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Jun 202012
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Transformation NO 2: Launch your Transformation to catch your Transportation to your Soul’s Destination

In this article you will reflect on the ways that you repel transformation and how that keeps you stuck. You will discover why you need to launch your transformation now in order to manifest your dream and how to ride your transportation to your Soul’s destination.

This is the second in a series of six articles in which I share the basic MagicMark your Life Transformations. For an inspiring experience of these Transformations, join the Jollification of Transformation Campaign to see the video series and download the gifts. You will also get the free MagicMark your Life Starter Kit. For the full Launch your Transformation! PDF report, which includes deeper insights, more information, practices, Arts & crafts Alchemical Projects and journaling exercises, scroll to the bottom of the article.

As I said in Article 1 of the series, Transformation NO 1: Create your life to express your dream, your transformation is the transportation of your soul. Just like a vehicle takes your from Point A to Point B, transformation takes you from where you are right now in life to where your Soul wants to be.

Three reasons why most people don’t make their dreams happen

We all nod when we hear the word “transformation.” It reminds us of the metamorphosis of caterpillar into butterfly. Who doesn’t want to sprout beautiful wings and drink the sweet nectar of flowers instead of crawling at the bottom of the soil? So we smile at transformation.

But we grimace when we hear the word “change.” Oh no, change is hard. Change takes us away from our very uncomfortable Comfort Zone. Change implies risks. So we reject change.

  • The first thing you need to consider is that transformation IS change. If you want something different than what you have, you need transformation. And that means you need to change.
  • The second thing about transformation is that, as the word implies, it is a change of form. You cannot choose to stay in your Comfort Zone and embrace transformation. You cannot conform and transform at the same time.
  • The third thing to consider is that change implies risk. Success, like transformation, demands walking into the unknown, trying new things and letting go of what does not work.

These statements seem obvious, but most of us want to make our dream happen in our life while routinely holding on to our habits. It’s simply not possible.  That is why so many people begin their manifestation with enthusiasm and give up pretty quickly; as soon as they bump into the limits of their Comfort Zone and must choose to outgrow it in order to create their dream in their life.

Nothing ~not the Law of Attraction, not all types of affirmations and self-growth tools, not even the best of intentions~ can generate your dream in your life if you refuse to change the way you are doing things now.

This means that to catch your transformation (transportation) to your Soul’s destination, you must be willing to move out of your Comfort Zone.

The three principal reasons why must people do not manifest their dreams in life are:

  • The unwillingness to let go of the old
  • The resistance to change and
  • The avoidance of risks and the unknown.

Three reasons why most people miss their transformation

Now that you know that transformation is necessary to make your dreams happen and that it means change, letting go of the old and taking risks by walking into new, unknown territories, let’s explore why so many of us do not recognize the transformation (transportation) that is trying to help us get to our destination right now.

There are three reasons:

  • Separation:  We miss the signs because we are disconnected from the Universe and cannot hear its voice or see its helping hands. We continue to struggle alone, blind to the signs, guidance, allies and resources that the Universe is pouring into our life.
  • Control as power: We want life to follow our mental plans. Our Ego is so arrogant that it believes itself able to create a better plan for our potential than the Divine. If our transformation does not come in the form we fantasized it should, we either do not recognize it or repel it. We continue to wait for the fantasies of our ego to materialize.
  • Negative interpretations and judgments: When you label a situation as bad, a problem, a crisis, an obstacle and so on, you are using the brush of your perception to paint a reality that is the enemy of your dream. Once you do that, you can’t see the opportunities that the situation is offering you to get you ready for your dream. You are like an athlete who believes that the coach is trying to kill him. He will resist all training to polish his skills, and he will fail.


The transformation is here. Like an express, the situation we face is meant to propel us into our next step, to move us closer to our destination. But we don’t catch the train because we believe we must get there alone, on foot; or we are waiting for a limousine with a chauffeur; or we see the event as a broken down jalopy and cannot see that it is an express train.


Launch your transformation!

The launching of your transformation always takes place now. But you need to recognize it, climb on board and allow it to take you to your destination. To recognize your transformation, you need to:

  • Look at your situation with an open heart, trusting in Divine Design
  • Release your mental maps and expand your perception. I call this stretching your mind.
  • Open your psychic hands to receive what is showing up, no matter how it appears from the outside. Receive the present moment and you will get its present.

When you do this, you will easily recognize the transformation that is happening in your life right now and how it is the transportation that can take you to your destination.


The End




Launch your Transformation! 41- page PDF-formatted, printable report.

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