Soul’s Truth

There are three things you may want to do to expand this assessment and translate it into leaving richer prints in the world by walking your soul’s truth.

Polish your Keywords: From the assessment below, come out with three Keywords that you can use for the prints you are living now.

  • Examples:
  • magic, inspiration, love;
  • freedom, truth, change, etc.

Polish your keywords until they resonate deep within your Soul and dance joyfully in your body. That’s when you know they are true to your Essence. Use them as primary hues for everything you do.

  • Refine your Alchemy: What is the transformation that you bring into the world? How do you transmute your lead (pain, wounds, fears, limitations) into gold (freedom, joy, love, expansion, creativity and authentic service). Refine this to a phrase or sentence.
    • Examples:
    • I inspire people to express their true colors,
    • I move people to walk their talk,
    • I touch people’s heart to nourish their soul,
    • In embodying my essence, I ignite people’s true nature to shine forth.
  • Weave of Self:If you were a weaving, what elements would you want to include in your master weave? Include values, feelings, moods, states of being, activities, services and transformations that you want to have, enjoy and embody. First write in a free stream of consciousness. Then create a poem or poetic statement that is easy to memorize. Repeat often Here’s an example:
    • Alive with passion, awakening in authenticity, aligned with soul, free through my choices, I sing my Essence, inspiring others to express their true colors, I dance my joy, healing fear-based pain, I tell stories that are thresholds into transformation, and in Oneness, I leave my magic trails.

The way you are

The way you do anything is the way you do everything. If you want to examine and refine the trails you leave in the world, observe not only WHAT you do, but HOW you do it. Find three adverbs that describe how you do each of these three things.

  • How do you eat?
  • How do you dance?
  • How do you talk?

The key in this tracking is not to judge, shame or criticize yourself. Focus on discovering the adverbs that reveal your prints in the world. This self-assessment is meant to reveal any borrowed, hand-me-down, habitual colors you are now wearing and help you to dig out your true colors.

For example:

  • I eat voraciously, carelessly and angrily
  • I dance jerkily, constrictedly and self-consciously
  • I talk rapidly, didactically and argumentatively

Then create new adverbs that are truer to your soul and more in alignment with the trails you want to leave.

For example:

  • I eat gratefully, enjoyably and peacefully
  • I dance gracefully, expansively and playfully
  • I talk harmoniously, honestly and self-referentially

By practicing these new adverbs in these three activities, the weave of your life will begin to change qualitatively and you will begin to show your true colors.

Remember, however; this is not about trying to fit into some ideal image of what you should be. This is about finding your true colors and expressing your Soul in all you do.



The End


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